Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself

Is this app FUCKING awesome? Well,no shit. When it’s working. But THIS SHIT IS STARTING TO DRIVE ME NUTS.

Holy God Gyarados, get the FUCK off my screen and get my ass to the POKEMON.

I don’t know about you guys out there, but seeing my God damn 1 Pidgey that I need in order to evolve my other Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot freeze or error every time I toss a pokeball at it drove me nuts. 

And sometimes it will be working great until I walk toward a park or area that actually has interesting shit to do.

Or the time I used a lucky egg and incense at the same time and it conveniently shut off ONLY for the 30 minutes my two items worked for.

Or how RIGHT NOW I need to walk basically across my room in order to hatch that 10 km egg (they always give good shit except my last one which was a dumb Evee. I’ve got so many Vaporeons and Flareons and Joltons idk what to do). Anyway, the shit crashes. I’ve walked 9.98 kms or something. Insane.

Still, PRETTY FUCKING GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE POKEMON IS BACK. Now vote Gary Johnson for President instead of those other assholes and we’ll be on the up and up!

Video is hilarious. Currently level 18.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself

  1. Honestly, I wish that Pokemon would just get cancelled mostly because of Jessie. Boy, I wish that she got killed. And if her fans can’t stand that, they can die with her for all I care.

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