Wait…They Finally Did a 2nd Season of Durarara!?!?

Hello and happy new year! This ISSS has officially dragged on for another year, hanging on by a thread of the thread that used to be my anime addiction.

Celty is awesome.


Okay anyway, all of my current anime is basically whatever is on Netflix. And the other day I see



I have been clamoring for a new season forever, and it figures that now, after I get a real fucking life and shit and a real fucking job and shit that all sorts of awesome shit comes out (btw I teach kids lololol I’m molding my own army of the future lololol)

So what do I do with this news? Well duh I’m gonna watch it but dumb ass me forgot fucking everything so I have started rewatching this awesome show FUCK I’M STARVING WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GIRLFRIEND WE’RE SUPPOSED TO GO GET STEAKS FUCK.

Fuck it.

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