I Can’t Tell What’s Worse: Ke$ha, or People Who Like Ke$ha.

It used to be that Paris Hilton was my least favorite person ever, but then she showed off her great taste in music, and Ke$ha simultaneously made her grand debut into the world of shitty skanks that suck. Since then I have changed my mind and no longer view Paris Hilton (who is still a skank) as my most hated person. I now see Ke$ha as the root of all things evil, skanky, and completely useless; and I’m amazed at how she still is able to sell her shitty “songs” and making a living from her no talent voice.

She's the type of women you wish Chris Brown would date. You know...so he could beat her.

She’s the type of women you wish Chris Brown would date. You know…so he could beat her.

It amazes me. AMAZES me that she can even manage to sell one song on itunes. Do people even look or listen to what they buy anymore?

  • She’s ugly.
  • She’s a clear whore. and what’s worse, she doesn’t think she is (when she clearly is).
  • She can’t sing for SHIT.

Here’s a video that demonstrates all of this.

How does her stuck-up-I’m-a-fucking-bratty-bitch-whore-who-only-wants-dicks voice NOT make you want to punch a hole through your wall, television, or grandmother? When students come up to me and tell me that they like Ke$ha, I try as hard as I can to fight the urge to throw them through the wall, with varying results. And if I were actually that student’s teacher I would call home and let their parents know that their child is deeply disturbed, and would recommend that they be separated from the rest of the normal students. I can’t even imagine what goes through a parent’s head if they were to learn that their child actually listens to Ke$ha.

I’d rather have a child who was a serial killer than a child who likes Ke$ha.

I’d rather have a child who jerks off in front of the neighbors window on regular basis and a child who likes Ke$ha.

I’d rather have a dead child-

Well okay maybe not that last one but you get the idea.

Yet, despite the obvious fact that there is not one good thing about Ke$ha, somehow people still listen to her. Which leads me to ask if it’s really Ke$ha who should be hated, or her fans (which she somehow has).

Ke$ha’s $hitty Fan$

10 parents are crying/have killed themselves.

10 parents are crying/have killed themselves.

$ee what I did there? I put dollar signs where [most] of the s’s were in the title. HOW IMAGINATIVE. I’M SO FUCKING IMAGINATIVE.

That last part was sarcasm. Chances are, a lot of Ke$ha fans are going to accidentally stumble onto this post and read it, so I figured I should explain the sarcasm since they’re most likely too brain-dead to get it.

Can I really blame Ke$ha for cashing in on her “talent?” Let’s be real, if I sucked at singing, and was good at sucking dicks, I’m sure I could use one or both of those skills to cash in on an opportunity to get heaps of money, so why should I be mad at Ke$ha for doing the same?

Well, to her non-credit, if I were her, I’d probably rather die then have to listen to my own shitty voice on the radio and be reminded that I’m only good at sucking cock after cock after cock after cock, leaving a faint trail of glitter in my wake in order to make music about sucking cock after cock after cock after cock, leaving a faint trail of glitter in my wake. But then again, she’s a whore, so she doesn’t have things like pride or knowledge.

But the retarded fans, who are all fucking morons, somehow find her “OH HEY I’M A STUCK UP WHORE AND I KNOW IT” voice to be somehow good. Like, they actually like the way that the whore sounds.

Why do they feed the whore’s ego? The whore should be put down. STOP LISTENING TO THE WHORE.

Nothing pisses me off more than when I’m driving and a good song ends and then Ke$ha comes on. Do have any idea how many times I’ve almost crashed my car either by accident because of Ke$ha’s annoying voice coming on, or on purpose because of Ke$ha’s annoying voice coming on!? I couldn’t tell you, because I’ve stopped listening to the radio.

And look at what she’s inspiring young children to do:

  • Wear too much glitter (I HATE glitter…gets everywhere and then you can’t get it off look like a stripper all day).
  • Dress like whores.
  • Act like whore.

