Manga Monday – Nononono

To start off, please watch, and be amazed, by this short video:

That is what this manga is about: Fucking crazy ass ski jumping. I ski. I go off jumps. I’ve also been skydiving. But I would never, EVER do that. However, it’s not JUST about ski jumping, because that would be too boring. Instead it’s about a girl who pretends to be a boy, because only boys can jump in the Olympics, and she wants to win gold (she’s also NASTY at ski jumping).

The story has a lot of intricacies that make it continuously interesting to read from beginning to end.


Revenge & Disbelief

  • It may be about ski jumping, and you may think that revenge isn’t too big of a theme, but it is. People beating other people to settle disputes. People jumping unrealistic distances and surprising everyone. People beating people who rape cats. This manga has it all when it comes to revenge and characters surprising the shit out of other characters.

Expressions That Resemble Detroit Metal City

Just look at this shit and try to tell me that Detroit Metal City isn’t the very first thing you think of:


Well, fuck me if I didn’t read all 145 chapters since starting this post. And with themes of revenge and disbelief, AND a Detroit Metal City reference, that’s really all you guys should need in order to do the same.

Look, all I can say is that if you’re looking for a manga or even just a story that is all types of awesome, then you should read Nononono.


Look, I’m aware that this post was short, and really doesn’t do the manga justice, but I’m busy reading all sorts of crazy manga right now. I’ve pretty much turned into a manga review site at this point. Don’t worry though, my manga spurts come and go. Fuck who am I even talking to don’t NO ONE read this garbage site!


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