Gender, Blogging, And The Big Question!

One thing has always totally confused me. A lot of times, when you read a blog, authors are hesitant to reveal their identity of gender for whatever reason. For example, the glorious Canne. To this day, there is debate whether Canne is a male or a female. I think the issue came up in the famed Aniblog Tournament. I’m not sure if it was the first or second tournament, but I KNOW it came up. Now I don’t want to put Canne on the spot, even though I just did, but it is difficult to tell at times whether or not a blogger is a female or a male.

I literally thought that Envy was a girl until halfway through Brotherhood.

I literally thought that Envy was a girl until halfway through Brotherhood. Not my fault… This dude’s wearing a sports bra!

Now, does it matter what gender a blogger is? No. It really shouldn’t. But damn it, it helps to know whether you should use “him” or “her” when describing someone or their work.

As I said before, it’s tough to tell what gender someone is with out being able to see them. There are some really girly sites out there, covered in frills and the color pink and shit, and believe it or not, 5 times out of 10 there’s a male behind those frills. I’m totally cool with that, but let’s be honest, who would guess that a male would be injecting his own site with highly toxic levels of estrogen?

Avatars are misleading too. A lot of men have female avatars because let’s face it, females look way cooler in avatars. Especially a bad ass female with an eye patch or some shit like that.

Then of course there’s people with dinosaurs as their mascot, and it only seems obvious that those people are males.

Lastly you have those who swear all the time, like kluxorious. 100% of the time, she uses the word “fuck” 60% of the time. Currently, most people in society would think that someone who freely throws around words like “fuckass” or “shit-tits” would have to have some hairy balls located in a scrotal pouch attached to the human body next to a penile shaft, but that is not the case. Vagina’s are very apt swearing machines.

For example, when you think of Glothelegend, you probably think MALE. The letters probably scream out loudly in your head. “THIS GUY IS ALL MALE AND LET THERE BE NO QUESTION OF HIS MANLINESS!” You might even be offended by how manly I am. However, you would be mistaken, as I am actually a female.

When I first started ISSSing…oh hell, let’s just call it what it is…..when I first started BLOGGING, people would call me things like “bro” or “dude.” They all assumed I was a guy. I didn’t know why they assumed this, but I just went with it. “Hey, I’m probably not going to meet these people in real life anyway, right? Why can’t I be a guy?”

HaruGUY Suzumiya

It started out as what was going to be a 2 week sham. Hell, I didn’t think this blog would last more than 2 weeks anyway. But then as I started to get into blogging, I ended up liking blogging as a guy…a lot. Sometimes, I’d pretend I had a hairy, girthy penis, and On the internet, I can be that bad-ass with balls and a dick. And let me tell you, it gives you loads more freedom.

People perceive you differently when they think you’re a guy. In real life (and maybe this is just me) people (especially guys) get turned off when a girl has the mouth of a sailor. But on the internet, as a “man”, I can blast the F-word or C-word at full volume, and it’s just “a dude bein a dude.” So hell….why wouldn’t I pretend to be a male?”

Lately though, as I restart and revamp Eye Sedso, clawing back from the ashes like a phoenix, I’ve decided to restart it the right way: as the female that I am.

I’m still gonna swear and spell everything like shit, but I’m going to do it as a female. GIRL POWER!

PS: I still LOVE lesbians.

20 thoughts on “Gender, Blogging, And The Big Question!

  1. The only reason I know this is what I think it is. is because of a Youtube vid I saw of a dude moving his camera around talking like a DJ. I assume that’s you.

    Anyway, just keep being a constructive trash talker.


    Oh I am a guy April Fools I have a penis we should totally hook up now that we know the truth about each other.

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