And I’m being serious. Elementary school girls are listening ..wait let me repeat that… ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GIRLS are listening to her songs where she pretends to sing about dicks and getting hammered all the time, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT? STOP TELLING 6-YEAR OLDS ABOUT HOW SUCKING DOWN A DICK WITH A BOTTLE OF BOOZE IS A GREAT WAY OF LIFE! WHORE!

Singing doesn’t even matter for her fans, as long as they’re good at being whores.

tl;dr: Ke$ha – Skank who can’t sing, wears too much glitter, looks like a mutated stripper, and is destroying society. Her fans are the reason why she is able to do this.

So. Who needs to be put down?

Yukawa Is Terrible at Reading Comprehension

As an asshole, my site gets a lot of comments from people who are all in a tiff, and end up writing something in a sad effort to make it seem as though their opinion matters, when really, it doesn’t.

I’m sure you all remember rose_darkangel? Or that other guy?

Anyway, this latest dipshit might make these two look like geniuses. Enter Yukawa.

Yukawa is an unfortunate person who has failed every reading comprehension examination he’s ever taken. Eventually, he had to drop out of middle school at the young age of 18 because he couldn’t keep up to other students when the time came to read Johnny Tremain.

Yukawa’s unfortunate problems with  reading comprehension aren’t just held to school books either. It’s a fact (literally, it’s a fact), that Yukawa has a serious issue when it comes to understanding blog or ISSS posts. Here’s a recent comment that Yukawa wrote on Eye Sedso:

Now, after re-reading this twice, I became convinced that this was SPAM. I mean, no actual person could have written this, right? It completely misses the point and half of it is almost incomprehensible.

But the purpose of SPAM is usually to promote something through use of annoying, shitty comments, and while this comment indeed fits that criteria, it’s not linked to something dumb like grass seed or house insurance. In fact, it’s not linked to anything. Not only that, but Yukawa also cites specifics from the post in question (to a small degree).

Now, extreme spelling and grammatical errors aside, this is a comment that, under normal circumstances, I’d probably just reply with a short jab that would make Yukawa feel stupid, completely reassess his life choices, and probably offer to be my lifetime slave to make up for his stupidity. But that’s not enough, because Yukawa’s response to my post took stupidity to a whole new level.

Let me explain this. Here’s the post in question:

Click Me, for I am the post in question!

What is this post about? In a nutshell, I wrote this entire post talking about how awesome Usui was as a character (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), yet Yukawa seems to have interpreted it in the complete opposite way. Time for a break down of this embarrassingly terrible comment.

Me? An idiot? Okay, I’ll accept that. But the next part is terribly structured. I don’t get the exact point of story lines? You don’t seem to get the exact point of an exact point. I mean, the exact point of the post is to shed light on how awesome Usui is, and you can tell that this was my exact point when I wrote:

“This show is awesome. You know why? TAKUMI USUI.”

My exact point could not be more clear, and I have no idea how you could have possibly misconstrued that.

Yukawa then wrote: “I’m worse than those mentally impaired ones.”

Are you saying that I’m worse than mentally impaired story lines? Yes. That is the exact point in accordance with the way that your sentence structure is set up. You’re clarification is terrible and your sentence structure makes even my writing look good.

This paragraph makes me want to jump out a window, and all dead English teachers turn in their graves.

I get what you’re trying to do with the first sentence, but when you write using the past tense, you don’t have to change every word to past tense. Note: It was easy for you to criticized the whole character of that guy you called Usui… the word criticized does not need to be past tense, you already clarified that this was a sentence in past tense when you used the word “was”. Wait….why the fuck am I giving you English lessons? Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

If I were actually criticizing “that guy I called Usui,” then yes, it would be quite easy. I mean, all I would have to do is write something like, “Usui’s whole character sucks.” and I’d have succeeded pretty well. I might even put it in bold and italicize it if the mood strikes me. But tell me Yukawa, what is “the real thing about him?” Is the author keeping important character information from us? Clearly you have the inside track to this knowledge, and I think it’s pretty fucked up that you aren’t sharing it with anyone else. Or perhaps you are the creator, since “only the creator of [Usui] knew him.” I mean because if you weren’t the creator, that would imply that you don’t know “the real thing about him” either, and that you’re just talking out of your ass.

