The Late Sword Art Online Post


I uploaded this on my phone. Hope it works.

Okay, so I had said before that I had no intention of watching Sword Art Online because it did not appeal to me.

I must have simply been hungry when I said that, because now I find myself eating my words.

SAO is good. It’s quite good. But it’s not great. After all, it’s hard to be great. The story has a lot of time skips (once second first kiss. Next second married with a lake house).

But Glo, without time skips this show would be 293845y828229 episodes long!

Voice of Reason! It’s been so long my annoying friend! And yes, the show would be longer, but so what? I can dig and really get into a long show. And was that a “y” in that number? I guess without time skips the budget would indeed be stretched to the point of hell, but man would the character development be awesome. There’s alot there to develop too. I guess I’ll reserve judgement for the second half, as I am only 11 episodes or so in.

Okay bye bye.

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