As Predicted, Henneko is Awesome.

J.C. Staff, I love you. Thank GOD you were the ones that did this anime. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou was awesome, and I can see a lot of comparisons already in Henneko, (Hentai-san and the Stony Cat).

Your options if you don't find this show awesome.

Your options if you don’t find this show awesome.

I called it folks. This would be the darkhorse of the season. And I’m calling it again here. The art and animation are of course expertly done. The story explained thus far through the first episode was a perfect introduction to the full series story.

It laid out the basics of the character’s plights while also delving a bit into the first arc of the story, keeping the viewer interested and happy. As one who has already enjoyed the manga, I can say that so far, I LOVE what I see. This is what an anime should be to a manga: Something that builds on and improves an already good story, as opposed to something that trashes and destroys it, turning it into some sort of fanservice cheap-ass bull shit show.

Henneko is not about a porn. There is no real fanservice (J.C. Staff is actually pretty tasteful in that category), so you shouldn’t be mislead by the word “hentai” being in the title. In fact, all of the parts of the show that derive from the “Hentai Prince” tend to be the funniest parts. How could you not think that it’s funny when a person is forced to blurt out all of the perverted thoughts that he usually keeps to himself. Picture it in real life:

You’re walking down the street and pass a hot girl with some heaving breasts. You think to yourself, “Damn I’m love to put my dick on those tits.” Except instead of thinking it to yourself, you energetically and enthusiastically tell this thought to the very girl you’re thinking of, and she beats the shit out of you or something.

This girl is just a flat bitch (but not really)

And now, we are fucked.

Okay, so it might not be funny if it happens to you, but watching it happen to others is. And to be honest, if I said that to some girl, I’m sure she’s just eye-ball me like I was a weird fucking pervert, and then go home and masturbate furiously to the thought of my dick on her tits, because that’s what girls do in real life, because girls in real life don’t make any fucking sense.

The manga is a good story, and so far the anime is accentuating everything that was good about the manga. I really couldn’t be happier.

If only J.C. Staff could produce everything.


4 thoughts on “As Predicted, Henneko is Awesome.

    • Total reconstruction. Deleted a few pages, started incorporating new polls each week, and of course, the background kicks ass since I FINALLY was able to get some purple to mix with the black.

      My avatar has always been purple as it is my favorite color. This is a layout I can actually be proud of since it isn’t a piece of shit.

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