Shingeki no Kyojin – First ImpHOLYFUCKITSAWESOME

Enter the best show ever: Shingeki no Kyojin.

One of the most badass of female characters.

One of the most badass of female characters… After all, her “specialty includes flesh, and the laceration thereof.” One of the most badass lines ever I can’t wait till she says it.

Let me put it this way… If you can sit through the first episode of this show without your heart on the verge of pounding out of your chest, then there is something seriously wrong with you, and the killer thing is, we didn’t even get to the good shit.

Like the huge twists.

And the BAM moments.

And the actual flying-through-the-sky-totally-kick-ass fighting.

And Eren doisjgoiesgoijtrshoiugregjhoierg

I can’t say but holy fuck this was awesome. Rarely do I think that an anime is better than a manga (I’m looking at you Date A Live), but Shingeki no Kyojin might end up crushing it’s manga counterpart (which I admit, I’ve fallen far behind on). It helps that the budget for this show seems to be an immeasurable amount, based on the quality of the art and fluidity of the animation. Production ID does it again in terms of being fucking awesome. What’s really good is that they manage to pull off the horror even without showing the gruesome tearing of flesh that the manga so eloquently displays. Would the gore have made this better? Probably a bit, but I’m totally fine as is.

The one thing that sucks about this show? I want more. Now. FUCKING NOW. Shingeki no Kyojin is a rarity in that it’s a show PACKED as full as it can be with everything that makes a show awesome. Character development? Oh trust me, that’s happening. Amazing production we already talked about. How about drama? Slam dunk. One episode in we’re treated to the grim reality of life and death. Action and adenaline? This show’s got it by the bagful and after 2 episodes, we haven’t even gotten started with the action. What you’ve seen so far is almost like a preview. A short introduction. A calm before the storm.

Yeah, so far Shingeki no Kyojin is calm compared to what’s coming. Get ready for a fucking hurricane (mixed with 60 tornadoes, 8 monsoons, 13 blizzards, and 59 lightning storms).

heeheeheeheeheeehehaioahiovhiuehrviuheriuer Kid, you don't know the half of it.

heeheeheeheeheeehehaioahiovhiuehrviuheriuer Kid, you don’t know the half of it.

FUCK I CAN NOT WAIT FOR EPISODE 3… AND 4… AND 12. I bet 12 is where the SOOGI@#(U(U$(*#$@()FJ will happen.



10 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin – First ImpHOLYFUCKITSAWESOME

  1. Seeing how you’re in agony waiting for more to come out, it’d be awfully cruel of me to make you even more excited. Well I’m going to do it anyway: there will be at least one lesbian.

  2. While I do not take hyperbole statements seriously, I was very impressed by the 1st episode. Actually, Mr No-Skin and the Kusaregedo lookalike who ate Erin’s mom got my attention. Anyway, I don’t know how great the show will be,but my expectations are high.

    As for Baka-Raptor’s words, I am even more interested now.

      • Yeah I didn’t get to the lesbian yet I don’t think so I’m excited for that. I don’t know how many broken bones you’ll see from Mikasa, seeing as her “specialty includes flesh, and the laceration thereof.” You should see plenty of lacerations and if they don’t have her saying that line then you can bet I’ll complain a lot.

  3. I will simply judge this show for what it is and not based on how accurate it is to the source material.

    Broken bones or laceration, it makes no difference. I simply expect The War Machine to kick major ass when given the opportunity.

  4. I haven’t even started on it, so to answer your poll: Yes, I am a pussy, lol. I will get started on it this weekend, since everyone is just hyping this thing up. In this case, I hope the hype is worth it. However, the lesbian thing intrigues me, too – so why the heck not. Yuri makes everything better.

  5. I can’t say whether or not you’re an avid gamer ( I think I know how you are with anime ) but I’ve personally taken my enthusiasm for Attack on Titan to a more interactive approach.

    First off, there’s Feng Lee’s Unity game, it’s wicked sick and there’s no real AoT fan who hasn’t already played it. Second, I host several game servers, one of which is called Attack on Titan. I bet you can’t guess what you do in there.

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