Shiro Ari – Alice in Wonderland + Snow White + Every Fairy Tall Ever + Skanks + Sadism

I totally posted something last month. Once. Time to step up my game I’d say. I should at least change the polls like I said I would. Oh well. Here’s a manga update since manga is all I have time for. For a change, there will be NO PICTURES.

Except one I guess.


You are one crazy lookin bitch.

Shiro Ari is a manga I picked up a little while ago and thought nothing of it. It was okay. I don’t know how I felt about the art, as it sort of confused me at first. Once I realized that it wasn’t all that confusing though, I started reading it, and I’ve begun to like it more and more as I read. Why?

It’s starts off with Snow White, a girl with white hair and red eyes. Animals love her, and everyone else…

Totally hates her.

Yes that’s right, unlike the Snow White of fairy tales that you’re accustomed to, everybody hates Snow White, so throw away everything about Snow White…..actually, throw away everything you know about all fairy tales, because they’re all about to become intertwined and changed in a crazy nutjob of a manga.

Snow White lives with her evil stepmother. Her only friend is Mirror (the mirror on the wall). When he tells Snow White’s stepmother that she isn’t the fairest of all, but in fact a huge bitch, she gets pissed off. Mirror decides that it would be a good idea for Snow White to lay low for a bit, so he throws her into a country called Mirror, which is like a crazy Alice in Wonderland kind of shit. She meets Alice, and Mirror tells her that in order to come back to the real world, she must make Alice king

Oh I should mention that Alice is a dude, and after pretending to be nice to Alice at first, he then doesn’t hesitate to call her a skank and a bitch for the rest of the manga. Yup, this manga is awesome.

So there’s allllllll sorts of other Fairy Tales crammed up and twisted in this manga. There’s a trap, a crazy hatter, some really bad-ass hare, a thieving Cheshire cat…….it’s all a fucking awesome crazy thing….. The land of Mirror actually reminds me of the abyss from Pandora Hearts (which ALSO featured an awesome character called Alice).

What counts though is the actual plot of the manga has potential to yield a really good story. I don’t want to say anymore, but the manga is definitely worth a look.


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