Glothelegend’s Next Anime to Overhype

I’m pretty sure that I went batshit crazy hyping up Mysterious Girlfriend X when I learned it was going to be animated. It proved to be a very good anime, though not quite as good as the manga, which far outshines everything ever made. Well, Mysterious Girlfriend X the anime has come and gone (for now), and I need to move on…

…wait, what? What’s that? Are you- are you serious? SPRING 2013!? REALLY!? Oh this IS nice!

Shingeki no Kyojin is getting animated!


The manga is already described by some of the best internet scribes as being fucking awesome, nay, one of the best manga out there, and now THIS comes out. This FUCKING AWESOME news of an anime adaptation.

And what’s better? All the questions that came with Mysterious Girlfriend X (would it be a good adaptation despite Hoods Entertainment running the show? Would the voice actors be able to pull off the character correctly? Etc?) are pretty much gone since Production I.G. is associated with it.

Production I.G is top notch. If the PV is any indication, the animation quality in this is going to be outstanding. Let’s take a look at some of Production I.G’s other accomplishments, starting with a scene from the BEST MOVIE EVER.

Wha-BAM. Didn’t even know it was them behind that gem until now. God I’m so pumped. Today is a day of discover for Glothelegend.

What else is Production I.G behind? Actually….not really that much. I mean, xxxHOLiC was awesome, Ghost in the Shell was flashy, FLCL was very very awesome, and Eden of the East was pretty badass, but I think I was thinking of ufotable not Production I.G…..still, a solid and proven production studio.

Of course, then we have Tetsuro Araki, the director, who has also been known to produce a few good shows. Nothing special really though… Eeeeeexcept of course BLACK FUCKING LAGOON (episode director), DEATH FUCKING NOTE, AND ONE OF MY FAVORITES, HIGH SCHOOL OF THE FUCKING DEAD. Apparently they he directed Kurozuka, which is a fucking AWESOME FUCKING manga. I had no idea that it was made into an anime! HOLY SHIT. DAY OF DISCOVERY INDEED!!! The man can create some badass shit, and that makes him perfect for this blaster of a show.

STILL! The PV looks amazing, and the story is awesome, as anyone who has read Shingeki no Kyojin knows.



Holy God Almighty. There is a LOT to like about Spring….


16 thoughts on “Glothelegend’s Next Anime to Overhype

  1. I am worried that they are going to censor the brutal violence that makes the manga so horrifying.

    Oh and the manga is excellent. Very scary, but not in a “monster will eat me” kind of way, more or less in a “oh god, humans are so weak” kind of way.

    • I thought about that too, and it looks like they might be making this more of an action based anime….but the PV looks so awesome that I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it regardless. You are right though the violence and blood is a big part of making the scariness seem more realistic as in “these fucking things will fucking eat you, watch as your friends get eaten holy shit all hope is lost.”

      I haven’t read the manga in a while because I’m waiting for it to accumulate a ton of chapters (stopped at chapter 14, and now I have 30 chapters at my disposal to blast through).

  2. Oh wow, I am so excited about Shingeki no Kyojin anime! This is really potentially one of the most awesome manga adaptations. I hope its execution is as good.

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  4. I’ll get this out of the way while I can: I loved Mysterious Girlfriend X – once I got over the spit thing.


    THAT SHIT LOOKS DOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!! I don’t know anything about the manga (I don’t read any manga at all), but what was that? Rocket propulsion and dual-wielding swords while grappling around giants like Spiderman? Siiiiick.

    Also, Shadow of the Colossus on steroids?

    • But the spit thing makes it interesting! It’s original! Maybe I just like the strange things…

      Yeah, this anime is gonna kick ass. I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to marathon it or watch it week to week…I know I’m not going to be able to hold myself back in the end though…

  5. Good to see I.G making use of Araki Tetsurou’s MADHOUSE experience. Just because of this, I’ve forgiven them for forcing Guilty Crown on him.

    One of my top 5 manga + MADHOUSE veteran director + I.G animation = best anime of the decade (possibly).

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