Nisekoi Kicks ASS

I’m reaaaaaallllllyyy getting myself into a pickle taking on this much manga in such a period of time, but whatever.

Anyway, I read the one shot of Nisekoi (which was pretty much an extremely abridged version of the full manga series with some key differences), and I was hooked.


Main Character (Ichijou Raku)

  • Is a male.
  • Isn’t a good fighter, but isn’t a pussy.
  • Not afraid to call a girl a monkey, gorilla, etc repeatedly.
  • Is the son of a gang boss.

Main Female Character (Kirisaki Chitoge)

  • Beats the shit out of people.
  • Yells all the time.
  • Part American, Part Japanese (just like O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill [without the Chinese]).
  • Kill Bill is the best movie ever made.
  • You don’t like Kill Bill?
  • You are a FUCK.
  • Go die if you don’t like it.
  • She still has her own moral code to follow (I’m talking about Kirisaki Chitoge again).
  • She is the daughter of a gang that rivals Ichijou Raku’s father’s gang.
  • She’s not cute at all.

Main Character (Onodera Kosaki)

  • Has the key! But is it the right key?
  • Is really kind of a third wheel, which is necessary in this manga to add a cool element to the fiery tandem of Ichijou and Kirisaki.
  • Is a sense of calm in terms of personality, but in terms of bringing an X factor to the plot, she’s HUGE.
  • Yeah, we kinda got a love triangle. Never a bad thing.


  • Fantastic facial expressions.
  • The thing I like most about this manga is that there’s never a dull moment.
  • Funny misconceptions.
  • Awkward confessions/confession-like moments.
  • Crude language.
  • Constant name calling/ass whopping.


  • Girl with deadpan expression but not a deadpan personality. She’s very blunt and sort of a schemer.
  • Very good art, translations from the Imperial Scans.
  • Many many many different “promises from ten years ago.” Like pretty much every character has made a promise ten years ago to a significant other, but none of them can remember the name or face of these people.

The Biggest Fact

  • BAM Moments GALORE. Once you get into the 20s (chapters) then there’s a BAM moment ever 12 pages or so, it’s absolutely AWESOME.

4 thoughts on “Nisekoi Kicks ASS

  1. This manga has a lot of forgotten childhood friends and keys. . . damn those keys, did Ichijou promise all those girls a hand in marriage when they were kids or what . . . even as a kid that’s fucking creepy.

    I’m really only reading this for the goddamn amazing art cus like . . . it’s fucking amazing and shit.

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