Orange Marmalade (The Manhwa)

Okay so I recently touched on how I… of all people… have been crushing some shoujo manga of late. One of the titles of shoujo that I’ve been crushing isn’t a manga at all, but a manhwa by the name of Orange Marmalade.

This is not the Orange Marmalade that I was referring to.

This is not the Orange Marmalade that I was referring to.



Manhwa, for those of you who don’t know, is literally exactly like manga, except it’s from Korea, and it’s read left to right, a fact that left me very very confused the first time I read Manhwa.

Orange Marmalade was a title I saw a while back. I read the synopsis, decided it was bullshit, and never touched it again, letting its memory disappear completely from my brain. Years later, I randomly selected it, thinking that I had never checked it out before. It’s a good thing I didn’t read the synopsis again, because otherwise I wouldn’t have read it again, because the plot outlines all of the basic things I hate about everything in this day and age:

Misunderstood Vampires

Remember when vampires were fucking badass, and were killing Nazi vampires and zombies and shit in Hellsing, or getting their asses handed to them by Saya in Blood+? Yeah, I know. It seems like 40 hundred thousand years ago. Twilight and all that stupid shit forever made vampires misunderstood emo kids who sparkle or some shit. I’m not really sure because I’ve never seen Twilight, but it looks fucking retarded so there you go.

So what sets this emo vampire shit apart from other, shitty emo vampire shit? A few things:

1. The Vampire is a Girl


When a guy is acting emo, it’s just fucking stupid. Nobody likes to see a whiny, depressed, “the world doesn’t understand me” type of dude. Bro, you’re supposed to be the strong guy who sucked it up and provides for the girl. That’s what men have been doing since the stone age. The thing is, nobody cares if a girl is all depressed and shit, because girls are all like that normally, so to have a girl be a vampire really doesn’t change much other than the fact that, okay, she needs blood. In this story, vampires are pretty much common place, except they’re treated like shit by humans. Totally discriminated against. So Ma Ri doesn’t want anyone to find out she’s a blood sucker, or her whole family will be forced to move. Also, and I might be in the minority here, but emo girls are fucking hot. And awesome. Especially when they…

2. The Girl Eventually Breaks Down and Cries


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The crying girl is awesome. I love it for some reason, and I don’t know why. In this story, the main character, Ma Ri, is pretty solidly built and as a result, she can take a lot of shit and not get too emotional. So when she FINALLY breaks down… well… it was a BAM moment.

God I’m a fuckup.

3. Comedy Gold

Kids a vampire. Eats mice for some reason. Still gets a girlfriend in fucking kindergarten are you kidding me.

Kids a vampire. Eats mice for some reason. Still gets a girlfriend in fucking kindergarten are you kidding me.

The comedy really is on another level here compared to most shitty shoujo. The facial expression create visual comedy that never gets old. And the characters do the rest, whether that means seeing our reserved Ma Ri randomly chase some girls with a garbage can, or seeing the fat kid struggle to lose a measly 2 kg so he can date the girl who looks like a dude anyway.

4. Great Art

Look at those LIPS!

Look at those LIPS!

I already touched on the awesome expressions and changes in character design (normal drawing vs chibi drawings) that make this manhwa awesome. Another awesome thing that separates this shoujo from others that very artistic style. At no point do we see shitty sparkles, crappy bubbles, and spikey hair being used to cover up an equally or extensively shittier storyline, as most shoujo manga admittedly contain. This is a webcomic, so it’s all smooth, vibrant, and IN FUCKING COLOR.

I never realized how much I love color on every single page until I went back to reading a normal manga after I had just read a bunch of Girls the Wild and then blasted my way through 100+ chapters of Orange Marmalade. I was used to color. Then I read some black and white. Black and white, I realized, sucks.

So there you have it. Four things that make this shoujo better than other shoujos. This fucking shit right here is awesome as fuck. Go ahead, shut the fuck up, read this shit, and thank God that you stumbled on this fucking post because I just made your life awesome and livable again.

14 thoughts on “Orange Marmalade (The Manhwa)

  1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, Ghost Hunt, and Goong sound like they’d be up your alley, in terms of romantic shoujo. There are a lot of good shoujo series, it’s just that the ones that get talked about the most are the shit-tier ones. Goong is melodramatic and depressing in typical Korean fashion, but then, so is Orange Marmalade.

    As for webtoons: Tower of God, Noblesse, Trace (ignore the shitty art), Cheese in The Trap, Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love, Hanged Doll, Superior Day, Meloholic, City of Dead Sorcerer, (These four are by the same author and should be read in that order, though only Hanged Doll and Superior Day are directly connected) Come Spring, Crepuscule, Dr. Frost, Ensemble, Kiss Wood, Let’s Fight Ghost, My Heart Is Beating, Nowhere Boy, Peak, Pine In The Flower Garden, Sambong Barber Shop, Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School, TAL, Supernatural Investigation Department, The Friendly Winter, The Children’s Teacher Mr. Kwon, The Legend of Lady Mirror, The Pale Horse, Today’s Romantics Club, Transfer Student Storm Bringer, Welcome To Room #305, Ya! Oee… there are more but they’ve been abandoned so I’m not going to be a dickhead and recommend those. Actually some of those above might have been abandoned — too bad, deal with it.

    I’m not sure why black and white manwha seems to suck so much ass (except XO Sisters, which was awesome, and then got canned, and Goong) but almost every webtoon I’ve read (and I’ve read all of them) has been good, great, or the greatest thing ever (Tower of God).

    • Okay I’ve put it off for a while but now it’s time to respond to all 2498303 of your comments. Here we go.

      Shit that’s one hell of a list. Time to check some of this stuff out. Tower of God is apparently awesome as fuck so I want it to build up more chapters before I give it a proper ramming.

      • That’s what you get for having a blog, homo!

        Honestly, there’s never gonna be a good point to start with Tower of God. I read it weekly from the start, and it was hard enough then, but then it went into super ultra drive near the end of the first season, and it’s been torture with the fucking cliffhangers since then. You might just be better off waiting until it’s done, but that’ll probably be years from now.

  2. Fuck! I forgot to recommend Pinocchio. Unless I did in that other post… well, too bad. Anyway, it’s another shoujo webtoon, but it’s pretty funny and also pretty great. weeeeeeeee

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