Top 5 Worst Shows

What’s the deal here? All of a sudden there seems to be some obsession with people’s top 5 shows. Suddenly top ten isn’t good enough? Now we need to narrow it down to top 5? Why don’t we skip the progression and just state our number one? Or go in the other direction and state our top 200 (I can’t do that, because I don’t have enough).

People are talking about how their top 5 and how it reflects them, but just to be different, and go against the grain of……..anime society. I’m going to tell you my top 5 least favorite anime. You may be surprised, overwhelmed, angry, happy, sad, and suffer from fits of giggles by the time this is over……or you’ll just skim through, not actually read it, and just look at the top 5. Remember, these are my top 5 LEAST favorite shows (ever).

BONUS: High School Girls

Apparently, High School Girls had pretty horrible animation.
Apparently, High School Girls had really bad animation…..was this supposed to be a fanservice anime? They failed pretty miserably.

Why is this show on the list? Well, I couldn’t tell you. I had ranked it as a 4 originally, but then I realized that I can’t remember a God damn thing about this show. I know I watched it, but due to the fact that I can’t remember one aspect, not a name, not a plot, not anything (except they had blue uniforms, and there were girls in high school (durrr)). Reading the wikipedia doesn’t even jog my memory. That shows me that this show MUST suck, because it did NOT STAND THE TEST OF TIME. I might have though that you were decent when I watched you, but for now, you can go fuck yourself High School Girls.

5. K-ON


No fucking shit, Mio.

I’m going to list:


  1. Eat cake.
  2. Dress up.
  3. Repeat for 4 episodes.
  4. Go to the Beach.
  5. Play a song.
  6. Eat cake.
  7. Dress up.
  8. Repeat for 4 episodes.
  9. Go to the Beach.
  10. Play a song.

The Characters

Moe bullshit.

Ritsu: Not bad actually.

Mio: Ugh.

Yui: Biggest moron/retard ever. You could put a scratch and sniff card at the bottom of the pool, and she’d drown if you told her what it was.

Mugi: Rich. Other than that, she doesn’t do much.

Azusa: How many times do they have to dress her up like a cat? We fucking get it.

Sawako Sensei: Was awesome for one episode (5). Then she sucked.

I shouldn’t have to explain this. If you read this site, you know I’m not fond of this show. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that horrible until episode 5 (the only actual decent episode). I just don’t see how anyone could like much of what this show has to offer.

4. Fruits Basket

Shoot me in the face.

Here’s one where some people are going to say shit like:

“Top 5 WORST? Even if you didn’t like it, there’s no WAY it belongs on this list!”

Chances are, that this person will be a girl, and that this person will not like the next one on the list either (maybe even less). Well I am not a girl, and maybe that might have something to do with the fact that I severely disliked this show, or maybe it’s because I

  • Didn’t like Tohru, the main character (I hate nice….she’s actually one of my least favorite characters ever).
  • Thought that the show was boring. Some may say that it was laid back, and that that is simply the style…but Aoi Hana was laid back, and I liked that, so how can you explain my enjoyment of one laid back type anime, and not another?
  • The characters all pretty much sucked. Kyo was the only slightly cool one (and Shigure to a point), but even he couldn’t win a fight for shit.
  • The general plot seemed okay but after the first episode, it went absolutely nowhere. I mean, you learn: “The members of the family turn into animals when you hug them!” and that’s all good and dandy, but after that the only changes in the plot are new characters being added, all of which I found to be boring and lame (except that girl who always kicks Kyo’s ass (which could really be any girl since he never wins fights) she was cool, because how could you say no to a skitso?).

Generally, this show was poopy.

3. Honey and Clover

I really don't like any of these characters.

This pretty much follows the same lines as the last one, except that the characters definitely had more depth.

But Glo, if that’s the case, then why isn’t this number 4 and Fruits Basket number 3?

I swear to God, Voice, one of these days….

Yea, yea, yea…..right to the moon…

Grrrrr…Okay, so Voice brings up a good point…why isn’t this number 4? Well that is because the characters, who had more depth than the ones of Fruits Basket, had shittier depth, annoying depth, and depth that I wanted to tie a boulder to and throw over the side of a boat, until it drowned in the depth of the water, which had better depth then the depth found in the depth of characters from Honey in Clover…..I just effectively confused my self…

Glo is confused



Glo hurt itself in confusion.


Fuck me, right? All of the characters severely pissed me off…’s an example (or two).

First Scenario: Love Triangle Third Wheel

Mayama likes Rika. Okay, that’s fine.

Yamada likes Mayama, even though she knows he likes Rika. Okay, nothing wrong yet.

Yamada CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING HINT THAT SHE HAS ZERO CHANCE WITH MAYAMA! I mean, I understand that your sad, but either get over it or just kill yourself (don’t look at me like that, she’s just an animated character, it’s not like anyone real is dying). I mean, Honey and Clover pounds this scenario into the ground. After 6 episodes, I don’t need to hear about it anymore. PLEASE. But noooo, Honey and Clover beats this dead and now decomposing horse into the hard ground for two fucking seasons. ENOUGH.

Second Scenario: Hagu’s Accident

Okay, so you got hit with some glass (which could prove deadly, I’ll admit), and now everyone is worried. They’re acting as though you’re fucking dying. You didn’t die, you were fine. That’s not really what pissed me off. What pissed me off is that they were talking about how you would “never paint again” and bullshit. cut tendon or something. She has her other arm, she’ll be fine. If she really loves art, she’ll learn how to use her other hand.

