Blasting You With Mirror’s Edge 2 Hype

Holy God Fucking shit.


I am ALWAYS on the prowl for sequels that I want to happen. I google things like “Mirror’s Edge 2” and “Half Life 3” so many times that it has officially become part of my daily routine. And over the past week, I’ve actually been getting TONS OF FEEDBACK on Mirror’s Edge 2 rumors.

As in:

“Jesus Christ. No one care about this Glo.”


Mirror’s Edge 2 is the reason I bought an Xbox 360. I fell in love with it from the second I saw:

Looks like I’m going to be playing this shit nonstop for the 12th or 13th time. At this point, the only thing I’ve ever rewatched/replayed/reread more times is Harry Potter, which I’ve read a retarded amount of times. It’s a good book, fuck you.

I could talk to you about why Mirror’s Edge is so awesome, but I’ve done that before, so here’s why Mirror’s Edge 2 could potentially be FUCKING INSANE:

1. Mirror’s Edge 2 will be for Xbox One (assumed)

Mirror’s Edge had awesome graphics and spectacular art for the Xbox 360, so IMAGINE what it could do on the new Xbox One (which looks like the most batshit crazy device ever made in history). The graphics could be INSANE. I’m talking unrivaled. Especially since…

2. It’s been in the works for how long?

Well Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008. That’s fucking ages ago. Since then, the sequel has been worked on, cancelled, reworked, reworked again, retooled, and revived. Through this entire process, fans have been spouting out feedback left and right and diagonally and even forward and back. Feedback galore. DICE and EA certainly have heard many takes on what the people want. It should make sense for them to listen (then again….it’s EA).

3. They know what to fix.

Going along the lines of feedback. Mirror’s Edge was close to being a smash hit blaster. It was innovative, new, very easy on the eyes, and generally a lot of fun to play. But even a bias dork like me knows there were some issues. For me the issues were generally based around:

  • It was too short (not exaggerating, I can beat this game several times in a day (done it).
  • Had a…weakish plot. Very simple.
  • Not a lot of options (multiplayer, etc).
  • A bit linear (a bit).

I want to talk about the plot. It wasn’t bad, but with the gameplay and Mirror’s Edge universe, there is seriously TONS of untapped potential. Can you imagine open world? What if there were actually people to interact with? (the city is pretty devoid of people who aren’t cops in Mirror’s Edge). New moves (uneeded really), new gameplay options, new characters, side missions…..ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING CAN BE DONE IN NEW, AS OF NOW UNSEEN WAYS. God DAMN it excites me.

The one drawback would be that now I have to save up massive amounts of money to buy an Xbox One, which is going to be damn expensive, but Mirror’s Edge is literally the ONLY game that could make me get up and spend that money.

“What about Half Life 3?”

At this point, I doubt it will ever happen. Assholes at Valve.


4 thoughts on “Blasting You With Mirror’s Edge 2 Hype

  1. Once upon a time, I played a lot “Mirrors Edge” without any problem. I stopped sometime and when I tried to play the game again, after 30 minutes or so, I feel dizzyness and wanna puke.

    Now, I cant play the game without feeling that horrible sensation of puke. God, I am getting old. Any solution for this?

    I am waiting for ME2 but frankly, I cant finish the game until I stop puking around.

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