But hey, who am I to judge. After all, according you you, creators of manga make it an exact point to keep information from the reader, because God knows they don’t want their readers to know anything about the manga that they’re reading, and especially not the characters. They’re always trying to keep us readers in the dark, just to get us mad!

Okay, first, this creator. In this case, it’s Hiro Fujiwara:

This is the creator that Yukawa has been going on about.

You’re saying I don’t have a place above her imagination, meaning that her word is absolute, and she is God.

The same can be said for you though, you don’t have a place above my imagination, so it looks like you should shutthefuckup! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You’re a contradiction to your own advice. On Eye Sedso, I am the creator, NOT Hiro Fujiwara. NOT Yukawa either. That’s why I am entitled to say whatever I fucking want to say, and that includes pointing out how much of a fuckin moron you are.

Although I do sometimes criticize my site, that’s not why I made it….oh wait, I think that you were trying to say that I made this site just to criticize it, and by “it,” you mean the creator’s imagination (well, according to your structure). STOP TALKING IN RIDDLES!

Anyway, you’re really going to try and talk to me about respecting someone’s opinion?


A) Don’t have to be respected. They can be debated. In Hitler’s opinion, all Jewish people should die. But hey, you explain to the world that we should all respect that, you Nazi anti-Semite.

B) Can be made about fucking anything. You didn’t seem to “respect” my opinion, otherwise you wouldn’t have written this terribly structured comment telling me that I was wrong for my opinion, which by the way was an opinion that I never even made.

That’s right, you’re bitching at me for something that I didn’t even write. How stupid can you get? Answer: Not much stupider.

Ukitake_Kutaru Can Suck It Too

I was going to put this out a while ago, but due to the tragic events in Japan, I had to put this on hold. I will be putting a link to donate at the top of every post for the month of April, so donate whenever you see it or YOU WILL DIE!!!

Well, there’s really no avoiding death. You’ll die someday whether you donate or not, but just do it to not be an asshole.

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Remember when rose_darkangel decided to come to Eye Sedso and get completely obliterated by me? If you don’t, here’s the whole story:


What a silly sally that pre-pubescent, most likely foreign girl was. Well, apparently, we have another ass clown who doesn’t understand what opinions are and how they work.

I mentioned before that the only reason I decided to destroy Rose_darkangel verbally through use of wit and pointing out the obvious was because she was trying to tell me what to do with my site. I am the author, you are the reader. You are at my mercy. Clearly, not everyone saw this, and by “not everyone,” I of course mean only Ukitake_Kutaru.

I probably won’t be as edgy in this simply because I’m not actually that mad. I’m kind of just doing this out of obligation, and because I simply just don’t have anything else to say since I’ve been watching no anime of late. rose_darkangel pissed me off, but Ukitake_Kutaru just made me laugh.

To start things off, here is the comment in question:


And here is a picture of the comment in question:

And here are my views of the comment in question:

The good news here is that Ukitake_Kutaru can actually spell, aside from the clear botch job of “You’re”, which was ironically the first word in his/her comment. This is very unlike rose_darkangel, who’s spelling was so atrocious that I almost felt like I was deciphering code instead of reading a comment. Another good thing is that U_K (my abbrv. for Ukitake_Kutaru) gave a spoiler alert. Thanks U_K!

First of all, you state right off the bat that I am clearly pissing you off. Here’s what’s wrong with that. I have never actually conversed with you at any point in time before this comment. So how is it clear to me that I am pissing you off? A statement such as, “This post pissed me off,” or “You pissed me off with this post” would be a much better substitution. You can’t say that something is clear when no clarity was given before hand, and/or there was no setting up to the pissing off which was described to be clear. Get it? No? Basically, it was just a really shitty sentence, not to mention terrible paragraph structure. And considering how terrible my own paragraph/sentence structure is, you should be scared to death that I’m the one correcting you here.