Glo, have some sympathy. Her left hand will never be as good as her right hand. Poor girl….

You fucking pussy. Ever hear of Jim Abbott? He was a right handed pitcher, and was pretty good, he actually never gave up a hit or walk in 58 minor league games. Then, one day, on his way to a game which he was starting, a huge fucking bear came out of nowhere and bit off his hand! He simply stopped by an Olympia Sports and purchased a left handed glove. When he got to he game, which he was starting in, he didn’t do much, just through a FUCKING ONE HANDED NO HITTER. YEA. He may have been on the Yankees (the stupidest team in sports), but give the man credit. a no hitter is hard enough to do with two hands, much less doing it while having your pitching hand bitten off by a ferocious bear on his way to pitch. Okay, so Jim Abbott was born with one hand….big deal. There are instances kind of like this one that are real.

Honey and Clover sucked. The end.

2. Samurai 7

When you look at this, you might think that this show would be sick, awesome, and maybe even badass. Nope.
When you look at this, you might think that this show would be sick, awesome, and maybe even badass. Nope.

This is probably the most disappointing anime I’ve ever seen. I watched the actual movie, 7 Samurai (Which the Magnificent Seven was based on), and it was phenomenal. But this series? A joke. No fighting (despite being about samurai) my favorite character from the movie was turned into some fucking robot, and generally, it was the most boring action anime ever. Even if it wasn’t supposed to be action, the story line sucked, because everything was dragged out so far. This could have been a pretty decent 14 episode show. 26? I never made it.

1 .hack//SIGN

You recognize this? It was in my top ten least favorite characters post.

Did anybody not see this coming? I’m all over this show with hate, and here’s why.

1. The Characters

There isn’t one single character that I like, am interested in, or can relate to. They’re all flat, shitty characters, who act like they have depth, when really they don’t. Let’s randomly take Bear.

Bear is a character who someone might think has depth. This is a lie. While some ass hole might say something like, “Bear has a lot of personal life situations that the audience can relate to, and it’s interesting to see how he goes about solving them while also helping Tsukasa.” These types of people are fuck-shits (I think I coined that word just now). Bear is a shitty father, because he spends all of his time in “the World” instead of being an actual father. Then he comes to “the World” and bitches about it to BT. Maybe if he wasn’t a piece of shit, he would be a great father, and have no problems at all. Other characters are similar:

Tsukasa: humongous Pussy, runs at the sight of normal conversation.

Subaru: Some bitch with a boring personality who likes Tsukasa. She has no emotions (not in an awesome way like Yuki). Basically, she’s a boring sack of fuck.

Bear: Shitty father, thinks he’s some kind of awesome veteran of “the World.”

Crim: Acts like he’s cool. He’s not. He tries to be the “guy with personality” in this show, but instead he comes off as someone who should have been in Samurai 7.

Sora: He was cool when he was just killing everyone, then he turned into a fag, who always thought he was being sneaky and confusing with his snide-ness. What a tool.

BT: BT stands for BiTch. She’s a slutty skank ass bitch, and serves no real purpose.

Mimiru: Lame girl who is lame.

The characters all were similar in that their personalities sucked. In fact, most of the characters reminded me of those from Samurai 7.

2. The Plot

So the plot is, Tsukasa is stuck in “the World” and can’t log out. So he and the above listed are looking for the Key of Twilight, which is an item that may or may not exist, whose  powers are unknown, to help Tsukasa log out. However, none of this actually happens until episode 17 or so. Anything up to that point is most of the same:

  • Bear talks to BT about how bad of a father he is, and then laughs it off.
  • Tsukasa meets up with Mimiru, but then runs away when she starts to talk.
  • The Crimson Knight look for Tsukasa, but fail.
  • Repeat.

The plot was a shitty piece of shit. End.

3. Watching It

I tried to finish this show on 4 separate occasions. After all 4 of those attempts, I’d say I managed to get through half of an episode.


Well, that’s it. Those are my top 5 least favorite anime. What does that tell you about me? I think it reflects that I don’t take bullshit.

Top Ten Worst Anime Characters Pretty Much Ever

I doubt many people will agree with this list, and I say, let the criticism rain forth, it won’t stop me from being right.

If you notice that your most hated character is missing from this list, go ahead and add it. Originally, this was going to be top ten worst main characters, but that would exclude a lot of hated non-main characters (although for the most part, these are mainly main characters anyway.)

*Bonus* (11) Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Hello, I'm stupid.

Good evening. My name is Tohru Honda, and I suck.

Personally, I think that Tohru was custom made as a character that I would hate. Granted, Fruits Basket sucked, and almost all of the characters were completely shitty anyway (although I am a guy and this was more of an anime for girls, which is something I found out after I had started watching it (I watched this when I had just gotten into anime, and still knew nothing)). Tohru sucks because:

  1. She’s too fucking polite. I hate people who are overly polite. It pisses me off. When I hold a door open for somebody, I don’t want a “thank you” because that means I have to say “your welcome” or some bullshit like that. I don’t say “your welcome” anyway, but that’s besides the point. She’s so agreeable that you could probably shit on her face and she’d agree.
  2. She pretty much let’s people walk all over her. This isn’t really apparent, but it comes with the agreeable personality.
  3. She’s a fucking moron. She’s so stupid when it comes to school work and common sense that sometimes I think she should be beaten.

