Why Can’t “Imouto” Just Be Imouto?

How come in every current anime or manga, a little sister has to be a person of sexual interest? Why can’t they just act like a fucking little sister? FUCK.

Soooo sick of all these sisters flaunting their underwear and shit. Go ahead and type “Imouto” into Google images and see what comes up. ALL PROVOCATIVE. Fuck the second picture is a girl trying to make out with her brother.

“Oh hi I’m the sister look at my sex appeal ONII CHAN”



(that being said I do like that show with Anastasia)


12 thoughts on “Why Can’t “Imouto” Just Be Imouto?

  1. Maybe they hired a really bad translator for their textbooks, so Freud’s “all men want to bang their mothers” was turned into “all men want to bang their little sisters”.

  2. Great point. Nowadays there’s too much incest-themed anime shows with imoutos or oneesamas wanting to bang her own brother or vice versa.

    Imoutos need to go back to be just cute sisters who idolize her older brother, bratty (but NOT at Kirino level) sisters who love to pick on her older brother or even sisters with a personal life who just treat her brother like any sister would normally do – WITHOUT wanting his d***!

    Please no more shit like Oreimo.

  3. I typed “Imouto” into Google Images and… YOU’RE LYING TO ME IT WAS THE FIRST IMAGE GODDAMMIT.

    That being yelled, I pretty much agree with you. All this “imouto loves oniichan” stuff really needs to stop.

  4. Because Japanese guys don’t know how to talk to women, but they can at least talk to their sisters. And their sisters are girls, with vaginas.

    It’s also lazy writing. Sisters are an easy set-up, especially because children often sexually experiment with each other at a young age, and in Japan, bathe together, and pay each other money to look at their genitals. That’s only one step away from a sexual relationship that turns to true, forbidden love!

    Plus taboo usually is a turn on, and with this, you have both pedophilia (just kidding, that’s not taboo in Japan) and incest (that’s probably not taboo anymore either).

    Sister and brother complexes have always been a thing in Japan, but now it’s become a fad. Like all things, it will pass, like the gigantic hair of the 80’s.

    • I’m pretty sure there isn’t a thing that’s considered “taboo” anymore in Japan. I read on Barstool that couples have started taking pictures in vacuum sealed plastic. Those people are out there.

      Still, hopefully you’re right and it will pass, just like bushy pubic hair in porn.

      • I don’t know what that even means, so I’m going to pretend it doesn’t mean anything.

        Like tears in rain. Time to die.

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