Becoming A Man

This show keeps getting better and better. Seeing a huge pussy finally take charge of his life and kill some mother fuckers is one of the most awesome fucking things ever.



Jormungand is Not Like Black Lagoon

First of all, there’s been a lot of comparisons between Jormungand and Black Lagoon.

All of these comparisons are dumb.

They’re nothing alike. Sure, they both have guns and shooting with a cast of zany characters. That’s pretty much where the comparisons end for me, and even the zany character point is a stretch for Jormungand, whose characters so far aren’t really all that zany.


Unarguably the best character in the series so far.

While both have zany characters, Jormungand’s characters seem far more one dimensional (though to be fair, it’s been one episode). EXAMPLES:

Black Lagoon had some BAD-ASS FUCKING CHARACTERS (not to be confused with characters who are bad at ass fucking).

Revy kicked ass.

Roberta kicked ass.

You know what? Pretty much everyone did. And we also had awesome personalities like Rock, the salaryman turned Outlaw/Pirate/One Bad Mother Fucker. The list is endless, as every character has a unique/badass history/personality. There’s a lot of backslashes in that paragraph, which just proves how zany/badass all of the characters are.

By comparison, Jormungand has a few good characters, but many of the people working for Koko are normal soldiers with little personality. I mean sure, you’ve got Johan, a bad-ass kid with a revenge wish, but he’s really……well…….he’s fucking boring as shit.

And sure, you’ve got the insanely awesome lesbian/eye-patch-girl/large-breasted/knife-wielding girl with a thing for Koko, and then Koko herself. But shit. That’s about it so far. I mean, even Koko, who definitely kicked ass at times (like the sniper scene which was awesome), seems kind of off in terms of character personality. Something just doesn’t seem right. She seems forced in the same way that Mio from K-On seems forced.

Yeah, I just compared Koko to Mio, but let it be known that Mio is 408383895 times worse than Koko will ever be, because Koko at least has flashes of BAMFS, or Bad-Ass Mother Fucker Syndrome. I also have this disease, and it kicks ass.

See what I did there with that last sentence? Genius.

Now for the worst comparison of all, yes, worse than the Mio comparison. What can be worse than that? Only one thing:

To me, Jormungand is not similar to Black Lagoon, but a better comparison would be to compare it to Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom, a Bee Train series that was okay but still managed to have a shit ending and be boring as shit at times. I hate Bee Train; all of their shit sucks. I somehow gave Phantom a 5. I dropped every other one of their shows. In all honesty, Phantom should have been a 4, in fact, I’m going to change it. If Jormungand goes the way of Bee Train shows, then I fully expect Johan to discover that it was Koko who sold the weapons that killed his parents, and then fight Koko until one or both of them are dead.

That comparison scares me, but it’s dead on. Very similar animation and very similar color scale; everything is grey and boring, though at least it’s not bright stupid colors like Lotte’s Toy and Zero no Tsukaima (which I love despite the colors). Another similar trait is the very similar character styles (Johan looks just like a character out of Phantom in both appearance and personality).

The episode was not bad, but it wasn’t all that great either. If the rest of the series is filled with carbon copies of this episode, then I’m going to get bored fast, and that’s coming from a guy who loves the FUCK out of shows that feature guns, blood, and violence. They should include more scenes like this one:

This was awesome because it was so unexpected. This kid is too emotionless I'd rather see a kid who simply loves to kill people, and does so.

Johan is boring. You can’t be bad-ass if you don’t show that you love to kill. Some maniacal laughter while shooting would be a great touch. Perhaps introduce a catch phrase like, “Fuck you fucking fuck.” Did I steal that from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I don’t know….is Rooney Mara hot as fuck? YES AND YES.


I called it.

I called it wayyy long ago.

I told you all many times that Mysterious Girlsfriend X would kick a whole shit load of ass, yet for some reason, whenever I’d read a Spring 2012 Anime Lineup preview, I’d see people writing MGX off as a “meh” series.

“It’s about drool? That’s weird I’m not going to watch it.”

“Looks like a typical fanservice anime.”

You’re all idiots. Clearly most of you were clueless when it came to understanding the shear awesomeness that is Mysterious Girlfriend X.

But still, even I had my hesitations about Mysterious Girlfriend X. Would Hoods Entertainment completely botch this series and turn it into a fanservice shit-show? Would the voice acting be good enough to represent the characters? Would  the writers and director do the manga justice?

Well it’s finally come, and guess what?

The first episode of Mysterious Girlfriend X was not a home run, it was a game-ending, world-series clinching walk-off grand slam. It was an Eli Manning touchdown pass in the last minute of the Super Bowl. It was a Spirit Bomb against all evil. It was perfect.


Perfect perfect perfect.

I don’t think you could cast a better cast of seiyuu.

Tsubaki is perfect (although to be honest, any normal sounding voice actor could do a good job with him). Urabe is PERFECT. I am SO satisfied by the job that Ayako Yoshitani is doing as Urabe that I may write her a letter expressing my happiness with her skills.