Basically, I hated everything about Fruits Basket, except for Kyo, who was actually kind of cool (probably just because he turned into a cat, and thusly he didn’t give a shit about anything).

10. Tsukasa – .hack//SIGN

Just another reason why .hack//SIGN sucked.

Tsukasa is a pussy. That’s what I’m telling you. Like most characters in .hack//SIGN, he doesn’t do anything, nor does he have any real purpose. He’s a piece of shit, and I wish he died after the first episode. Any interaction with any other character, like Bear, who is  equally as shitty, or that girl, and he runs away. He’s like a fucking timid deer or something. He’s also actually a girl in real life. Fag. I never watched the last 4 or 5 episodes, because at that point it didn’t matter how good they were. If you want to have a semi-decent show, you need at least one or two semi-decent characters. all of the characters in .hack//SIGN sucked.

How can you say that? They had such great depth!

You complete dolt! They had zero depth! Bear had family troubles, and that’s all he pretty much talked about. Maybe if you didn’t spend all of your fucking time on the internet  and got a fucking job then your family wouldn’t wish you were dead as much as I did. And the other characters- ha, don’t get me started. You know what, I don’t even want to get into this. I’ve moved on from .hack//SIGN’s shittiness, and I’m moving on from this character.

9. Kouta Oyamada – Kanokon

Do you ever want to get laid?

Basically, Kouta is more like a shy girl than a guy. Even with girls coming on to him left and right, he always tries to refuse sex. Fuck you Kouta. You know, not every person is blessed by having a hot girl all over him, wanting to fuck every second of the day. What the fuck are you doing? Kouta is like someone who wins the lottery, and then, instead of spending it on things, he just gives it all away to church or something. If someone did that, it would piss me off, because church sucks.

Kouta is a fucking pussy, and an embarrassment to men everywhere.

8. Raki – Claymore

Are you saying prayers? I used to say prayers, then I grew a set.

Does anyone actually like Raki? We know that Baka-Raptor doesn’t, and even beat his ass, and for good reason. Raki is one of the biggest, most use-less characters ever made in the world of entertainment. Not only is he a huge pussy, but he’s also a huge liar. How many times does it look like his balls are finally going to drop, when he just pussies out and pisses his pants? Granted, in the manga, Raki gets eventually becomes sort of bad ass, and can kill most yuki with his huge ass sword, but that’s the manga, and you don’t see manga anywhere in the title here, do you? Raki sucks.

7. Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Why don't you go cut your wrists you emo fag?

Okay, so he’s an anti-hero, and is meant to be the way that he is. It’s necessary for the story. I don’t give a shit, Shinji sucks as a character. He’s so depressed and pussy that I wanted an Angel to beat him down the entire series. I’m still not entirely sure if I like this series or not. It was pretty good I guess. But Shinji is a fuck-tard piece of emo shit.

Wah wah I’m Shinji and my dad doesn’t love me boo hoo. I’m depressed and I can’t do anyt- SHUT UP AND CUT YOURSELF YOU FAGGOT! I mean, I like MCR, but I’m not an emo fag like you are. Please, just die. I’ve never seen a more lame main character before. There’s still 5 more places to go, and even though I hate those characters more than you, you’re still the most lame.

6. Watanuki – XXX HOLiC

We all wish you the worst.

You are so fucking annoying, Watanuki. Sure, sure, you look cool with the eye patch (who doesn’t look cool with an eye patch?), but honestly, nobody likes you. Do you know why? Do you know why nobody likes you? I bet you’d like to know, but I’m not going to fucking tell you.

Okay fine. Since you won’t stop FUCKING WHINING, I guess I have no choice but to let you know. It’s because you NEVER STOP COMPLAINING! You complain about big things. You complain about small, meaningless things. You complain when Domeki talks. For your information, Domeki is voiced by Kazuyu Nakai, and he could kick your fucking ass. No, I don’t care if your seiyu voiced Lelouch, a genius of strategy, no strategy will help you from Domeki simply pounding your ass. I wish that they would make another season, and for at least one or two episodes, you would completely lose your voice. Fuck you, Watanuki.

5. Reina – Queen’s Blade

You're a fucking retard.

Why? You're on this list because you suck.

I try to make it apparent with every review of Queen’s Blade that I do, that Reina sucks, and I hate her.

  • Her hair looks like shit. In fact, her whole character design makes me want to cut down a tree, slowly whittle it into a thin pole, snap the pole in half over my knee so that it has two sharp edges where it was snapped,  and ram it through my skull.
  • Her general personality pisses me off. I should say, lack there of. There is not one thing interesting about her. She’s just….there. And she’s the main character? Really? She’s fucking BORING. She’s like an opposite of Mio (K-On….you’ll see what I mean in a bit). Reina is the most bland, uninteresting character I’ve ever seen.
  • I hate how she’s the main character, when every single other character in the show is better. Cattleya sucks too though.
  • I’ve hated her from day one, and refuse to change my opinion no matter what.
  • She’s really stupid.
  • Not dependable.
  • Not inspiring.
  • Not unique.
  • Not cool.
  • Not good at fighting (until she randomly got good overnight somehow…gay).
  • She pissed herself in the first episode.

