If An Anime is Enjoyable, Does That Make It Good

Me. Art Major. Almost done with school. Just finished up a response and criticism course. Now yearn to ask thought provoking questions. This is one that I wanted to put out about a year or two ago, but never knew how to word it…..UNTIL NOW!

Shit….I started writing this months ago when I was freshly smartened from said response and criticism class. Now I’ve dumbed up again over the winter break and fuck me if I know how to word this correctly (should have probably written that down huh?). Well, here goes nothing…

Does Enjoyably Make an Anime Good?

You can say that an anime is good. Why is it good though? What makes a certain show good? I mean, I LOVED High School o the Dead. It was probably one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen. But when it comes down to actual character depth, storyline, etc, it was basically nothing I couldn’t have written myself. Boobs + Zombies + Some More Boobs. So does this make the show a bad show?

In terms of writing, maybe. But wait! I LOVED THAT FUCKING SHOW! So what gives? Should enjoyability be  the ONLY thing that determines whether or not a show is deemed a quality show? Let’s take a second and use some Oscar worthy movies.

There Will Be Blood.


I HATED that movie with a passion, as you can tell if you click the link above this sentence. It was the most boring piece of shit ever. The only good scene was when Daniel Day Lewis goes bowling at the end. That’s literally all one needs to watch for this heap of shit. I even gave this movie a final grade of a “FUCKING SHIT (1).” Now to compare to a much less critically acclaimed movie.

Four Rooms

4th Room

Have you ever seen this movie? No. Have you heard of it? No. Nobody has, and that’s too bad because it’s fucking brilliant. Did it win awards? No. Did it get 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not even close. It stars Tim Roth and has some other guys you may have heard of like Bruce Willis and Antonio Banderas. It won a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress (Madonna, who I didn’t even know was in this movie).

It’s about one crazy night of a Bellhop at a Ritzy hotel, who gets into all sorts of crazy shit. It’s split up into 4  parts. Each part is centered around a specific room and is directed by someone completely different. (Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriquez, and Quentin Tarantino respectively). I’ll admit that the first part is pretty…odd, but the movie gets exponentially more interesting and well…better as it progresses, ending with an awesome bomb of hilarity. I LOVED THE SHIT out of this movie. Yet, it apparently sucked according to everyone else who is living.

Was the writing good? Mehhhh….the first part is about girls trying to find semen to put into a pot for some magic thing or something. It’s really stupid. In fact, I would guess that most people would find this movie pointless and stupid, but I really really enjoyed it. So what? Was it good? Did it suck? Who the fuck knows?

(I actually watched and enjoyed this show ^….what the fuck?)

Back to anime. I enjoyed Queen’s Blade. I enjoyed Lucky Star (which I even admit is a shitty show). Hell, I even enjoyed that show about the boob gamblers. But all of those shows were pretty shitty in terms of….everything. So what’s the deal here? What makes a show good?

7 thoughts on “If An Anime is Enjoyable, Does That Make It Good

  1. Take a deep breath. Let me assure you that for every anime you “enjoyed, but admit is shitty”, there’s somebody out there who “hated it with a passion, but admits it’s good”. Good doesn’t mean anything until you state your criteria.

    • I always try to watch at least 3 episodes. I hated Lucky Star at first but then before I knew it I was done with the whole series and was like WTF I’m finished? That was actually pretty good.

  2. I used to differentiate it them now I don’t.

    If it’s got great writing, acting, etc., it’s good.

    If it is dumb as fuck but I love it., it’s good.
    If it is dumb as fuck and I hate it., it’s bad and your taste sucks.

  3. There are are different types of good; subjectively good and objectively good. Subjectively good is when it is possibly enjoyable even if it has numerous faults, e.g. plot holes, continuity problems, idiot plot. Objectively good is when it has good writing, character development, story, etc — but at the same time doesn’t have to be enjoyable.

    I think it’s better to describe something subjectively good as great or awesome, and something that’s objectively good as good or amazing. Even though great and awesome are stronger adjectives, people use them, on average, to describe things that aren’t actually great or awesome at all, so they now have less/no meaning (like in the case of “epic” which now no longer has any meaning) and are thus accurate.

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