Manga Mon- err… Tues- shit… Saturday? Sunday? – Kanojo wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai

Okay so yeah. Kanojo wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai. Hands down one of the strangest manga I’ve read. Well, not really, but it was pretty weird.

But despite it’s short length (or maybe due to it), Kanojo wa Sore o Gamen Dekinai turned out to be one hell of an enjoyable read!

I warned you that this manga is weird. It twists and turns in very odd, unexpected, and remarkably strange ways through it’s story, but perhaps the strangest part is the plot (not really, but I’ll get to that).

Kusahana Ryouta is a normal highschool boy. Normal, aside from the fact that he wears a giant dog costume. He wears it in class, he wears it at home…..he wears it all over the fucking place. He’s a weird fuck. Classmates have come to ignoring him, or making fun of him for being a weird fuck, which he is. Eventually he sort of accidentally takes the gym shorts that belong to this girl he likes, and his teacher, Kizawa Ayame, catches him. However, instead of punishing him, she professes her love for him, remarking that his scent made her fall in love with him.

After this, she proceeds to do all sorts of things a teacher normally wouldn’t and probably shouldn’t do, and a whole bunch of crazy shit happens that makes you laugh and ask yourself, “is this manga really serious right now wtf lol?”



I should mention that, despite the strange sexuality that is in the manga, it’s not really an ecchi manga or anything, though it is listed as “mature” at the site I read it. I should also mention that there’s a lot more going on in the above picture than appears….just read the damn manga it’s like 10 chapters long.