4. Yuka Nitta – Touch


I already said in my review of Touch that Yuka sucked. Hey Yuka! Take a fucking hint! He’s not. That. Into you. It’s obvious on several occasions that he isn’t into you at all, and that he’s completely head over heals for Minami. The dude in the picture with you, however, would eat shit if you asked him, so why not fuck him or something? YOU ARE FUCKING ANNOYING AND YOU CAN’T COOK! DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING EASY IT IS TO COOK? FOLLOW THE FUCKING DIRECTIONS! GOD WHY IS SUCH A SHITTY CHARACTER IN SUCH A GOOD SHOW!? FUCK!

3. Shippo – InuYasha

Shippo, I hate you. You serve no purpose.

Speaking of shitty characters in good shows, Shippo, what the fuck? What is your purpose in this show? Do you help in fights? No, you’re a pussy. Are you like….the cute character? No, you look like a shitty old rag that I use for dusting things. What is you’re point? Comic relief? No, you are never funny. I just watched an entire episode based on you, and it’s clear as ever to me that you suck. YOU HAVE NO PURPOSE! GO DIE!

2. Mio – K-ON

Fuck you, bitch.

Everybody loves Mio.

“Mio is moe. Mio is cool. I love Mio. Mio is so ~kawaii~ . Mio and flowers and ponies and Myspace!”

WELL FUCK THAT! Mio sucks! Everyone on this planet must be fuckin brainwashed to not be able to tell that Mio isn’t even a real character, she’s just a blob that absorbed every single personality and attempted to use all of them. She tried to be tsundere-moe-scared-tough-aggressive-cool-hotheaded-embarrassed-controlling-passive-passive/aggressive piece of shit character. Instead, I read through all of this bullshit, and saw her for what she was:

A poor attempt by writers to try and give the target audience everything that they like in one character.

People simply accepted and praised her because they thought that it was what they were supposed to do. Another reason why I hate people.

In comparison, Mio was like Dead Pool from the recent Wolverine movie (which I recently saw, and thought it was cool, but full of cliché). Do you remember what happened to Dead Pool? He got his fuckin head sliced off by Wolverine, who saw through all of his bullshit.

Fuck you Mio. I hated you, and I’m glad you died in that car crash that I just pretended happened.

1. Happosai – Ranma 1/2


I was JUST getting back into Ranma 1/2, when they suddenly gave me an episode about Happosai. Fuck me, right? If Happosai wasn’t a character in Ranma 1/2, then i can say with confidence that i would have finished the series, and probably given it high marks. He has single handedly ruined this show for me.

Whenever he shows up in an episode or anything, it’s going to be the same fucking thing that it always is. He’s going to steal underwear and act like a spoiled brat. I want to hit him with a sledgehammer 2 or 2 hundred times. He’s fucking annoying (he reminds me of a mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear and no matter what, you can’t kill it), and takes the top spot by a LANDSLIDE. Honestly, a couple Rumiko Takahashi manga has one short, pointless character in it.

InuYasha – Shippo

Urusei Yatsura – Ten

Ranma 1/2 – Happosai

Fuck you Happosai, you ruin Ranma 1/2, because all of ther other characters kick ass, and when ever you aren’t in an episode, it sucks. Well, Kuno sucks too, and he probably should have made this list as well, but then again, so should have Cattleya.

EDIT: I forgot about Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess! She SUCKS. plug her in at number 8 and move everyone else up.

Actual Number 8 – Belldandy – Ah! My Goddess!

You might be why I don't like people.

Belldandy deserves a spot on this list, for most of the same reasons as Tohru (although she doesn’t let people walk all over her), in that she’s a polite fuck. “Hello, I’m Belldandy! Not only does my name remind you of a dandy bell, but I’m so nice it’s really just obnoxious!” My problem with nice characters is that they have one emotion: Nice. That’s all there is to their character. Boring.

In fact, that’s the reason why I dumped my last girlfriend (back when I could get a girlfriend). She agreed with everything I said and did. There’s no passion in that. Toward the end of our relationship, I did things to try and get a rise out of her, and see if she could display any emotion other than nice-ness (I do a LOT of social experiments, but nobody who knows me knows this. Pretty much anything I do has something to do with observing people and their behavior, habits, and actions…I could write a book, easy). In the end, I decided to break it off early (we were only going out for a month), before she became too attached to me (I didn’t want to hurt the poor girl). Of course, a month is more than enough time to fall in love with me, and she was naturally crushed when I broke the news that I no longer wanted to be with her. While she was crying in her dorm room, I left to go back to my dorm, and I was simply laughing my ass off because I was finally out of the relationship. Later that night I had sex with a random girl. It was decent.

Honestly I was an asshole to her, I obviously didn’t know how to treat a women back then.

SIDENOTE: I have started wathcing Kanememo. It looks stupid, but Rie Kugimiya is in it, so I have to watch it.

SIDENOTE EDIT SIDENOTE THING: Wow that paragraph up there makes me look like a huge douchebag, especially with the link.

