Mysterious Girlfriend X (anime) – Eye-fficial Review

Get it? Eye-fficial? Eye Sedso? Yeah it’s not that great, but neither is this shitty ISSS.

I’ve been raving about this show for ages, and even though Mysterious Girlfriend X wrapped up it’s series a while ago, I haven’t really gotten around to writing a review about it until now.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is one of the best manga of all time, along with maybe Gantz, and Shingeki no Kyojin, as well as a bunch of awesome yuri titles (Girlfriends, Sasameki Koto). Okay, holy shit, I read a lot of manga.

Anyway, Mysterious Girlfriend X is unlike any other typical romance story in that the couple is established in the first chapter, and that it doesn’t totally suck balls. I could talk about how awesome Urabe is or about the drool, but I think it’s important to first mention how everyone in this story is creepily possessive of things or people that they like, case in point, this conversation:


Please don’t think that this is the only time or that these are the only characters who do things like steal people’s hair and take it home to smell in the seclusion of their dark, slightly damp room. This story is filled with oddballs, and that’s just part of why Mysterious Girlfriend X is awesome. The other parts include panty scissors, strange bonds through transfer of drool, and leg-kick-restriction garter belts (not yet discussed in the anime, but still fucking awesome enough to be mentioned by me).

But hey, you’ve seen the anime, so, I’m not going to sit here and talk about the awesome story or it’s incredibly awesome lineup of characters who awesome. No. I am here to talk about how the Hoods Entertainment adaptation made me feel, and how it compared to the manga.

Initially, when I saw that Hood’s Entertainment was going to be producing this anime, I became nervous that they’d destroy the manga and turn it into some drool fan-service bullshit show like the rest of the shit that they’ve produced. But, fuck me with a garden hose if they didn’t pull off an amazing adaptation.

In my opinion, the art and animation was as good as an adaptation could have. The words “flawless” and “breathtaking” come to mind. Especially the sunsets and scenery. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I loved the art from the manga in the first place. It has the feeling of a 1990’s anime, and I love that.

The voice actors fit their characters to a tee, and did tremendous jobs in their own rights, and the flow of the story-line fit in the episode to episode way that it was set up. If there was one thing that I could change it would be this:

Mysterious Girlfriend X as an anime was a bit more laid back and relaxed than the manga, and though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I thought that the faster pacing of the manga made it more……fun. You see, while the anime was brilliant in it’s own right, a lot of humor that I found in the manga was kind of lost in the animated version. In my opinion, they focused more on character development and less on the funny, zany things that happen. That being said, the manga managed to capture Urabe’s character perfectly, and that was my main concern with this anime. Urabe is the best, and one of my favorite scenes (also my favorite episode) was when Urabe loses her scissor accuracy and accidentally cuts Tsubaki’s forehead. She then goes psycho at the notion that she hurt him, and by “goes psycho”, I mean she makes this face:

Other than the awesome Urabe scenes, I feel like MGX was just a bit too serious. Mysterious Girlfriend X the anime was like one note, where the manga is closer to several.

That’s not to say I didn’t love the shit out of it though.

Bill got his ass sliced and cut up by Urabe’s scissors. Also, this is the shittiest cropping I’ve ever done.


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