Ahhhhh Shit

Sooooo I’ve clearly fallen off the map as far as one could. Still, I refuse to throw in the towel, desperately clinging to what small life I have left.

Everyone is annoyed with my bullshit.

Everyone is annoyed with my bullshit.

Eye Sedso turned fucking four years old this month. Totally forgot to write a birthday post, but fuck that noise.

Eye Sedso features posts from Glothelegend, an author who hasn’t watched jack shit in terms of anime in weeks, and doesn’t even know what shows are out there. He also doesn’t respond to people who write comments much lately, especially when they write 3-599033 comments within 2 seconds of each other. Yes, there’s a hyphen in there. UPDATE: I finally finished responding to all of KIND OF SPACE’s comments. Took close to a half an hour. Easily my favorite commenter right now, even though I totally spelled his name wrong (KING not KIND). 

Basically, I’m a slacker. I’ve lost passion, and I suck. Deal with it. To bring myself back to life a little, here are some things in my life here that you missed or that have changed since the last time we talked (if we even did)

1. Real Life Happened

The days of slacking around are all but over. I am now teaching in a district, have a girlfriend, and friends of mine are even GETTING MARRIED. WHAT THE FUCK.

Basically, life sucks.

2. The Red Sox Still Rule

On a side note, I expected Baka Raptor to be shredding Eli Manning this season. Maybe it was too easy.

3. My Fantasy Team Lost

1st place ALL SEASON LONG in a deep ass league. Week before the playoffs I posted the highest point total of the season for any team. 1st week in the playoffs? Lose to the fucking 8th seed because my team didn’t even get 100 points. only time I didn’t get 100 points. I BENCHED PEOPLE THE WEEK AFTER I LOST AND STILL MANAGED 100 POINTS.

Fuck you Robert your team isn’t even good.

4. The Hartford Whalers – NOT SO FUCKING DEAD

Reminicsing about adaywithoutme and the awesome podcast we talked about doing, the Hartford Whalers have come to light again in Connecticut, after the Governor did a 180 on his views of the NHL returning to Hartford and PUBLICLY STATED that he’s interested in getting a team back (obviously he would be), but also that there are a few rich ass investors that are planning to buy a team and they want to bring that team to Hartford.

Clearly, my mind has been exploding several times over the past month over this news, as it is mindblowing for something who follows Hartford and Governor Malloy like I do. I am currently too obsessed.

5. Sherlock Holmes is the Shit

He’s the fucking man. That’s all on that.

6. Been Reading Manga Still

Just haven’t told you.

I'm so sick of this shit, and so are you.

I’m so sick of this shit, and so are you.

So now you’re all caught up. Maybe I’ll post something. Orrrr maybe you assholes could just give me 1 million views so that I can quit this charade. Dick heads.

5 thoughts on “Ahhhhh Shit

  1. The whole team sucks this year, even guys who usually kick ass like Nicks and JPP. Not that Eli Manning isn’t terrible or anything.

    What Sherlock Holmes have you been…umm…reading? I’ve been into Hercule Poirot lately.

    • Been reading my way through ALL Sherlock Holmes literature. I’m not very far but I’m taking my time with it. Also Sherlock comes back January 1st and Elementary is a decent show (It’s no Sherlock but I still enjoy it).

      JPP’s been hurt this whole year except for 1 game when he was just a little hurt. Nicks sucks and doesn’t even seem to like football anymore. Everyone else either sucks or is hurt. I still blame Manning because he throws a pick 6 every game and the whole team pretty much throws up their hands and goes, “Ehhhh fuck.”

      Eli Manning: Momentum Killer

  2. Glad to hear your life is progressing after graduating. Hope your future kids will kick as much ass as you’re doing right now. That’s pretty much it. Take your time and update when you’re able and I’ll keep on stopping by cause I like your shit.

  3. It’s everyone’s favorite, KIND OF SPACE (ノゝ∀・)~☆

    Since I’m a pooper who didn’t click on “Notify me” it’ll probably take me a half an hour to find them all.

    Real life is gay so stop doing it.

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