A Lollipop or a Bullet is Outstanding…so how come…

There are only 8 chapters out, the last one being a year ago?

A Lollipop or a Bullet is about a gir- oh wait a minute, copy and paste, duh!

This short manga is based on the novel; Sugar Candy Bullets Can’t Pierce Anything. The plot follows two girls and their summer-time adventures in a rural area. Nagisa Yamada is a bored teenager who finds everyday life extremely unappealing – thus she plans on joining a Military School as soon as possible. A strange new student named Umino Mokuzu (who claims to be a mermaid) transfers into Nagisa’s school and, much to our heroine’s bewilderment, soon begins to follow her around incessantly. Initially, an annoyed and discomfited Nagisa strives to avoid any encounters with Mokuzu. But she soon begins to comprehend the pain and sadness concealed beneath this strange girl’s cheerful and carefree demeanor…

Seems like it might be good, might not be good. The first….2-3 chapters are a bit repetitive, but passable, then it starts to really take off. It’s just so hard to stop reading, and it sticks in your mind, hence, I had to write this post about it. I only write posts about really good shows/manga or really bad ones. This manga is good. Really good.

A manga that kind of comes to mind is Koharu no Hibi, which includes a normal dude and a sort of psycho-obsessive stalker girl whose character makes you do flip-flops in your head. One second you think that she’s a nutcase, and the second you think that she’s just innocent, and not actually a nutcase. The same can be said for Umino Mokuzu, who you sometimes think, “What the fuck is wrong with this girls she’s completely wacked out.” 10 pages later, you get to feeling like nothing about her is her fault, she’s just dealing with a bunch of shit. Of course, in hindsight, it doesn’t really matter if she’s dealing with, well, whatever it is she’s dealing with: She’s a nutcase. So is the stalker from Koharu no Hibi, innocence or not. And what’s better than a story where one of the protagonists is a complete fuck-up-wackadoo? Answer? Not much.

There’s something I like about depressed characters, and though the characters aren’t really depressed per say, the way that the story is told kind of makes them seem as though they are. The depth is fantastic, and the storytelling is gripping. We get really deep into the psychological aspects of the characters and I love it.

Read this shit now, unless you’re a derp.


Aside from finishing some backlogged anime like Fate/Zero (yeah, still not done even though it’s awesome), I’ve been doing nothing lately but reading manga, so I’m going to have a lot of manga 1st impressions posts out this week (probably). They will be short, and good.

Well, they’ll be short. Okay bye bye.


7 thoughts on “A Lollipop or a Bullet is Outstanding…so how come…

  1. I read it and it depresses me and hooked at the same time.. i don’t like sad endings but this manga is an exceptional.. i can feel the pain… thumbs up

  2. This Manga is a true masterpiece. The way its written and the atmosphere that is comprehended are capable to give off all kinds of feelings, mainly melancholy in respective situations.
    What I have not understood are the phrases of “sugar-candy”, “invisible bullets” and “Sugar Candy Bullets Can’t Pierce Anything”.
    I searched and searched, but couldn’t find it. I read the Manga in one go, maybe I missed it? I recall, that Nagisa Yamada’s brother said, that Umino Mokuzu is “using sugar-candy” and “firing invisible bullets” at her.
    Can you explain it to me?

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