5 Things I Want To See In Mirror’s Edge 2

Best Game Ever?

First of all, if you haven’t played Mirror’s Edge, you’re a fucking idiot. If you have played it, and didn’t like it, I will explain why you’re also an idiot. Sorry…I mean a fucking idiot.

There’s been rumors – for a couple of years now – on whether or not Mirror’s Edge 2 is ever going to get made. A while back, it seemed to be “common knowledge” that a sequel was indeed underway, and I’ve taken to playing Mirror’s Edge again.

I’ve completed it an ungodly amount of times in the past week, and even though I’ve beaten it like an adolescent who just discovered porn, this has arguably been the most fun I’ve had playing Mirror’s Edge, and the most obsessed I’ve gotten over it. All I’ve wanted to do for the past few days is wall runs and long jumps (unfortunately snow is making that harder to do).

So it got me thinking. What would make a sequel completely awesome? I’ve come up with about 2048349 different ideas that are all awesome, but here are the top five:

5. More Mirrors


Okay, I know this sounds like a bullshit idea that I just threw in here at the end of my list so that I could say that I have a “list of 5 ideas.” And I admit, a “Top Five” sounds loads more professional than a “Top Four,” but I seriously want to see more mirrors.

The game is called Mirror’s Edge for God’s sake! MIRROR’S Edge! I’ve fallen off buildings in Mirror’s Edge countless times. Sometimes I’ve purposely jumped. And every single time I look at the glassy, reflective surface of the building expecting to see my reflection, and it’s not there. IS FAITH A VAMPIRE OR SOMETHING!? WHERE IS HER REFLECTION!? FUCK!

All I want are some damn mirrors. Maybe have Faith go into a bathroom and take a look at her hair. I don’t care.

4. Better Gunplay

The fighting isn’t bad in Mirror’s Edge. I like the guns that you can use, but I have two gripes with them:

  1. Where’s the ammo?
  2. Mostly Harmless

Yes, I just made a reference to one of the best games ever. If you don’t know the reference, then you should maybe go sit in time out for a bit. I’ll still be here when you’re finished.

As Faith, you can use a couple of ways to disarm one of the many donut shop loungers that you meet. You can time to perform a disarm move that, when done correctly, will take the gun from the cop with a badass move and knock them out. Or, you can simply beat the shit out of that cop, which takes longer, but sometimes can be more fun (unless you’re frustrated and just want to shoot the shit out of the other cops).

That’s all good and dandy, but once you get a nice, big, heavy machine gun, there’s really not much left in the chamber.

In fact, there’s hardly anything. Once you take a gun, it seems as though it’s got 5 shots left before you need to toss it aside. WHERE’S THE AMMO!?

Second gripe: The aiming. The aiming isn’t bad, and maybe I’m just used to playing Call of Duty, but I think that they should devise a way that, once you have a gun, your controls become that of Call of Duty or Battlefield (if you want to stay with a DICE game). In other words – JUST LET ME AIM DOWN THE SIGHTS!!!! My aim SUCKS with what I call thirst-person shooting (a mix of 3rd and 1st person), and I think a recognized shooting kinda thing would add a LOT of selling power to this game (and make me happy).

3. Open World

Look at all that space!

Look at all that space! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!

This one could either make a sequel awesome, or make it totally suck.

What an open world would take away is the level by level going through of the game, which I think worked really well for Mirror’s Edge, especially with time trials and speed runs that you could do after you complete the game (they’re addicting and frustrating).

However, think about all it could add? Instead of a linear layout, you now have to get to a place, and can choose what you think is that fastest route. Literally running through the city to get to your destination. You could learn the city, learn the routes, the tricks, the secret shortcuts. If parkour is a key part of this game, then an open world scenario is almost necessary.

At the very least, levels should have a couple different paths to use to get to the end result. Maybe just broaden the levels out?

2. Longer With More Options

Yes, I did collect all of the bags.

Yes, I did collect all of the bags.

The game was short. I know this, because I was able to beat the entire game in about as much time as it took be to first beat the Deku Tree in Zelda, Ocarina of Time, which for me was like…..an hour or so? Not a lot for 50 bucks.

First of all, I NEED a zoom button, similar to that of Portal 2. Maybe it’s because I’m accustomed to Portal 2, but I’ve actually found myself trying to use the zoom button in Mirror’s Edge, only to remember that it doesn’t exist. Then again, I’m not sure how that would be considered realistic. A human eye can’t zoom into something by itself.

Make it longer. More things to do. More bags to find. Throw in some pointless side missions. Maybe create a customization option, where Faith’s shoes wear down or gloves wear down, and you need to go buy some shoes or something idk. That sounds stupid, and that’s because it was, but you know what I mean. With Mirror’s Edge there’s a lot of room for… aggressive expansion.

Quote was from the Joker in The Dark Knight. Come on you had to get that one. Even if you DID miss the Goldeneye reference before.

And speaking of plot. I got a SPLENDID idea.

1. A Shift In Plot

The following contains spoilers for the plot of Mirror’s Edge. If you read this and haven’t played Mirror’s Edge, I’d like to congratulate on officially being dumber than a stump.