Except I won’t actually do that, but I am really happy with the way she’s voicing Urabe.

This scene stood out to me as fantastic voice acting. I loved it.


The directing is arguably the best I’ve seen in ages. Ayumu Watanabe is awesome. I could talk about why he does such a good job, but to get the full force of understanding, you really need to watch the episode yourself. But I’m going to get really specific for a second.

In the scene were Tsubaki finally asks Urabe out, we get a flash, quite literally, of Urabe’s underwear holstered scissors. They’re only visible for a tenth of a second, and that’s what makes it so effective. After that flash, nothing else is touched upon in regards to her scissors (at least not yet). It’s such a perfect bit of directing.

“Wait…were those scissors?”

“Why were they in her underwear?”

“Did I imagine it?”

No answers are given. It’s a small bit of forshadowing. “Why the fuck does she have scissors tucked into her panties, and what the fuck does that have to do with anything?”

Ho ho ho ho, you’ll have to wait and see my friend!

And the scissors are never even touched on or explained any farther. PERFECT.


What else can I say? How about the the art/animation. The animation is solid. As far as animation comes, it’s pretty much your standard stuff, but the art remains very true to the manga, which I LOVE. The 90’s feel that this show has kicks ass. I mean, look at Tsubaki’s room? His posters are just…

  • Star Wars
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Some thing with a smiling robot holding a naked girl

The smiling robot thing is all the way to the right (your right). I don't know what movie that's supposed to be. Also, loved how they called Star Wars "Star Mars."

All of his posters were movie classics from back in the day (hard to imagine that Star Wars is 35 years old), which I think is very much a mirror of the show’s style. It’s got a classic kind of feel to it due to the throwback art and amazing music.


Yeah, the music kicks ass. It gives the show almost the same feel that an animated movie has. In particular, a Studio Ghibli movie.

Did I just do that?

Did I just draw a comparison of a Studio Ghibli movie to an anime about tasting drool???

Fuck yes I did, now shut up and listen:

To me, Ghibli does a good job of incorporating real life feelings and emotions into their movies, and Mysterious Girlfriend X does the same. The scene above shows the class acting like any normal class would act. They’re messing around, talking, looking at porn… You know, the good things in life. The kicker? Nothing seems forced.

That’s probably the big thing here. Everything flows perfectly and nothing seems forced. And that comes back to the directing. In a time where a lot of shows seem pretty cheap and kind of cliche (Kore wa Zombie, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, etc), Mysterious Girlfriend X is anything but cliche, and I’m not talking about the plot so much as I’m talking about the characters and their interactions.

Take Tsubaki. He’s a pretty plain character. He’s almost a typical male lead, but it works because he seems so natural. He’s believable, and that’s why Mysterious Girlfriend X is so damn fucking awesome. All of the characters are believable, even if they are tasting drool and cutting up signs with panty scissors and wearing underwear that limits their kicking ability so they don’t kill someone with their kicks, and  writing plays called “Mysterious Girlfriend Y” that happen to have the exact same plot as the mang- oh wait, we’re not even close to all of that extremely awesome shit.

It's about time someone animated you.

Mysterious Girlfriend X kicks ass, and it only gets better as the show continues. If you’re thinking about dropping it, don’t. If you’re thinking about picking it up, DO. If you’re not sure, go jump off a cliff and then watch this show/read the manga while you recoup in the hospital you sad sad sack of shit.

God this show is awesome. I can’t wait to throw it on my top ten after it ends (if it remains this good).

I’m not bias, I’m just right.

When My Views on Chihayafuru Changed

I stated after the first episode that Chihayafuru was a pretty awesome anime, despite the fact that it’s a really annoying word to type out. I mean, Chihayafuru. It takes me forever. Chiyafuru is so much easier. I just can’t remember that “ha” that goes in the middle there. Annoying.

Anyway, part way through the 2nd episode, that changed. Sure, Karuta still seemed pretty bad ass, and as long as it does I’ll probably still watch, who knows, maybe this episode was a bump in the road, but besides the fact that the shoujouyness started showing up (violin music, stupid realizations about dreams and shit), there was this:

Honestly, this is fine. He's going to practice some Karuta with no cards. Everyone pretends to shoot a jumpshot with no baskeball, or take a golf swing with no club...not a big deal.

Okay....pretty sure that he needs his glasses. He has eyesight almost as bad as mine. Without them, he might do something like....I don't know, run into a door?

Enough said.

Okay, pretty sure that one would need CARDS to play a CARD game. Playing a card game without cards is like going boating with no boat....idiot.

First of all, it's a blank floor you idiot. There's nothing to see. It's blank. Also, if he could see, then his glasses being stolen during the tournament wouldn't have been a big deal at all.