Then again, you have a stupid fucking u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e in your name just like rose_darkangel did, so maybe you’re actually rose_darkangel with a new name. Then the first sentence would make sense, because I’m sure as schnitzel that I pissed her off beforehand.

The next sentence is the only one I really had a gripe with. You state:


Well gee golly gosh would you look at that! ALL CAPS is nice. You should have switched that sentence with the first sentence, then everything would have made sense. Then it actually would have been clear that I was pissing you off. Oh man you really botched that one! What a blunder!

Before I get started, have you seen the entire series? My guess is no, since there are still two unreleased episodes, and it wasn’t based off of a manga. You don’t know how it ends yourself, yet you seem to be making a comment about it yourself. In fact, according to you, no one should have any comments about anything incomplete. Sounds like a plan <insert oppressive dictator here> Hmmm….

My real problem here is that you’re telling me what I can and can’t write on my ISSS. OBVIOUSLY the story of a show (or movie, etc) makes more sense after you complete it, but surely one has his or her own opinions of the show as it’s unfolding. Dare you say that I’m not allowed to voice these opinions? Who are you, Hitler? Saddam? No, I killed both of them with my bare hands through proper use of time travel, and made them look to die as history tells us they died. So there’s only a few people you could be. Osama Bin Laden? Gaddafi? Sarah Palin? I had to get to the bottom of this, so I did some research the only way a proper American can do research: Google.

I googled the shit out of “Ukitake_Kutaru” and by “googled the shit out of Ukitake_Kutaru”, I of course mean googled it once. Here’s what I got:

What did I find? Some really mediocre art (I could draw better pictures if I lodged the pencil in my dickhole and blindfolded myself….except for Shadow…that thing was sick), a facebook page, but nothing really concrete. Except maybe this:

Could this be you? I would guess that it is, considering the use of the underscore (which must have been put there because a name was already taken, or because you thought it would look cool, which it doesn’t. I’m guessing the former. I’d rather create a different name through use of wit and brainpower than use a name with an underscore.). The main reason I think it’s you is because you left a comment somewhere or something. And because you seemed like a person interested in magical girls. And because….

……well whatever, it doesn’t matter either way. I found this after a quick search and then I stopped because I really didn’t care to continue. I wouldn’t have had to do this if you just left a trackback instead of being a huge pussy. I can only assume you left no trackback because you didn’t want me writing mean stuff to you on your site/facebook/this place seen in the above picture…..

Good planning on that one by the way.

Either way, telling me to hold my opinions in and not discuss a show until it’s done not only discredits all good episodic blogs out there, and every single episodic review, opinion on episodes, and opinions in general, but it’s also kind of like saying what someone should have done after they’ve already done it. For example:

A basketball player dibbles and shoots it and gets blocked. You then say, “Oh he should have passed it.”

You know what? How bout this? Maybe you shouldn’t comment on other people’s posts about a show until they’ve completed all of their posts on the series in question. In other words, wait until I give my final say on a series until you post a comment.

Would you do that?


That would be stupid and dumb. Personally, I like seeing how a person’s perception of a show changes throughout his or her viewing of that show. Lord knows I’ve gone from hating all out on a show to actually liking it a lot (Queen’s Blade). I’ve also gone from liking a show slightly to hating the shit out of it to the point where I think it might be the dumbest show ever made (K-On). You’re filled with shitty ideas. Ideas like….