I chose this picture because it represents Faith's life shattering. Get it? I'm an art teacher.

I chose this picture because it represents Faith’s life shattering. Get it? I’m an art teacher.

The plot was the part of the first Mirror’s Edge where, the more I thought about it, the dumber it was. It was pretty much “rebels vs totalitarian rule” in a city or some shit like that. But it all seemed kind of stupid. If in fact runner’s only purpose is to bring messages back and forth, why don’t they just dress incognito and take elevators and shit? I mean, they end up taking elevators anyway, right? The whole thing is kind of dumb.

But whatever. The game is so awesome that I don’t care. And the plot in Mirror’s Edge to me is more about

  • Save sister.
  • Kill bad guy.

So I think it would be great to make the new plot even simpler:

  • Avenge sister’s death.
  • Kill everyone.

Maybe I just like revenge too much, but think of this:

We already know that the whole “Pope’s Murder” thing was a set up, and that it goes all the way to the top, so why not give Faith even more incentive and an emotional investment into finding out who these assholes running the show are, and all she needs to do is kill her way to the people pulling the strings.

Pissed off Faith against the world.

Sound too awesome to handle.

The End

And there you have it. My list of 5.

Honorable mentions:

  • More multiplayer modes.
  • Online modes.
  • In time trials, have a “ghost runner” of your best time (similar to 1080 Snowboarding).
  • More online modes. Maybe something like “Collecting the most Bags in a Level in X amount of time.”
  • More obstacles to jump over/more ways to jump them.
  • Keep Faith the same (don’t change her appearance at all…does Mario change appearance? No. It’s those overalls and the red shirt. Dr. Mario doesn’t count. Neither does shit like “oh when he get’s an item he looks different”. Fuck you.)

I found out there’s a Mirror’s Edge comic that’s already on issue 5 or something?? GOTTA get that.

10 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To See In Mirror’s Edge 2

  1. Srsly? In mirrors edge 1 there’s not that many reflections? Shame. I never gave this game a real chance because my vagina got in the way. But I think its time to give it another try.

      • i’d effing love a sequel. I almost finished this but my save kept getting fucked up. WONDERFUL game. played it when i got out the hospital on steam sale for like $5. That’s ANOTHER thing i love about PCs: cheaper games. Yeah the tech might be more expensive…but it pays off in the end hardcore. Plus if you’re feeling stingy or want to wait, you can always torrent. I always buy the games i truly love, but every now and then you need a litle “monetary assistance” if you know what I mean.

      • i’d effing love a sequel. I almost finished this but my save kept getting fucked up. WONDERFUL game. played it when i got out the hospital on steam sale for like $5. That’s ANOTHER thing i love about PCs: cheaper games. Yeah the tech might be more expensive…but it pays off in the end hardcore. Plus if you’re feeling stingy or want to wait, you can always torrent. I always buy the games i truly love, but every now and then you need a litle “monetary assistance” if you know what I mean.

        heyy man could you tell me if my nuuance email is getting flagged by spam…? for some reason im having a really hard time commenting on about 70% of the blogs i’m visiting today.

      • Just found your other post idk why it was in spam. I like it more since it has your avatar. Good job at repeating your comment verbatim. Yeah, the PC version is better from what I hear. I’ve been thinking about that when I eventually get a new computer (mine is 7 years old and I highly doubt it could support that type of thing [once I downloaded Steam….didn’t work]).

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  3. I actually thought the use of guns in the original was just about perfect. Faith is a “runner”, not a USMC Corporal. Her aim shouldn’t be perfect (although I thought it was pretty good, and the reticle was dead on, so I really don’t get the complaint), and giving tons of ammo would basically break the game. If you had 100 rounds per weapon, you wouldn’t use the environment as much and play the game the way it should be, you would just shoot everyone to get by them. In addition to that, it wouldnt make sense to have much more ammo, as the weapon was obtained by a disarm, usually after it has already been shot at you several times. If anything, I’d like to see more ammo in guns that were disarmed before many shots were fired. (Maybe 15 minus how many have been shot already for pistols and 30 minus the same for rifles?) It didn’t really seem like the number of rounds was changed by that at all in the first game (ill have to dig it out of the closet to test this theory now). Anyway, I think that would be a cool change in gunplay because it would give more incentive to get the gun early so that you have more rounds without completely nerfing all NPCs by giving insane amounts of ammo and overpowered weapons. I like the original game because its different than the 1,000 shooters that come out every year. I prefer the uniqueness that the orginal gave us, with the use of parkour and hand to hand combat. No more guns or ammo please!

    • I don’t want to make this into a shooter, I just want to make the aiming easier. I hate aiming where you can’t look down the sights. And thinking about it now, I think the ammo is fine, but it would be nice to know how much ammo you have in a gun.

      Replaying Mirror’s Edge, I find it more fun to look for ways around fighting instead of actually fighting. For example, in a level where I used to take out all of the cops, now I instead just avoid them so I can sprint through the level faster. As you said, Faith’s a runner.

      Regardless, the trailer for ME2 looks absolutely awesome. They stayed true to the first game from the looks of it.

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