Top Coolest Looking Anime Characters

Coolest LOOKING. This is going to be extensive, and chances are that I will miss out on a lot of them, but I feel like doing a huge Top Something List, and I love cool looking characters, so here we are. The names will be displayed like this:

Character Name – Anime

Here are the rules:

  1. Personality plays no role what so ever.
  2. All appearances are based on whether I like them or not, but please feel free to state your top ten, top five, top 3, top, whatever. The more opinions the better.
  3. Characters should be kind of unique. This pretty much eliminates Zaraki Kenpachi or any other Bleach captain, as they all have a similar uniform (they do look cool though). There are very few characters left if you obey this rule.
  4. If someone has big tits or something like that, they don’t count. Fanservice plays no part, although that’s not to say that if a girl has huge knockers then she’s out, it just means that big knockers or a big caboose won’t guarantee a spot.
  5. My list is only based on characters from shows that I’ve watched. Again, feel free to chime in with your favorite characters. Or don’t. Whatever, I don’t really care.

These will be in as close to the best order as possible, but I’m not going to number them until the TOP TEN post. Off we go with the first one, who is surprisingly going to be:

Pochi – He is My Master

Pochi is cool looking.

Not much to say other then if you don’t like Pochi’s appearance, then you’re gay. I mean, he takes hours preparing his look everyday, and is very  fashionable with his green skin and minimal detail. What works for Domo-kun works the same way for Pochi.

Urd – Ah! My Goddess!

Urd is a cool looking slut.

Yes she’s a slut, but she looks cool and it isn’t just because of the tits. Silver hair is a win, and so are facial markings, which score high points in my book (usually).

Yoh Asakura – Shaman King

Yoh is cool looking.

Headphones + Katana = Cool. Personally, I like his white shirt get up more, but I’m using this picture instead.

Train Heartnet – Black Cat

Train Heartnet

Okay, what’s not cool about a dude with yellow eyes that wields a gun? I should have put him higher, but instead, I didn’t.

Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

Yes cool.

One word, “Bang.”

Nabeshin – Excel Saga/Other

More hair

He’s kind of got the same look as Spike, albeit (I’ve been loving this word lately) different colors. Actually, switch him and Spike, Spike is cooler looking. Actually, put him last, because he really doesn’t look as cool as anyone else on this list. Also, these characters don’t really look that cool yet, but that’s because it’s in the early part of the countdown. This list will get better.

Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin has a sick scar....speaking of Scar, he better be on this list.

So what’s the deal with Kenshin? Well, first of all, he’s got that sick reverse-blade Katana going on, and that bad ass cross scar, and that makes him cool in my book.

Gintoki – Gintama

Gintoki is cool looking.

The silver hair, the fact that he only utilizes one sleeve of his kimono, the wooden sword…’s just…..he just looks cool. Those boots are kind of gay though, I always thought that he had sandles….

Mugen – Samurai Champloo

Why is he so low on the list?

First of all, everyone from Samurai Champloo looks fuckin awesome. But out of all of them, Mugen is definitely the best looking. I mean, he doesn’t sheath his sword, he just carries it on his back….and that hair is bad ass.

Onizuka – Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

The blond hair with the black eye brows equals success for Onizuka. Not only that, but what look doesn’t this guy have? He’s been dressed as everything from a nice, white suit to a monkey.

Those are my first ten cool looking characters. I kind of put them in order, but I really didn’t try to hard. As I add more parts to this list, the characters will begin to look cooler. Some posts will be dedicated to entire shows (some shows have a lot of cool looking characters). Look for them with eyes wide open. Also, to keep up my views:

Boobs, boob, breast, boobs, tits.

You can expect to see characters from a wide array of shows, but I will tell you that there is only one Rie Kugimiya character that looks cool. Which one will it be? Stick around, folks.

Top OP’s Ever – Part 1 of 3 (or 4)

Everyone has a list of OPs (or I made that up). This is MINE.

I used to ALWAYS skip the OPs to anime. Then I wised up and started watching them. If I don’t like an OP, then I’ll skip it of course, but if I like one, well obviously I’ll watch it. It’s because of OPs and EDs really that I cam to know Chatmonchy, greatest band ever.

So here are OP’s of all time (that I like anyway). I should point out that if I start an anime after I post this, and the OP is the best ever, it’s not going to make the list…no way in hell I’m editing every single number to plug it in somewhere.

I base them on the animation (lightly), the music (heavily), and how it fits the mold of the anime it opens (middle-ly). Here’s how the layout will go:

Song Rank. Anime Title – Band/Singer Name: Song Name

You got that? Not to hard to understand really. Anyway, I may write something about the song under the video (If I can find the video), I also may not. If I get any song names wrong or something, feel free to correct me and call me a huge idiot.

44. Fullmetal Alchemist OP 4 – Asian Kung Fu Generation: Rewrite

43. Chobits – Round Table ft. Nino: Let Me Be With You

People will look to me and ask, “Why do you like this song? Are you a woman?” and I will whisper…..”No.”

42. Trigun – Tsuneo Imahori: Kaze Wa Mirai ni Fuku

Awesome OP. Just awesome. Trigun ruled.

41. Bokusatsu Tenshido Dokuro-Chan – Saeko Chiba: Bokusatsu Tenshido Dokuro-Chan

This has got to be the funniest show/OP ever made. It was wayyyyy too short though (the anime not the OP). I wish it was longer. Even if you hate anime you would think this show was fucking hilarious (says me).

