Of Catchphrases and InuYasha Parodies

In  real life, I have a lot of catch-phrases. We all have catchphrases. I’m sure you have catchphrases. If you don’t, you better get some, or you’re fucked.

Sadly, a lot of my catchphrases are stolen from other places. Although I have a lot of ones that I have made up over the years, I really like lines as seen in movies or tv shows. I also enjoy Rubydog video lines, which are always hilarious to use as no one knows what the fuck I’m talking about because they’ve never heard of fucking Rubydog.

Lately, I came across InuYasha parodies that I used to LOVE way back when. And I was reminded just how many of the catchphrases from those parodies I still use today, 7 long years later (seriously seven fucking years). Here’s a list of my favorite catchphrases:

  • See ya later Larry!
  • [He’s] always trying something new.
  • Jim Bob done told ya not to put tape on it!
  • Surprised expression?
  • Kamizake watermelon!

That’s a lot for a few episodes. Embolded ones are the ones I use most often. And here’s the link if you want to watch these vids (you don’t they aren’t as funny as I remember).

Link Me

What catchphrases do you use?

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