The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – If You Didn’t Watch It Yet, You’re a Fuckass

Why what how huh? What makes this anime good?

Well to answer that question I’ll ask another question… Who doesn’t like good anime?

That makes literally less than zero sense.

I am extremely over tired and my eyhes arenth evan oapen as I ytpe this eyes were shut when I typed that but then I opened them again to type this because apparently I suck at typing with my eyes closed… or open for that matter because it took me almost a minute to type that last part of this paragraph because of correcting all the spelling errors. Let me restart this tomorrow…

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Okay, it’s now tomorrow!

No it’s not.

Okay it’s not…

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[at a later date after sleep was successfully performed by glothelegend]:

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

This show wasn't "ecchi" at all.

This show wasn’t “ecchi” at all.

It’s now several days later, and after watching the entire show, I’ve sort of flipped my tune on this one. Pet Girl is kind of your generic piece of shit show with occasional ecchi moments and misconceptions about the incredibly average male main character when he gets into accidental/awkward sexual situations that arise from no fault of his own, except I enjoyed the shit out of it, and that was because of the zaniness that the characters give off.

Pet Girl was the one anime I’ve actually been keeping up with this season, and you probably didn’t know that because I don’t update this ISSS at all, and you don’t read it. Regardless, J.C. Staff proved once again why it’s my favorite studio.


Fat titted whore not be honest she wasn't really a whore a all, and I'm pretty sure she didn't even have the biggest tits on the show. Oh well.

Fat titted whore not included… be honest she wasn’t really a whore a all, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t even have the biggest tits on the show. Oh well.

Kanda – The generically average male lead with no special qualities other than having girls fall on him in provocative ways (this really doesn’t happen as much as I’m leading on). That being said, his character has some life, determination, and is NOT A PUSSY! (yesssss).

Shiina – Super talented artist who is talented despite not knowing how to properly hold a brush for her entire life. Also shows literally no emotion which I always like. She is also literally too dumb to dress herself or do anything at all for herself.  However, she’s fucking awesome due to her typical clueless personality, which displays some flashes of comedic personality and knowledge. Just enough to not make them seem forced.

Ayoyama – The female equivalent to Kanda. She had no special qualities, other than her above average breasts and gigantic crush on our completely average male lead, Kanda. She want’s to be a voice actress, which to my knowledge is a shit career in terms of money. Then again, I’m somehow a teacher.

Misaki – Completely bat-shit insane girl who is an anime prodigy. She is also bat-shit insane, and if she were a real life person, she would have no friends, because as I mentioned, she’s bat-shit insane. Her unrequited love for Jin goes unnoticed to everyone named Jin. For real though, her and Jin’s romantic situation is reason alone to watch this show.

Jin – Literally fucks all of the girls who don’t live in the hall. His unrequited love for Misaki goes unnoticed to everyone named Misaki, although if he really loved her, maybe he shouldn’t be fucking every girl he meets. Just sayin.

Akasaka – Computer prodigy who hides in his room throughout most of the show. When he is finally revealed, it’s tough to figure out if he is a girl with a manly voice or a man with hair that no man should have (down past his knees I don’t think it’s even possible for a guy to grow his hair that long by that age). Fears women.

Chihiro – Slutty sensei who drinks beer. Very generic character, tries to seduce men in the first episode with her giant bust. She does level out and shows some good qualities. I enjoyed her overall.

For a master painter, she doesn't really know shit does she?

For a master painter, she doesn’t really know shit does she?

There was one glaring error that I noticed in episode 9, that most likely no one else noticed, and also isn’t really even an error, but I feel like making it out to be an error, so there you go.

Oh, ignore this next paragraph if you really don’t give a fuck about art or painting tips.

I suck at painting, but anyone who is good at painting can tell you that the proper way to hold a brush when you’re painting is at the end. The last thing you want to do is hold the brush close to the tip. This allows you to stand farther away from the painting when you paint, which in turn allows you to view the entire painting instead of just one little section. Why is this important? When you can see the entire painting, you’re less likely to make errors in the painting’s composition. Not only is Mashiro breaking the rule of where to hold the brush, but she’s also standing way to close to the painting. I’ve been in 1049204934 painting and drawing classes, and even though I suck at both (I am more of a ceramics guy), I can still tell you that these two rules make you 305839 times better at drawing/painting whatever it is you’re drawing/painting. And those numbers are exact, by the way.

Of course, that is such a small, minor, completely insignificant detail, it’s a wonder I even brought it up.

This was the best OP of the two. Still, nothing special.

As I’ve said, the beginning of the story was filled with a lot of generic bullshit like half naked girls falling on Kanda, and then other girls conveniently seeing this and calling him a pervert or some shit like that. There were some funny moments with the way that female characters (Shiina) would word things so that it seemed as though Kanda was plowing them in his spare time, but over all Pet Girl started off looking like a show that was filled with a lot of general bullshit.

I also felt like towards the middle of the series, the show tried too hard to get dramatic and emotional when Shiina’s big-titted English whore-friend came and visited. They did a GREAT job getting dramatic toward the end of the show, but the whole big-titted-jealous-friend arc was a bit out of place. I will say, however, that it had a big impact on later events to come, so it was sort of necessity, because the ending was so good that even I got choked up and teary eyed, which is pretty hard to do not as hard to do as it used to be.

What really made this show great was the realism and connectivity to the characters and story. Just enough backstory to get you invested, just enough random shit to keep it interesting. And a FANTASTIC recap ending of crying.

I am powerless against ALL tears.

I am powerless against ALL tears.

Yes, perfect amount of girls crying. You KNOW that’s my weak point right?

Realistically, this show should probably get a 5, but because of the well timed and not too out of control comedy, interesting characters, and plotline that kept me coming back for more, I’m throwing The Pet Girl some catnip and giving it a


(Click to see my Grading Scale)

Bill got his ass SAT ON BY A CAT.

Bill got his ass SAT ON BY A CAT.

9 thoughts on “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – If You Didn’t Watch It Yet, You’re a Fuckass

    • It was a surprise. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. Keep in mind, it might be just because it’s the first show I’ve seen in a long time, so I might have just been really excited. I’d like to think that after 230+ anime that I can tell what’s good though.

      • No prob. I’ve learned to trust you opinions over…some people who get on my nerves. Besides, the main reason I delayed this one is because it had a “childhood friend who falls in love with the protagonist but will definitely lose against another person the male lead just met” type of character. I’m sick of those.I suppose the character development will more than make up for it.

    • Hmmm…I’m not gong to say anything about that because I don’t want to spoil anything. Definitely worth a look, even if you’re put off by the somewhat forced drama around episode 7 (which wasn’t really that bad to be honest).

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