I’m sorry, but this was fucking stupid, and typical of most shoujo shit (post completed and forthcoming on shoujo btw). The fact that Ayase was standing in awe, and the fact that the creators of this anime were playing it off as if were an awe inspiring event (they made it seem as though the kid was performing a miracle or something), was ridiculous, when the whole scene was basically:

  • Wataya was practicing because he lost/entertaining himself/no big deal (it’s like playing an air guitar or something).
  • They saw him.
Nothing special was going on. No one was performing miracles. Wataya isn’t Jesus Christ, nor is he making cards appear out of thin ai-
Oh shit! (sarcasm)
Yeah this anime just got dumb to me. All shoujo is shit, overraction, overdramatization done poorly, and bullshit. And what the fuck? Ayase goes to look for the glasses, but she doesn’t even look, she just runs:

Was any of that necessary? She HAD to run THROUGH the random branch?

Give the girl credit though, she actually was climbing all of the trees looking in crows nests for the glasses. (glasses are shiny and crows are attracted to shiny things….made me happy to hear that believe it or not. I always tell people this fact).
Though, other than the delicious crow statement, talk about a let down. I was actually really happy that I liked the first episode (and the first half of the second episode). I’ll still watch for the Karuta though…..for now. Let’s hope there’s no more stupidity though. You know, no more “my dreams” and “finding a lifelong friend” and all that shoujo-y garbage.
Was this post technically an episodic? I’d like to think no, but I still labeled it under “episode review.” I don;t even use those categories anymore really. They’ve pretty much become useless.
NOTE: Episode 3 was back to the usual greatness…..well…..the end has some sappy shit, but it was still an awesome episode.
And with that note, this is no longer an episodic, because I include 2 episodes (note that I didn’t actually review them though.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – First Impressions

I’ve been reading the manga. I’m up to date in fact. After watching the 1st episode of the anime, I can tell you that, in comparison to the manga, it does some things good, but it’s just not the same. The manga is better by a fair amount (that’s usually the case, isn’t it?)

Three Opinions:

They say people who talk to themselves are geniuses. Though, technically she's talking to an air friend, soooo.......

1.) The seiyu are pretty much perfect. Spot on. I LOVE Yozora’s seiyu, Marina Inoue. She’s well known, but I’ve only heard her in a few roles (and liked them. Her most famous probably being Yoko from TTGL). She’s awesome as Yozora. The show as a whole has a really good cast. I DO want to see more fighting between Sena and Yozora. One of my favorite parts of the manga is them butting heads on every issue. They need to actually hate each other (until they inevitably become friends at the very end [which, btw, is just a prediction that I have based on nothing, since the manga isn’t too far along yet]).

2.) Animation is good……but personally, I prefer the sketchiness that the manga provides. Unlike some bloggers, I actually like Kodaka’s hair color blending.

Bitches be trippin.

3.) Too much fanservive. I mean, there wasn’t an overload in the first episode, but judging by the OP, I get a sinking feeling that we could be due for some heavily laden fanservice in the future. Bleh. I mean, a little fanservice I can overlook. In fact, it doesn’t really bother me at all, unless it takes over the plot. A plot saturated with fanservice almost sucks, unless it’s Queen’s Blade.

That’s all I’m going to say for the moment on BwTgS. I still enjoyed the episode as a whole. But something about it just seemed….off. Can’t wait for the bomb to be dropped regarding Kodaka’s past later on (not really a bomb, but I enjoyed the little plot twist, especially Yozora’s reaction).

Working!! – Episode 2

First of all, let me say that from what I can tell, the budget for this season seems much higher. Everything is much more vibrant than last season, and I don’t mean just a little bit. got a fat, dumb face. Probably more dumb than fat.

Everything about the animation has improved by leaps and bounds. There’s more facial expression, brighter colors, and much, MUCH more movement out of the characters. This season feels like a full length Disney feature compared to last season (Disney movies have great animation).

After viewing HALF of the episode, I can already say that so far this season is 2034858 times better than the original 1st season (which is saying a lot, seeing as the first season kicked ass). Personally, I like what the new director brings. I could tell right off the bat that it was someone different (I didn’t know beforehand). The different perspectives help out a lot. I’ve noticed that some scenes pack a much bigger punch then in the first season:

Get it? Pack a punch!? HA! No but seriously, the new perspectives keep the comedy fresh and I like it a lot. This was also the best scene in the episode actually watched it a couple times.

Besides the vast improvement in animation quality, this episode seems to be back to the regular awesome status that I remember (the first episode sucked). Other than that… Who the fuck is this girl!? (megane ka-thump)

I feel like I recognize her, but then again, I’ve seen a lot of bitches who tote glasses around their face like they’re going out of style. Instead of trying to figure out her name, I’ll choose to switch topics completely and talk about Inami’s apparent facial weight gain.

Inami isn’t fat at all. She’s skinny. But her face… Looks chubby as FUCK. She got muffins tucked in those cheeks or what? In fact, I just realized how ugly she really is. If she were a real life person, I wouldn’t touch her with a five foot pole. 6 foot pole, we’ll talk, but certainly not 5 foot.

That being said, I do like her character. Though I must admit, Yamada is slowly creeping up on Yachiyo as my favorite in this anime.

So what’s the final say? If this season continues to follow the trend of the second episode, it’s going to crush the first season into the ground, piss on it, and bone it’s girlfriend (I love using that analogy).