Conventional Weapons Tracklist Released!!!!!!!

Just got an email from My Chemical Romance that shows the tracklist for Conventional Weapons, which is a collection of 10 songs that MCR made right after The Black Parade, but then scrapped and before moving on to Danger Days. The plan is to release 2 tracks a month, much to my incredible happiness. Why incredible happiness?

I’ve been listening to some of these songs in SHIT quality for ages, yearning and hoping and praying for a studio version. Of all the songs, one is untitled (named “Stay” unofficially) and the other is in such dismal quality that I can’t help but only slightly enjoy it when I listen to it. The latter of the two aformentioned songs is “The World is Ugly,” and it’s the only song I care about and really want to hear. Annnnnnnddd…………….


I’m also pumped to see “Kiss the Ring” on there, though that was expected. I really think that I’ll like these song more than I liked Danger Days. I’ve heard a bunch of these songs already, and they were of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs: Faced Paced Blasters.



4 thoughts on “Conventional Weapons Tracklist Released!!!!!!!

  1. I like that you proudly love things that are terrible/everyone hates.

    Was there an earlier MCR post I could have said this on?


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