Dear Japan, Please Keep This In Japan.

Remember back a few months ago when I said that snaggle toothed females in manga and anime were cool? Well I still agree with that, but what the FUCK Japan? WHY IS THIS A TREND AND WHY IS IT CATCHING ON!?!?!?!?! JUST BECAUSE I WROTE THAT POST!? JESUS PEOPLE THAT WAS ANIME AND MANGA ONLY! NOT REAL LIFE!

No God No

Crazy damn Japanese. Love em cuz they’re crazy.

I’d still hit it…

NOTE: “hit it” referring to “with a brick” or something, not with my penis…..though my penis, in all it’s mighty girth, could do more potential damage, so maybe I would hit it with my Lonely Cunt Plug, but not in a sexual way. God damn those things are ugly.

I can see the ad now: “Ladies! Do you want to RUIN YOUR FUCKING FACE!? THOUGHT SO! YOU’RE FUCKING RETARDED!”

God the more I think about this “trend” the more I want to write about it bashing it into the ground.

NOTE TWO: If you are offended from me referring to my penis as a Lonely Cunt Plug, you need to get a sense of humor and irony and humor about irony. Also you’re dumb.


8 thoughts on “Dear Japan, Please Keep This In Japan.

  1. lol Japan. When I was a kid I used to have like, a fang. It used to peek out when I smiled. That, and being short as fuck would have made me the hottest shit in that country.

  2. Who likes having straight teeth when you can have health risks involved with having fucking snaggleteeth? I mean they’re not the epitome of hideousness by themselves, but intentionally trying to get one’s a bit… yeah.

    • Those Japanish people think that they can make anything into a fad. The sad truth is that in Japanland, they can.

      Fun Fact: Japanish is a word I just made up about 10 years ago.. Japanland isn’t the actual name of the country of Japan (Nippon). Sorry for trying to deceive you. God I am overrrrrrtired.

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