“…you have to understand what’s going on with the other characters, what they’ve gone through to get their abilities…”

Do I? How do the other characters’ hardships and what they’ve had to go through have anything to do with Madoka? Looking from the outside, it’s clear to the viewer that making a contract with Kuybey would be nothing short of utter disaster. But Madoka has seen none of the other characters’ hardships that they had to endure to get their powers. She has seen none of Homura’s pasts. All she knows is that she can get a contract and become a super powerful witch, not to mention get one wish to do with what she wants. Maybe she wishes to have abilities to rid the world of all witches once and for all? Who knows? When I wrote this “Open Letter.” I was speaking from Madoka’s standpoint. From her point of view at the time, it would make no sense to NOT make a contract, and in fact, even knowing what I know now, I would STILL make a contract, because even if you can’t use the wish to find a loophole somewhere, who cares? Homura can just re-do everything anyway.

For the record, Homura is pretty dumb. She should simply sit down with Madoka right when she sees her first, unload everything there is to know about Kuybey, and tell her to go ahead and ask Kuybey all of the specifics surrounding Witches and Magical Girls. Since Kuybey is a crazy nut from another planet who doesn’t have emotions, he’d probably gladly explain, ending once and for all this maze of crazy repetitive bunk.

For the record again, Madoka has turned out to be a fucking brilliant series, for all of the reasons that you listed. In fact, by the time you posted I had already caught up to the most recent episodes. In fact, I was most saddened when I heard that the last two episodes might not even air.

This concludes my rant. Consider yourself lucky, U_K. This argument was a bad one on my side, not up to par at all with my thrashing of rose_darkangel. I have made several weak arguments and probably even more spellnig and gramatacal errors, because hey, I don’t proofread. I probably even repeated myself a few times, but it doesn’t really matter, because this is my ISSS, and you are at my mercy.

You may now return to your homes.

Top 3 Musical Artists Who Suck But Who Some Assholes Think Are Good

These guys SUCK. I still don’t know how people like them. And before you start spouting bullshit like,

“Well, you don’t have to listen to them!”

Just shut the fuck up. I do have to listen to them, because my car sucks so bad that not only does it not have a cd player, but it also doesn’t have anyway to connect an ipod/cd player/etc up to the sound system. So I’m literally forced to listen to the radio.

“Oh, but you can CHANGE THE CHANNEL!”

NO I FUCKING CAN’T. At most I can turn the radio off, which is no fun at all, but I’m forced to do it all the time. The only station I have is 104.1, which plays a decent amount of good music, but a lot of complete SHIT. I mean, I could change the channel, but everything else is all the same middle school pop shit. I hate that shit. There’s no hip hop on the radio anymore, even rap is all just middle school pop shit. Radio 104.1 is the best I got, but they also suck. Just looks at it’s fucking home page:

In case you don’t get what’s wrong with this home page, I’ll tell you with the use of bullets:

  • Mid Day Marley. Sometimes I’m in the mood for reggae, but usually, it just sucks. It’s too boring. I’m strung way too tight for that shit. I need something with oomph. Something badass. That’s an excuse. In truth, Reggae simply sucks.
  • Hint: Green Day is on this list. Even people who hate MCR and call them gay (Ironically, Mike) have to agree that these assholes are the dumbest fuck-heads on the planet. They make shitty music, and they look like fucking pussies.

Radio 104.1 plays a fair amount of good music. However, in between these good songs…for example, as I write this, they’re playing Oasis, which is awesome. They’re not exactly bad ass, but they’re still pretty fucking good. They have also been known to play some Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and other good ol’ stuff from the 90’s (which is when all forms of media were in their ideal states). However, in between the good stuff, they play a large amount of SHIT. Mainly, this shit consists of Linkin Park and Green Day (I can actually smell shit as I write this, and I’m being truthful.). 104.1 is obsessed with these two bands, and they both suck. I remember when I didn’t hate Linking Park back when I was a middle schooler, and was pretty much only listing to Linkin Park, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, and those guys. But then I grew up and realized that they SUCKKKKKK. I’d rather watch my dick hair grow then put up with their shit. Anyway, let’s get to the shitty bands.


You look like a stupid Horse-Man.....stop singing guy.

