Netflix Anime


Netflix anime used to be only in English (dubbed), but yesterday I decided to watch a bit of Samurai Champloo and found it to be subbed. After checking around, they’re all subbed. Why?

Oh I dont care. Time to finally watch the Eden Of The East movies.

One I would like point out are the choices Netflix offers. CLASSICS like Trigun and Samurai Champloo, which is one of the top ten anime ever according to some of the best sources (me).

I typed this whole thing on my phone wtf.. Crazy. Breaking new ground here.


9 thoughts on “Netflix Anime

  1. They’re all subbed ’cause dubs are lame and gay.

    I don’t think you can consider Samurai Champloo a classic.

    I typed this whole thing on my computer.

      • I digress; my point was not that Samurai Champloo is bad, but that it cannot be counted as a classic due to those criteria, otherwise others could also call K-On a classic.

        Do you see the error of your ways??

        P.S. I realize classic can also mean “high class” but I know this was not the manner in which you meant it, because you grouped it with Trigun which is a classic in the “IT’S AN OLD AND CHERISHED THING PEOPLE LIKE!!”

  2. Since I’m a faggot, I calculated that you get about 250 hits a day (presumably half bots, and half me reloading repetitively)

    If you don’t want to kill yourself, you should probably become a sell-out whore to up that to at least 380 a day, otherwise you’ll have to kill yourself, or whatever it was you said if you didn’t hit 1 million by your fifth anniversary.

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