Midori no Hibi – I Didn’t Want to Read This in 3 Days, so Instead…

I read it in 2.


Because it was ohhhhh soooooo gooood.


Main Character is a male who:

  • Isn’t a pussy
  • Beats up entire gangs with his right hand, and when his right hand turns into a girl, he uses his left hand and gets the same effect. KICKS ASS.
  • IS NOT A PUSSY. Thank GOD.

Making Fun of Americans

  • Dress Style
  • Racist opinions of what Japanese people look like:

Is it racist if it’s a joke made by the Japanese? Or are the Japanese technically being prejudice of Americans’ own ideology? Who cares, I like it!

A Great Cast

  • Kick ass main character who kicks ass.
  • Un-typical class rep who had short hair for once (okay technically she wasn’t even actually the class rep, but that’s the role she played pretty much take it for what it is).
  • Pussy side character who turned into less of a pussy by cross dressing by the end. Also may have been gay for main character, which created  very funny moments. Leads me to another checkpoint (I’ll just tack it onto this list though):
  • Yaoi humor I actually enjoyed (never happened before ever in any form. What What In The Butt was stupid and if you liked it you’re fucking retarded).
  • Stereotypical American girl =>> Loud, Overly Happy, Cluelessly Promiscuous.
  • Makinoha Nao

Makinoha Nao

She’s awesome. Why? CHECKLIST INCOMING!!!!

  • She doesn’t talk much.
  • She kicks serious ass and cannot be stopped physically.
  • She has developed raging lesbian feelings for tiny hand-version Midori.
  • She’s a genius.
  • She doesn’t really give a shit about what anyone else thinks, she just does what she wants. Example:

“Hey we want to give you a shit ton of money to study at state of the art research labs over seas! What do you say?”
“That’s it? Just ‘No’?”
(Nao Leaves room.)

(Nao destroys several murderous robots with a very large mallet that she got from no where and wields with deadly force.)

Nao is fucking awesome. That reminds me, I need to catch up on Choku! (main character is named Nao). I’m just gonna leave this post as is, but even though I’m cutting it viciously short, you should take my advice and read this manga if you haven’t already, unless you’re a pussy.


Just as awesome as Ai Kora…


Wow, Choku had a new chapter out YESTERDAY. WHAT LUCK!!!


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