Batting Female Doctor Saori – Unarguably Badass

A manga about a hot ass doctor who cures patients by belting them with a metal bat. Does it make any sense? No, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not fucking awesome and bad-ass as all fuck.

Let me hit you once

Meet Saori. She is awesome. Basically, when something is broken or sick, she beats the hell out of it with a bat and by some miracle, the devices/people/things are repaired/healed/fixed. Some of her banter reminds of the witty, charismatic dialogue from the hit manga Choku! (example below)

Back to the brilliance of Batting Female Doctor Saori. It is of my opinion that any manga featuring a female main character who beats on things without mercy, care, or self awareness turn out pretty damn good. This theory is supported once again with Batting Female Doctor Saori. She is a beauty who can cure literally any illness, from a dislocated jaw, to a person’s personality, to a hikikimori.


Okay, enough pictures. A few more characters show up and the medical cases always have some zany weird shit going on. A good, short read so go fucking read it.

7 thoughts on “Batting Female Doctor Saori – Unarguably Badass

  1. One might say that I Doctor Saoried you into posting again. Get it? Because I beat the hell out of your blog with a bat. By a bat, I mean comments. This fixed your lack of posting and then you posted. Get it? By the way respond to all of my comments right now thank you

    Also I have never heard of this manga???? wtf???????????????????? Oh, it’s old. It’s
    O L D

    O L D

    If I could do html crap I’d be making huge text and you’d be thinking a lot about what you’ve done

    Anyway I’ll go read it

  2. Holy shit! I finally went to add this to my to-read list and saw it’s by the same author as Elf wo Karu Monotachi/Those Who Hunt Elves. Do you know what this means?? I don’t!!!
    But then I also saw that that fucking series has a new sequel. Jesus fucking christ! Every classic series from the 90’s are getting revivals or sequels recently! I don’t have a list but there’s gotta be at least twenty. I know you Japanese fucks love trends but stop it!! STOP IT!! IT PISSES ME OFF FOR SOME REASON!! TO ME THE BOOK WAS CLOSED ON THOSE SERIES LONG AGO… DON’T DO THIS TO ME…………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. What the fuck is this shit, you shitty bastard?
    Every time I forget about your site, I come back to new posts.
    There’s no new posts.
    You wanna get hit, you shitty bastard? (メ`へ´)/爻\(`へ´彡)

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