April Fools Day to be Renamed

After years of April 1st being known as a day of pranks, officials have officially passed a bill to re-name the famed day as “Half Life 3 Confirmed Day,” after years of articles appearing on April 1st confirming the confirmation of the now mythical Half Life 2 sequel.

“Nobody really recognizes April 1st as a prank holiday anymore anyway,” one official was confirmed as confirming. “It’s now known for for the plethora of articles confirming the confirmation of Half Life 3, which of course will never happen.”

The news comes after Gabe Newell, the man behind Valve and the Half Life series, confirmed confirmation that a confirmed confirmation of Half Life 3 will never in fact be confirmed. “Have you seen the publicity we get through ‘HL3 confirmed’ memes? We’ve become more famous for NOT making the game than if we’d actually made the thing!”

Fans will most likely have a mixed reaction of disappointment and happiness that they will be able to continue to make more memes.

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