Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise




It’s hard for me to contain my penis juiceooooOOOoOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOO!!! Shit! All over my pants!


So we had this “hurricane” thing come into Connecticut the other day, you may have heard about it. Now, I had work cancelled, school cancelled…what’s a kid to do right? Duh…I sat on my ass and did nothing but re-watch the entire series of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which explains my twitter account, and why I’ve been busting loads left and right about Toph metalbending and Zuko’s fucked up life straightening out.

Then…I found, completely randomly while looking for something totally different, this…manga series. (okay okay I found this one before that [which was also nice])

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise

The gangs back! Or rather, they never left in the first place… Anyway, if you thought Avatar was a good series, then you’ll love this. If you didn’t like it, then you need to take a knife and kill yourself, because everyone probably hates you. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a knife or not, find some way to murder yourself. Please.

Twas a medium length, 3 chapter manga series written in close collaboration with the original creators of the series which was a DIRECT FUCKING CONTINUATION of the series. DIRECT CONTINUATION. Meaning the first page is about Aang and Katara’s first kiss, and we go from there.


And brilliantly written if I do say so myself. And the art is fantastic. In fact, it’s exactly like the series in every way, except with you know… less moving parts.

You can read this BRILLIANT piece of brilliance on mangaeden, though the last chapter has a few pages out of order, which actually doesn’t matter at all (the out of order pages are a dream sequence that Aang has, and I think it’s cool seeing a random part of a dream inserted here and there in the storyline. I’m also completely bias and would have said the same thing if this fucking comic was backwards and upside down). I would suggest Mangahere (the best site ever), but it doesn’t have the 3rd part and final part, and mangaeden does.

Now the spoilers:::::::::










Don’t read down here unless you’ve read this shit, WHICH YOU WILL DO.









So anyway. One thing I loved was the realism. The Fire Nation says: Okay let’s get all of our colonies out of the Earth Kingdom, it’s only fair. But the colonies have been there for over 100 years, so that brings up a problem that would definitely happen in the real world. In these colonies, Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom have combined to form a melting pot of blah blah blah who really gives a shit.

So Aang has to decide whether he’s going to kill his friend Zuko or no- wait what!?
Oh yeah, the whole Zuko thing. Soooo Zuko made Aang promise him that if he ever turned into his dad (a raging, power hungry asshole), then Aang would put him down through the happy solution of murder. Aang agreed, knowing that murder is fun anyway, and that he didn’t like Zuko mackin on his girl brah.

(0:35 seconds for relevance/humorous content)

So Zuko makes a deal with that bear friendly Earth King, where he agrees that the Fire Colonies gotta go….but then he goes back on this deal after he sees the people living in said colonies. He realizes that it would cause more harm than good since they’ve all been fucking each other and creating freak Earth/Fire mutants (not really though).

He breaks up with Mai for no real reason…..again (yeah like who didn’t see that coming?) And goes through second guessing bullshit where he doesn’t know who he is or what’s right or whatever…..again (yeah like who didn’t see that coming?) And then everything turns out fine when Aang decides not to kill him, and instead tells both armies just leave those crazy Fire Earth people be. Yeah, they were going to go to war over this. Idiots.

Then, at the end of the short….err….story….. Zuko discusses that he’s tried everything to find his mother, but nothing’s come up. There’s only one place to turn: HARLEY QUINN!

With black hair though.

Can’t wait for March.


Did you guys hear the new My Chemical Romance that came out? I think it’s time to stop associating them with “emo” music, and start realizing that they rock the shit out of everything: BANGOUTS (especially the second one):

Oh my life has gotten so much better so fast!


14 thoughts on “Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise

  1. I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to read this. At the moment. I’m still going through my “anime/manga is eh right now” thing. Weeks from now I’ll remember it out of the blue and spend about 12 hours not doing homework sitting on my laptop reading this shit, and probably rewatching Avatar because that show was the shit. It’s hilarious how right before I read this post I was reading one by that Brock Obama guy on FB about Avatar. ❤ Aang.

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