40. Kemeko Deluxe! – Featured Seiyu: Kemeko Deluxe? (not really sure on the name)

A lot of the lyrics make no sense, or have nothing to do with the actual anime: “Jesus Jesus Jesus kami-sama.” (kami-sama means God in case you aren’t aware). This is one of the reasons why it’s great. Also, the seiyu are singing, which I always like for some reason.

39. Negima!? – Featured Seiyu: 1000% SPARKLING!

Once again we have Shaft doing it’s thing as far as OPs are concerned. Cool animation does a good job here, along with the great song. The actual song varies episode to episode, as different seiyu sing parts each time. This is kind of like the OP for the original Mahou Sensei Negima, where different variations of the song were used throughout the show. I like.

38. xxxHOliC – Suga Shikao: 19sai

Compared to others already put up, nothing really stands out about this OP, but for some reason I like it a lot. So fuck you.

37. Kamisama Kazoku – Mai Mizuhashi: Brand New Morning

What can I say? The song is great. And the animation with the black silhouettes with the colored lips in the beginning is great. The beginning of this OP is what got it on the list though. I wish the quality of this video didn’t suck, but since my lazy ass didn’t upload shit, I can’t really complain.

Another note: I saw this OP and thought….”this show looks dumb.” I later watched the show, and loved it.

36. Naruto – GO!!!: Fighting Dreamers

I love the song even though Naruto is kinda gay. I mean I loved it at first…..but the fillers killed this series. Plus its fucking everywhere……enough. Great vid though.

35. Bleach – The Beat Crusaders:TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT!

Let me first point out that the Beat Crusaders suck, but I love this OP. I like the animation, and I like the song (well, I like all the songs on this list, but you get the idea).

Well that ends the first of several posts, which I think will be around three, but now I might split it up into 4. Who knows?

…..God damn I hope I numbered everything correctly.

Toradora! = Series Review

The best random decision ever made by anyone ever. I clicked on it by accident, and decided to watch it, of course I would have watched it anyway eventually, but still. What makes Toradora one of the best anime of the year, and possibly Top Ten Worthy?


Taiga and Ryuuji

I’m not going to go into explaining what it’s about, because I’ve done that one-thousand times already, so I’ll jump into why it was so good, old school style: PROS AND CONS.

Pros (there’s a lot of them):

  • Rie Kugimiya at her best. She took the tsundere role that she usually plays and added some depth with a twist of lemon. Honestly, I think this is one of her best roles ever.
  • BAM moments in a ROMANTIC COMEDY! That comment in itself is a BAM moment because I would never believe that.
  • One of the best stories ever. Honestly, I waited for every single episode like they were the only thing that mattered. Fortunately, subs came very quick. I think I watched the subs for the last few episodes in the same day that the raws came out. There were no shitty fillers, and every episode satisfied like Snickers.
  • Standard J.C. Staff/Rie Kugimiya animation. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every show Rie Kugimiya is in that is produced by J.C. Staff look eerily similar. However, I like said animation styles.
  • The characters were perfect. We have Ryuuji, the clean-freak-thought-to-be-delinquent-because-of-how-his-eyes-look-but-really-isn’t-one, Minori, the eccentric-but-really-quite-serious-one, Ami, the-stuck-up-bitch-who-really-just-want-to-be-understood, Kitamura, the-vice-president-but-slightly-odd-one, and of course, Taiga, the classic tsundere. I’d say they fit the bill, wouldn’t you?
  • Drama that isn’t to over the top, like in some shows, but instead has the perfect balance of has the right amount of drama. (I can’t really figure out how to explain it….it’s not too over the top, but it isn’t boring/annoying like real life drama.

There’s probably more, but I need to move on.


  • Episode 24 kind of moved a bit fast, as if they tried to cram a whole bunch of shit into it. They should have just added another episode, and taken their time a bit….I really had to search for this con.

With that being said, how was the last episode?

Toradora 25 Final = Episode Review

Taiga is not tall.

But you did Toradora. You did surprise me. Especially when you see the first-time ever grade I gave you (ooo intriguing!). I came into this series expecting nothing, because I had never heard of it. What I got was brilliance. In the final episode of Toradora, well, here’s what happens:

The episode starts off with Ryuuji’s mom (Yasuko) running toward the house where Ryuuji and Taiga are staying (Ryuuji’s grandparents’ house). She seems worried for Ryuuji, apparently under the belief that some misfortune has fallen upon him. She opens the door and finds Ryuuji sitting there, who simply remarks, “Yo.” It is revealed that Ryuuji had Taiga tell his mom a lie to get her to come to them. And it worked.

Later on, Yasuko is talking to her son, and tells him how his father got her pregnant and ran off with another women. She elected to still have him though, because she wanted to raise him. Ryuuji responds by telling her that he has grown up, and Yasuko agrees, saying that his back looked big when he was running away from her with Taiga (episode 24). She says that she was both happy and sad at that time, and scared because Ryuuji had grown up, and changed. Ryuuji then tells her that he won’t run away anymore, because it doesn’t solve anything. Yasuko cries a lot in the beginning of this episode. Jeez.

