Search Post Epiosde 6

This is going to be long, despite that I cut out about half of the results.

Search Post 6

Top Three:

gigantic penis: I just think that it sounds funny. Who searches, “gigantic penis”? By typing this, it’s understandable how you were led to my site, as it is riddled with my name. Guilty by association I guess.
My Penis: I find it funny that someone is searching for their own penis on the internet. You do realize that the internet doesn’t know you personally, so it doesn’t know who you’re talking about when you say “my”? Yeah. Read a book jackass.

is my penis skinny: First of all, you’re asking the internet. Gay. Second of all, you’re wording gives of the vibe that you do have a skinny ass penis. If you didn’t, you would be asking, “Do I have a thick penis?” which you don’t have. Have fun with your twig cock, asshole.

Search Posts rule.


Search Post Episode 5 – What Can Eye Sedso Teach You About Rug Burn?

Well it’s been a while since I got any funny search results, but with Queen’s Blade back in action, I’m sure to get some funny results:

Search Post 5

It amazes me how many different things can be found on the penis. I’ve seen everything from small bumps to hair, but rug burn? How did you manage that? Did you jerk off with a carpet sample from Home Depot or something? Did you have sex with a women whose vagina was hairier than a 40 year old Serbian? Ouch. I can’t even imagine the pain you’re going through, so I’ll just choose to laugh at your misery. Put some ice on it or something.

How many people have bumps on their penile shafts? Jesus Christ.

Skinny Penis: Haha.

Boy Penis: Wrong.

Until next time……uh……bye?

Search Post Episode 4: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs!

Wow, I must be the place to go if you want to see boobs! Check these out!

Search Post 4 Part 1

Search Post 4 part 2

Apparently I’m the bees’ knees when it comes to boobs. I’m going to make a post dedicated to boobs I think. It will be a nice, bouncy post, filled with boobs. Btw,

men rapping women: Rapping? Are you sure you meant to say rapping, as in hip hop rapping? I’m pretty sure you meant raping.

Main Entry:
transitive verb
Inflected Form(s):
raped; rap·ing
Middle English, from Latin rapere
14th century
1 aarchaic : to seize and take away by force b: despoil2: to commit rape on
rap·er noun
rap·ist           Listen to the pronunciation of rapist \ˈrā-pist\ noun

You’re not only stupid, but immoral.

glothelegend: There’s a surprising one. It was probably just me when I wasn’t logged into wordpress though.

I’m just really happy with the fact that I got 61 veiws from “boobs”. That’s just…..I deserve a medal.

Search Post Episode 3

Okay I know, I just put one out, but this one is pretty good, and I couldn’t wait.

Search Post 3

I’m only going to talk about two:

small bumps on the penile shaft: I don’t know how people get here from typing that in. I’ve tried it, and my site doesn’t come up. I mean, it probably will now. But yea, wow, someone’s really looking for stuff on the penile shaft: small bumps, hair….wow

boy full blow erection: Pedophilia is wrong people. And that reminds me:

pornography baka raptor: ??? I don’t even know.

One thing I don’t get is how people find my site mostly by searching “Queen’s Blade”. Where’s all the searches fo “Eye Sedso?” I had one for glothelegend the other day, but that’s it. I guess my site just isn’t that great. But wait. Did you think that this post was over? Nah, I got a whole nother day (I am perfectly aware that “nother” isn’t a word….or should I say…wasn’t until I just used it). There’s one reason why I’m bringing up this other list:

Search Post 3.5

I guess Queen’s Blade has helped my site. Am I the Queen’s Blade spokesperson now? Wtf? Anyway, I just wanted to point out:

Akikan Porn: I don’t know who would look at this. Not because it’s anime porn, but because it’s Akikan. I mean, even if you find some Akikan porn, do you realize how poorly drawn it’s going to be? Akikan animation is so bad that it strives to be shitty, because shitty would be an upgrade to the atrotiousness of it’s animation. Just ask Mikotoism. That’s all. If you have anything you want to chime in about, then by all means go ahead. And if you see something that you recognize as a search that you preformed, then go ahead and fess up.

Search Post Episode 2

That’s right, here is another one.


Today we will examine: “one piece” nami porn, funny anime boobs, and, my favorite, bumps on the penis shaft.

“one piece” nami porn

This dude has class. I mean, he remembered to incorperate the quotations around One Piece…..oooo, but he forgot the rules regarding Proper Nouns. He should have written “One Piece” Nami porn. Of course, while that would make it better grammatically, it still does not take away from he fact that you are looking up One Piece Nami porn, none, of which you will find on my site.

funny anime boobs

I wanna meet this guy. In fact, I’m going to type this in and see what comes up……yea basically just anime porn. Although I did see this, which was funny:

Mai Otome was a great show.

bumps on the penis shaft

Ummm…….yea, I don’t have anything here about bumps on the penis shaft, but I’m pretty sure that if you have them, you should consult your physician. Apparently this guy wasn’t done though, because someone later typed in “penis bumps”. Just goes to prove, if you ain’t got a jacket, don’t start the racket. (I just made that up bitch).

anime cerix

I just noticed this one. Why would you want to see an anime cervix? That’s just weird, in several different way. That wouldn’t turn me on if it wasn’t anime. That’s just……blachh.

Well so ends another fine day. I’ve been really busy with family stuff, so I’m barely putting posts out or watching any anime, and this was kind of a filler, although I did find the penis bumps thing funny….I woder what my related posts list will look like?

The Search Post Episode 1

I’m going to start something new. I’m going to just try it out, but it’s very amusing to me, and who knows, maybe you find the same things on your wordpress blog, as I do on my wordpress blog ISSS.

Basically, every once in a while, I like to look at what people search for on my site, mainly because there are always a few really funny searches. That’s right, this is the inaugural Search Post!


Compared to other searches I’ve seen, this one isn’t as bad. The stand outs in this list would have to be “man suking on mans penis“, not only because it’s fucking gay, but also because some dumb-ass doesn’t know how to spell “sucking”. Not only that, but you forgot to incoperate the apostraphe in the “mans” to show the sense of belonging.

Whose penis? Man’s penis.

Yea, you’re a real winner you dumb fuck. I just hope it’s not one of my friends that searched for that.

Another one would be “vigina body art“. Way to go on the spelling “vagina” dipshit. Maybe he realized his (or her) mistake and typed in “body paint vagina“. The funny thing is, I actually have a body paint vagina on this site. (one of the pics ain’t working. Damn, good thing I don’t link my pictures anymore, and I’m not going to fix it either).

NOTE: I fixed the broken link anyway.

Recognize yours? Feel free to point it out!