Girl The Wild’s – A Kick-ass Korean Manga About Kicking Ass

Do you like fighting? If you don’t, then you shouldn’t have clicked on this link since the title kind of hints that this post is going to have a lot to do with ass-kickingly ass-kicking ass-kicking.


Girl The Wilds (picture forthcoming), is about a school. A girl’s school. This girl’s school has always been a girl’s school, that is to say, a school for girls. There are no boys at this school, because boys are not girls, and only girls are allowed. Girls are the gender that is all-

Get on with it already.

Right. So. It’s a girl’s school, or at least it had been for ages, until the school decided to become a co-ed school.

Problem with that?

Since becoming co-ed, only one boy has enrolled.

Problem with that?

This boy has no parents, has to take care of his two small siblings by himself, has little money, and most importantly, he’s always getting beat up by other kids.

Problem with that?

He refuses to fight back.


This school just happens to be ALLLLLLL about girl’s beating the fucking shit out of each other.

So it’s filled with delinquents?

No. Fighting is part of the fucking curriculum. They even have a league where girls beat each other’s asses. And when I say “beat each others asses,” I mean


Uhhh….something kinda like that. A little. There’s actually more ass-kicking in the manga then what I showed. Is it actually a manga? I mean, it’s Korean no Japanese…whatever, what do I know right?

In this story, the huge pussy male lead obviously builds up his strength and unassumingly kicks the asses of all the people who’ve wronged him, and becomes a man. Of course, that is pure hypothesis (educated guess since I’m caught up already and I know that he does indeed decide to become a non-pussy as he should).

You know a manga is special not only when it’s rated 4.89 out of 5 by over 3000 viewers on mangahere, but also when you find yourself so immersed in the ass-kicking that you want to kick-ass just from reading it. I do indeed want to kick-ass, which is similar to when I was reading History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi and abruptly began smashing my body into a muscular fortress.

Hi there. I'm hot. Also, I will beat you to death.

Hi there. I’m hot. Also, I will beat you to death.

Girl the Wild’s does an awesome job with the fights, not only because they kick ass, but because there’s always some story behind each fight, there’s always a cause and effect, the outcome of each fight changes characters or plot. To put it simply, the fights are really really really really interesting. Impossible to stop reading once you start. At first I had to get used to the full color images and how  you sometimes need to scroll down a LOT in order to read just one page (long ass pages), but I quickly adjusted and now I see how much Girl the Wild’s kicks ass.


P.S. The end of chapter 69 is one of the most bad-ass things ever.

16 thoughts on “Girl The Wild’s – A Kick-ass Korean Manga About Kicking Ass

  1. I almost want to read this but then I remembered I’m extremely lazy when it comes to manga… kicking ass girls though…. is there awesome butts in there too?

  2. I do enjoy a good show/comic/manhwa/manga or whatever else every now and then, where women are more interested in beating each other to a pulp than sucking the frosting out of Hostess cakes. I almost called them bars again.

  3. I’ve been following this with a few others since this summer. It’s such a great manhwa, and in the long strip format it makes the experience all that much better. But you forgot to post a picture of the best girl, Dal dal. The cute faces she makes oh boy. Glad to see others are loving it just as much.

    Another webtoon worth checing out is Tower of God. Lots of goodness there as well.

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