Old Year – New Year

So. I was going to give up Masturbation and sex for as long as possible, but that failed right away, so I need to do something new. First, a year in review, then I will give you my resolutions for the Year of 2014.

Glothelegend’s Year in Review

Of course, I’m going to add a few things that I would normally put in my Birthday Post, due to the fact that I didn’t make one this year. First, some awards for media and anime.

Best Movie

Django Unchained


Yeah yeah. Technically it came out in 2012, but it was at the end of the year, and the majority of it’s playing time in theatres was in 2013. Plus the movie kicks enough ass to carry over. For those of you who don’t agree, fuck you, but Desolation of Smaug was pretty fucking great. I’d also throw Pacific Rim in there despite it’s flaws. I didn’t see Gravity so fuck you.

Best Song

Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix

Fuck you.

Best Anime

Kill La Kill

I like this more than the fanservicy snapshots that I found on google search.

I like this more than the fanservicy snapshots that I found on google search.

I should probably finish this fucking show. It edges out Shingeki no Kyojin, which were the two biggest shows I enjoyed the most this year. Was Mysterious Girlfriend X this year? If it was, Kill la Kill still wins. I totally love it’s zany ass art and wtf storyline. Update: Holy shit MGX was 2 years ago. Wtf time.


Okay now for the Eye Sedso awards

Best Commenter

King of Space

KoS 1

KoS has come on strong, we’re talking rapist/stalker strong in these past 2 months or so. I have 30+ comments on one post, all from him. Now that’s what I call loyalty.

Worst Commenter

King of Space

KoS 2

That’s the catch 22 of being the only commenter these days.

Bold Prediction for 2014

Google builds an army of robots that destroys the world by bringing forth the Apocalypse.


Now for my Resolutions. I’m just going to list them because fuck it.

  1. Post more. I realize that it’s unrealistic to get back to my glory days when I would post 3 times a day (what the fuck). Once a week would be nice. Of course, to do this I will need to…
  2. Watch more anime. I realize that it’s unrealistic to get back to my glory days when I would watch 10 episodes a night, but one episode a day should be easy to accomplish. I should make goals too… like, “Watch this show before the end of the month” and shit like that.
  3. Get a job and a place. I’m old. Time to grow the fuck up. Watching anime should help.
  4. Get into shape. I’m softer around the midsection than I’d like to be. Seriously I haven’t looked like this since freshmen year of college. I couldn’t complete a 2 mile run the other day and felt that maybe it was finally time to take my own life.

So there you have it! Hopefully this year will be a bit of a revitalization for Eye Sedso. I really don’t want to quit. Even though Eye Sedso is probably the worst anime thing on the internet by now, I hate quitting or losing, so I’ll stubbornly keep going until I’m the last anime related site left that I recognize (see my Blog Roll for other sites. I want to beat them all in terms of longevity. As long as they exist, so must I.)

I’ll propose a question that will most likely not get responses…. HOW ABOUT YOU? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON 2013/2014/RESOLUTIONS? FUCKING ANSWER.


15 thoughts on “Old Year – New Year

  1. Resolutions are for losers. KlK was pretty up there, but Uchouten Kazoku was the best anime of the year. Kyousougiga was also pretty fucking good. I’ve never commented here before and I have no idea why I’ve been following your blog for the last two months.

    • Literally just watched Kyousougiga and it’s awesome. Rie Kugimiya rules.

      You’ve been following my ISSS because I put you under mind control that makes you follow shitty websites.

  2. Your resolution to get in shape has me thinking about doing like ten whole sit ups myself. Which I will do later. Soon. Yeah… Thanks glo.

  3. You could watch more anime, or you could read all the manga I told you to read, and then talk about how right and good I am and what great taste I have.

  4. I thought you got a job??? Get a job, hippie!

    Every time a new thought enters my head, I will make a comment about it. Basically, you became my twitter.


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