Arrested Development Season 4 Review

Clearly there will be spoilers. This is a review. Idiot.


It’s been a long time coming, and after years of waiting, we FINALLY got a new season of Arrested Development, aka the best written comedy ever made. There’s been a lot of people saying that this latest season was not up to par with the others, and some have even said that it straight up sucked.

These people are all fuck ups. They probably have low IQs. Maybe they were dropped as children. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that they are all wrong, and they are all idiots.

It is a FACT that this season was without question the best written season of them all, and I would argue that it was one of the funnier ones as well (it really isn’t comparable with season 2 as is everything).

Allow me to debunk all of the complaints naysayers have had about this season. Starting with…

1. The format sucked


You’re an idiot.

The format was different. A little bit. Unlike previous seasons, this season had episodes that each focused on one member of the Bluth family. I’ll admit that I was hesitant about this format after the first 3 episodes, but then it clicked, came together, started making sense, and suddenly I was totally into this “new” format.

I say “new” because it really wasn’t too much different from the other episodes. Sure, most of the episodes in season 4 focused on one member, but almost all of them featured every character in some way. Coincidental meetings and paths being crossed unbeknownst to other characters, a staple of the series, were now escalated to an even more awesome extent. For just one example, the scene where Gob thought he was locking Tony Wonder in a podium was featured in the following characters’ stories:

  • Gob – Tony Wonder Scenario
  • Maebe – Lifetime Achievement
  • Lindsay – Blue Bloyfriend/Banging Love
  • George Michael – Drove Maebe/Dropped Fakeblock
  • George – Taking the Check

You see, this is why I love the Rashomen style of story telling (cheers to Pulp Fiction). Everything connects in 394 different ways at every turn, which is what I loved about this season. You couldn’t go more than 2 minutes without character’s plot’s intersecting, whether it was Gob almost running over Michael in a limo or Tobias accidentally being right behind Lindsay on their separately planned trips to India (and the cause of her getting her seat hit repeatedly).

I fucking love this style, even if you don’t get the full cast always on screen at the same time. The group had a lot of shit to work around, and frankly, we should be thankful that they were even able to make this season. To me, this season is a great way to set up for more, like another season or a movie. And guess what? That’s what it’s intended for anyway.

 2. It wasn’t as funny


You’re an idiot.

This season started slow, I admit. But once you got into it and started to notice all of the new running gags and see where everything was going, it got great.

Whether it was the running gag of the newscaster who kept getting fired and demoted, or the ostriches, or the way they played off of the resemblance of Michael Cera to Jesse Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. Everything seemed to have humor in it, and after episode 5, I found myself laughing every 2 seconds (obviously I steamrolled this season in one go).

This season brought back almost everything that was funny about the rest of the series. Including Gene Parmesan, the Andy Richter gang, blueing oneself, and other favorites. There was but one large thing missing, and that’s this:

I mean, no chicken dance? COME ON! (they had that too). Oh, and then of  course there’s one of my favorite running gags in the series (well, it only ran twice, but still).

Still, if you can sit there with a straight face and tell me that this season wasn’t funny, then you’re a fucking moron.

3. Ron Howard wasn’t as funny and he talked too much

You’re an idiot.

Ron Howard was just as funny as he was in earlier seasons. Sure, he had some more talking, but he kind of had to. I mean, we’re catching up on 6 years worth of events here, there’s going to have to be a good amount of narrative. To be honest, I didn’t really even notice that he was talking more than past seasons until I read it online, so I consider this a non factor.

On person who wrote a review pointed out that “in one scene, Ron Howard narrated Michael Cera’s thoughts for almost a minute, with no comedic attempts.”

You fucking idiot.

The joke in that scene is that he is making fun of how long it takes George Michael to think out a scenario. I laughed hard at that part and you didn’t. You tell me who got the better deal? Why the fuck am I explaining jokes that are easy to get.

Like usual, Ron Howard still breaks the 4th wall a bit (which I LOVE as always). He still adds comments on his own accord, and he even gets cut off/proven wrong by the  characters, which I also love. In fact, I’d go so far to say that by the end of the series, his interaction with the characters was more so than in previous seasons. It’s the same great Ron Howard.


Was this season different from other seasons? Sure, but it still had the same core feeling, style, and characters as previous seasons. It was still the same great Arrested Development. If you can’t accept that then you’re an idiot.


If you see anything you think I missed then tell me. I’ll gladly debunk any reason why you think Arrested Development season 4 sucked.

Here’s to congratulating Arrested Development on a nu start. Now let’s get that movie going!

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