Brand New Look

That’s right. Eye Sedso’s been doing some renovating.

Eye Sedso

Remember that old piece of shit background I had? I decided it was time for a change, and threw it into the incinerator. Eye Sedso is coming back to the bigtime, with a fresh, modern look that ACTUALLY HAS SOME GOD DAMN PURPLE And that’s not all:

  • More Polls. You see that poll on the side? That’s not going away. In fact, I’m going to try and change it every week.
  • More Posts. I’m making a promise to myself to watch more anime. Hell, I marathoned GIRLS und PANZER today. First time I watched an entire season of a show in a day in a long time. Felt great. Hopefully, more posts that are up to date will be reaching Eye Sedso readers everywhere (though I have no readers! Bohohohohohoho!).
  • Updating the Pages. Dear God I need to. I’m going to look at things objectively, see what I don’t need anymore, and trim out the fat.

I’m pretty pumped about these changes, and frankly, I wonder why I waited so long to change it. I wish I made these changes when Eye Sedso was actually popular.

BLAST OFF on a new Eye Sedso.

6 thoughts on “Brand New Look

  1. Good to see you’re ready to unleash your rage once again in a your “reborn” form. I expect your vintage constructive rage reviews and other stuff you can think of. Whatever it is, I’ll stop by….because at least your rants make sense and have thinking involved.

    • I’m like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. You’re my only reader right now. I’ve gotta build my market back up (again). Believe it or not, people used to actually read Eye Sedso.

      • I’m still trying to figure out how I built mine. It’s not me being modest, I just have no idea why people bother stopping by my lair.

        Anyway, my best guess is either because of your hectic real life schedule or…people weren’t into your style…? I dunno. It can’t be the latter because you made nearly 800K views in less than 2 years.

      • I gotta post more about anime I’m watching I guess. I used to get like 1000 hits a day and now I’m around less than half that. I may even start proof reading my posts (doubtful).

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