I hate bands like this. They sing in some deep voiced half country gay shit kind of tone that pisses me off. I’ve never liked a single one of their songs, especially since all of them sound exactly the same. I don’t wanna hear someone growl on a track like these assholes. There’s a bunch of people with this same exact sound (or something similar) Creed (suck), Puddle of Mudd (have one good song), etc. They’re pretty much all shitty bands with lead singer that have long hair and think they’re tough shit. They aren’t. Just look at any picture of them. Do it. You know what you’ll find? They squint in every single picture. They aren’t squinting because the sun is too bright though, they’re squinting because they’re trying really really hard to look cool. That’s what tools do. God I hate Nickeback. When Nickleback members die, I’m going to throw a fucking party, and no Nickleback will be played. In fact, we will burn Nickleback albums and pictorals. Actually, why wait? Let’s do this tomorrow.

Instead of listening to Nickleback, I’d rather…..

Shoot myself in the dick with a harpoon

Kings of Leon

Holy shit, I thought I hated them BEFORE I saw what they looked like. What the fuck is that one guy in the middle wearing? Now we know what Jesus would look like if he were an interpretive dancer.

If I wanted to hear a lead singer whine for 30+ minutes then yes, I would buy a Kings of Leon album. The sad thing is, the only part of Kings of Leon that sucks is their lead singer. I generally like their songs, until the singing starts, then everything goes right to shit. I don’t know how anyone could like a band with such a shitty, whiney, pussy singer. These guys aren’t Kings of jack shit. They’re not even Queens. They’re fucking jokes.

But some songs have a different singer! Haven’t you heard King of the Rodeo?

Yea, it sucked. Kings of Leon suck. I hate them. When they break up (into pieces and die), then I’ll throw a God. Damn. Party.

Instead of listening to Kings of Leon, I’d rather…..

Slit my wrists with the chainsaw from Doom 64 (but not die from it).

Green Day

Just look at this picture and tell me you don't want to shoot all of these people based on looks alone. You can't do it.

Green Day used to be good. In the 90’s. When they were all on drugs. Then they got off the drugs and started making fucking political statements. SHOVE IT UP YOUR FUCKING DICK-HOLE! I don’t wanna hear God Damn political statements in my fucking songs! I know you feel strongly about the war, that’s fine, but I don’t wanna hear your shitty music every two seconds on 104.1, which I’m beginning to think you own. In fact, it’s not even the political part that pisses me off, it just the fact that it all sounds like shit. If you made your political songs GOOD, then I might like them. But nope, you just HAVE to make them sound like shit.

Slightly off topic, but do you know who my least favorite rap artist is? Immortal Technique. You know why? There’s a lot of reasons, but mainly he sucks, and only raps about the government and conspiracies and BULLSHIT. He’s an annoying prick and when he dies, I’m throwing a fucking party, but I’m not even going to get into the shit that rap has become (not today at least).

Green Day had one good song in their entire existence, and that song is Brain Stew. Why was it good? Because of drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. They should have kept taking drugs, and here’s why:

  1. Their music wouldn’t suck.
  2. They’d probably be dead, which would give them no time to make shitty music.

God that American Idiot album has to be the worst thing ever made.

Instead of listening to Green Day, I’d rather….

Kick my balls into the upper stratosphere.

Other notables:

That’s pretty much it. Those are my top three. But there’s a lot more, off the top of my head, here are a couple of bands that suck but people still seem to like for some reason:

  1. Dave Matthews Band. I can see this seeing as their concerts are apparently just places to get high and shitfaced. I’d probably actually have a decent time, as long as ignored the music. Or I’d get really pissed off at the shitty music and kill everyone. I don’t plan on finding out either way, but I left them off the list because I was too lazy to continue this post much farther.
  2. Coldplay. I used to hate them. Then I thought I liked them because of the Viva la Hova album that mashed them with Jay-Z. Turns out they still suck.
  3. Jack Johnson. I’m not going to explain this, not because I can’t, but because at this point, I really shouldn’t have to.
  4. Linkin Park. They aren’t that bad I guess….but they’ve gone downhill. Like…I shut the radio off when I hear them.