Flash forward to night. Ryuuji and Taiga have had their futons placed next to each other, because they’re going to be married, so it makes sense (according to Ryuuji’s grand-papa). Ryuuji tells Taiga that instead of running away, they should share their marriage with everyone, and get permission from Taiga’s parents. Taiga then puts a sheet over her head, pretending it’s a veil, and wants to practice for when they marry. Ryuuji is flustered and has no idea what to do when trying to say a vow, and Taiga remarks that no vows are better, bringing up an old quote that he said to her, “Since ancient times, the dragon has been the only equal to the Tiger.” She explains that this is why they don’t need a vow, because they’ll always be together….sappyyyy. Anyway, then this happens:

Usually you kiss for the first time BEFORE you get engaged, not AFTER.

Unless I missed something. That’s their first kiss, and makes the couple of Ryuuji and Taiga the most ass-backward couple ever. Here’s what I mean:

Normal Couple:

  1. Confess
  2. Kiss
  3. Sex
  4. Engage
  5. Marry

Ryuuji & Taiga:

  1. Engage
  2. Kiss
  3. Confess

They got engaged (decided to get married…same thing) before they even knew that they liked each other (they obviously knew, but they never said it to each other). That, my friends, is ass-backward.

Moving on, the trio of Ryuuji, his mom, and Taiga return to their house (Ryuuji’s). Taiga says that she just wants to go to her apartment really quick. She goes, and finds that her mother isn’t there, but had left several voice messages, that she laughs at for being quite childish. She never shows up for dinner, and when Ryuuji goes to investigate, he finds a note from Taiga, saying that she’s glad he loves her and that she won’t run away anymore. Then, she runs away (lying bitch). Ryuuji gets a text from her telling him that he never told her that he loved her.

The next day in school, it is revealed that she has left, and is no longer part of the school. Pretty much, she disappeared for no reason. The entire class texts her, and they are all given replies in the form of a picture of a dark sky with one star, that Taiga took with her phone on the night previous. They take a picture of the class and the star from Christmas, and send that to her. On the day of the ceremony, Ryuuji think he sees her in the classroom. He quickly enters the school and sprints to the room, finding it empty, aside from the desks and one locker. He goes to the locker and opens it, discovering Taiga, and causing the following actions to take place:


Taige gets embarassed.

Taiga headbutts Ryuuji.


What a great, great show. A show of such brilliance hasn’t been viewed by me in a long time, therefore I award it two things, a


and slot 8 in my Top Ten….this makes it the first time that an anime with romance as the main theme goes to my top ten.

One Piece – The Best Characters in Anime


One Piece

There is a reason why there were no One Piece characters on my Top Ten Characters list? In fact, there are two.

Reason Number One: At the time, I had put One Piece on a year long hiatus, and had not watched it for about a year, so I kind of forgot about  it. Silly me.

Reason Number Two: There are so many awesome characters in One Piece, that it would be unfair to other awesome characters that made my list. I mean, have my list would be One Piece Characters.

Because of these facts, decided that I will….no….must…create and publish a Top Ten One Piece Character’s list, which, quite obviously, will list my favorite One Piece Characters in order starting with number

10. Dracule “Hawkeyes” Mihawk

The only problem so far is that he’s barely in the show. He is Zoro’s aim. In other words. Zoro want to beat him to prove he;s the best swordsman, which he is.

9. Franky

Well shucks, Franky is the Shipwright (carpenter) of the Straw Hat Crew, which in One Piece, pretty much means he’s the best shipwrite ever. He is part cyborg, after he was injured trying to stop a train……literally trying to stop a train that was coming at him. Of course if it weren’t an anime, he would be chopped in half easily. But he survived, and built himself a cyborg body, complete with weapons and it doesn’t even need gas. It DOES however, need Soda. He runs on Soda.

8. Shanks

He is why Luffy is a pirate. He discovered the Gomu Gomu Fruit that Luffy hogged down like a greedy kid, and he saved Luffy as he was about to get eaten by a sea monster. He saved Luffy, and the monster bit his arm off. You’d think the monster would finish the job. But Shanks just glared at him, and that monster fish got the FUCK OUT OF THERE. Shanks – The Man.

7. Portgas D. Ace

This is Luffy’s brother. Holy shit he has a brother! Yea. He ate the Mera Mera fruit, and he can make fire. After the one fight scene he was in, I decided he was nasty. he needs to be in this more.

6. Nami

She is the Navigator for Luffy’s Crew, and she also is the treasurer. Why? Because she loves treasure. She will run scared in a fight, but if someone mentions money or gold, she will run into a war to get it. She steals and to me is the only actual pirate in the Straw Hats. Hats off to you Nami for stealing all sorts of shit.

5. Usopp

Usopp = Sogeking. Get it? They’re the same person. I know it’s hard to tell because of the clever disguise, but it’s true. Most of you already know that. Sogeking is Usopp’s alter ego that he uses when he ****** *** ***** *** ****, *** ******* ***** **** ** *****.  Pretty much Sogeking is Usopp’s courage, and he sometimes turns into Sogeking when he is in trouble (after the previously blocked out thing ends). Usopp is the Marksman of the Straw Hat Crew, and lies all the time, mainly when he’s up against a foe, also, he’s pretty much a huge pussy in fights, but also is nasty at sniping. Hence the awesome song (the main reason for his entrance to the top 5):

4. Brook

Clearly that picture was made by someone, as Brook has no bounty that I am aware of. Unless he does and I just wasn’t paying attention. But he DEFINITELY doesn’t have a wanted poster. Nevertheless, I found one on google, and it allows me to stick with the picture theme that I have going. Brook was added to the series recently, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his prescience from the get-go. I love a good joke. Puns and wordplay happen to be among my favorite types, besides literal humor and breaking the 4th wall. Brook provides the show with a multitude of this (minus 4th wall breakage). He constantly makes remarks like, “My heart is beating so fast…..although, I don’t have a heart, because I’m made of bones! YOOOOOHOHOHOH!” Awesome. I will never get tired of it. The reason, by the way, that he isn’t dead, is because he has to fufill a promise to return to a crew mate of his (which is none other than Lagoon, the whale at the entrence to the Grand Line). So I get the secret to immortality is to make a promise, and just never follow through. He also has come aboard the 1000 Sunny or whatever the fuck the new ship is called, as the Musician.

3. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro, I just thought it was best to repeat that. He is the swordsman and the bad-ass of the Straw Hat crew. Recently, I found this out again in the Zombie Arc, when he did the most bad-ass thing ever (although technically Luffy went through all the pain, but he’s made of fucking rubber). Zoro, uses three swords, one in each hand and one in the mouth. He can cut steel, and cut huge ass shit that is far away with energy blast things that could never exist in real life. On the boat, he sleeps always. Isn’t anime great? FUCK YOU?

2. Sanji

Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Crew. He also does not like his picture that the Marines used to make his wanted poster. He does not like it one bit. He is always at odds with Zoro, as they fight constantly. He makes some dam good food (anime food makes me FUCKING HUNGRY as a THING THAT EATS ALWAYS). His weapon? His legs. He can kick a boulder at you, kick a building down, etc. He also has a weakness for women, as he is a huge womanizer. Oh yea, he only makes this countdown in the subbed version. In fact, none of these characters are any good in the dubbed American version, because they really fucked it up with the censorship.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Well, it was a no-brainer really.  He ate the Gomu Gomu Fruit, so now he has the attributes of rubber. He is awesome. the Captain of the Straw Hat Crew. Overall, his is pretty much a huge ditz, very gullible, but very strong in a fight, and dare I say it? Bad-ass.

The End. Watch the show if you haven’t. Subbed though. The shit on Cartoon Network is fucking gay.

Top Ten Eyes

Well, Eye was sitting at meye computer, wondering what Eye should type next on meye ISSS. Then I realized, my site is called “Eye Sedso,” so why not do something with eyes? Therefore, I bring to you the most original top ten ever concocted:

Top Ten Eyes

Basically, any eyes are valid: Real eyes, fake eyes, animated eyes, eyes with mascara, eyes with a knife through them (don’t worry there’s none of that). The titles must be able to end in “eyes.” So here we go

10. Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes aka Milo aka Sean Mongillo

No, I don’t literally mean an owl as in an animal. I mean Owl Eyes as in the nickname I gave to Sean Mongillo along with Milo. They are completely random and never stuck, but I think they’re awesome.

9. God’s Eyes

They say that everything looks better in His eyes. Even war and death? Disease and Famine? Yea. Fuck them.

8. Clint Eastwood’s Eyes

OB30ball (10:53:49 PM): but clint eastwood’s eyes will man any man run


7. Ol’ Blue Eyes

It’s Frank Sinatra bitch don’t disrespect greatness.

6. A Cat’s Eyes

Specifically black. Why? Because their fuckin yellow. And at night, the cat disappears, except for the eyes, and that looks fucking cool. too bad cat’s don’t give a shit about you.

5. Ryuuji’s Eyes

Eyes that Deceive.

First things first, Ryuuji is a character from Toradora! It happens to be my favorite anime that I am currently watching week to week, and Ryuuji’s eyes play a role too (not really but yea they do). Everyone thinks that he’s a delinquent that will kick your ass for no reason, because his eyes look so damn scary. So everyone at first is afraid of him. Even his teacher won’t stand up to him. But in reality, Ryuuji is far from a delinquent, in fact, he likes to clean. End result = cool eyes.

4. Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes is the Band/group/musical people that sing the song, Always Something There to Remind Me. Now you may not know about the Guys Night group in my town that exists, where we grill by the pool and eat as men, but we have soundtracks every summer of bad-ass songs, and this song was one of the best ones. Here’s a cold Corona raised to Naked Eyes.

3. Demon Inuyasha’s Eyes

Red fucking eyes baby.

His eyes are fucking red and bad-ass. When Inuyasha looks like this, he will kill you until you die from it. Fucking Inuyasha is awesome. Basically, when his life is seriously threatened, his demon blood (Inuyasha is half demon, half human) takes control of his body, ironically ridding him of control of his body. He proceeds to kill people until someone stops him or something.

2. The Joker’s Eyes

First off all. They look cool, specifically Heath Ledger’s joker. Second, he sees the world as a playground to steal things and kill people, all things which are generally acceptable, fun, and proven to reduce stress. I wish I could be so carefree. Although then I would have no friends.

1. My Eyes

From my beach-side thrown I see all. Actually, this is on topof a mountain, I just constructed it to look like a beach, because I can.

You expected maybe the Easter Bunny? (Easter is like….nowish isn’t it?). Wow, look how long short my hair was. of course, now it’s down to my shoulders (because of a bet…and I REFUSE to cut my hair first! That  money is MINE!). But my eyes bring you truth from everything, whether you like it or not. I know all. I am like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, except that I’m not blue, and have a better body.