ABC Award Circle Jerk


I love anime blog/ISSS circle jerks because I’m a real pervert. Totally off the deep end. An anime circle jerk is JUST what I needed too. Thanks to Kai for the nomination. Frankly, I’m surprised I wasn’t first on this list. Anyway, here’s the rules of this aniblog/aniISSS orgy:

Here are the official rules:
1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Wait…I have to talk about myself? Shit. Oh well, time to get this spank show on the move.

The joke is that this is how a man writes a tournament post.

Asshole: People tell me that I am one. Also, assholes kinda turn me on. What does that mean?

Bill the Ass-Kicker: A legendary ISSS needs a Legendary Mascot. Read about him here: LINK

Cunt: It’s one of my favorite words!

Dragonball-Z: The first anime I watched. This damn show is what sent me down the dark, lonely path of anime.

Elephants: Watch Inukami. You’ll get it. Maybe. Idk great show either way.

Fuck: Count the times I say it. IMPOSSIBLE.

Glothelegend: What a dumb alias. Still. You gotta choose something.

Hairless: I can’t grow a beard and I’m 26. Fucking lame. Also, I have a website about anime. I suck.

InuYasha: Fucking LOVE this show best show ever FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD (it’s what you hearin- LISTEN).

Jokester: Puns. BAD PUNS. I love them. Also, this site is a total joke as well.

Knife Party: I couldn’t think of anything that starts with K. So here’s this bang session: LINK LET’S RAGE

Loo$e Change: Rap Group. Bangout. I was in it. Don’t look it up on youtube. DON’T DO IT (there’s a bunch of Loo$e Changes so you won’t know which is us! HAHAHA IDIOTS! (TLoLC))

My Chemical Romance: Best band ever.

Mirror’s Edge: Fucking BANGOUT Game. YEAH, I DID TWO M’s. FUCK RULES.

Norway: If you can find a certain Loo$e Change video then you might get to see me do something that has to do with Norway and awesome fucking dancing. Good luck.

New York Giants: Again, FUCK RULES.



Queen’s Blade: Awesome show. Those tits!

Rie Kugimiya: Obviously I’m putting Rie in this count down. Her impervious and perfect voice acting skill trump all other “R’s.” Sorry “Rumba Rumba Rumba Rumba Rumba.” Hell, even the Red Sox couldn’t upset Rie. Whatttttttt!?

Shakugan no Shana: Yeah I’m going Rie Kugimiya back to back. What did you think this was? Amateur hour? Fucking show rocks hard.

Tarantino, Quentin: Best director ever. END

Urabe Mikoto: BOOM.

Vagina: Lolol.

Whalers: As in Hartford Whalers. Things have been set in motion to bring to team back by the governor, who seems to be pushing for an NHL return heavier than ever.

X: A letter. I’m getting lazy.

Y: Y not?

Zero no Tsukaima: That last season sucked. But I liked the others kinda. #RieKugimiya


Bill the Ass-KickerNOTE: I forgot BioShock. FUCK.

Also, here are the other people who I’m inviting to the circle jerk/cunnilingus party:




Too lazy for more links. They probably won’t even see this. Time to get caught up on One Piece It’s been about a year.

8 thoughts on “ABC Award Circle Jerk

  1. I was waiting for your ABC Award post. It was as Fuckful as I had hoped. So you were part of a band huh AND you’re the same age as I am? Cool.

  2. A: Anal Water Retention
    B: Barely legal teens
    C: Cornhole
    D: Doorknobs give you AIDS
    E: Elephantiasis of the testes
    F: Fortress of Solitude is in Antarctica
    G: Gary was here, Ash is a loser
    H: Hi, I’m Troy McClure!
    J: Judge Judy
    M: Melt cheese on everything!!!!!
    O: OTL
    P: Pedophile
    Q: Quells thirst for blood by burning down orphanages
    R: Rapist
    S: Sadist
    T: Tourette’s Guy is my favorite
    U: Undeniably a faggot
    V: Vortex hands
    W: WOAH, like Joey from Blossom
    X: X-Files scared me as a kid
    Y: Yellow Fever
    Z: ZAWA… ZAWA…

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