The Bottomline

So what’s the point? Here’s the point:


Fuck I knew it was about something gay like this….

But it premiered in Philly! On their 104 station! What’s taking our gay station in CT so God Damn Long!? LOOK AT THIS SHIT:

The Common Cold in Anime

How come in anime, whenever a character has a cold, it always seems like they’re on their deathbed? They are always unconscious, laying in a futon, and have a cold towel on their heads as if waiting for sweet death to great them and take them away from this horrible, horrible ordeal. This certainly isn’t the case in real life! I mean, in real life, all you get is a sniffle and a cough, maybe a sore throat to go along with it. A deathly fever is never incorperated into a cold! I always believed that……

"She has the common cold." (WHAT'S THAT!? SHE'S DYING YOU SAY!!!!???)

Right now, I have a common cold. I am deathly ill, waiting for sweet death to great me and take me away from this horrible, horrible ordeal. And what’s more, what the fuck!? This was a weekend of fun that I was looking forward to for MONTHS. I haven’t been sick in FOREVER….WHY AM I GETTING SICK NOW OF ALL TIMES!!!???

Today, I did the stupid thing and went to work (they’re really short staffed as of now), instead of doing the right thing and recouping in my house. That’s right, I manned up and said “Fuck you common cold/flu like symptoms! Go fuck yourselves and your germs!” But right toward the end of work, the cold punched me in the face with death. Tomorrow, I will not be going to work, I absolutely NEED to be ready for this weekend. I’ve already taken myself out of tomorrow’s bash, and I really, REALLY don’t want to miss Saturday’s extravaganza, because it’s across the street, so I can get shitfaced and not worry about driving. WHAT THE FUCK.

Yup, this turned into a post of me bitching. Chances are no one except Klux will answer this post. You’re all assholes. Going to bed….AT 7 OCLOCK!!!!

Remember Middle School?

It has come to my attention that some people think that my job is to “act like a jerk, to be blunt, crude, swear a lot, and make it funny.” Although I generally succeed gracefully in all of these aspects, this certainly isn’t how I want to be known of or remembered by as an author. Maybe something about seeing it in writing made it really hit home. Jerk? Crude? Blunt? (wait…what’s so bad about being blunt?) These aren’t really kind things, and I’d like to change these thoughts of me. Therefore, I felt that I should work to clean up my act, and to start, I decided that talking about the innocent students of middle school should really change opinions of me….I’ll start writing this as soon as I finish filling out the checks to my usual charities……okay, done.

Three future whores in training....ARE WE REALLY ALLOWING THESE ACTS TO TAKE PLACE IN OUR SCHOOLS!? Say no to popsicles and all dick shaped foods (all the best kinds).

Middle school kids are dirty fucking brats. I honestly hate all of them. I even told my Refuse to Come Wack’s little, elementary school brother the other day that when he becomes a middle schooler, he’s really going to start to grind my gears, whether he think he is or not.

And for the record, no, I don’t hang around with kids more than half my age. You see, I was working on a grueling landscaping endeavor, which only a man of muscular fortitude like myself could possibly handle, when he came over to tell me and my good adult friend, Dean, that he hates Japanese people, because they all cheat. Needless to say, me and Dean were a bit shocked by this angry announcement from a child not even out of Elementary School. When we inquired how it was exactly, that Japanese people are cheaters, he replied by saying that they cheat because they “came up with a cheat thing for Pokemon, like a game shark.” When I told him that Japanese created Pokemon, as well as pretty much everything else on Earth, he said that he could’ve made Pokemon. I would love to talk about this conversation, because it’s literally the funniest thing ever. If you want to read the rest of this innocent, racist, funny conversation, then by all means, go to the bottom, I’ll talk about it more in depth. For now, back to the topic. A middle school student.

I’ve never seen a shittier life form in my life. People should be allowed to legally beat these beasts into submission just for sport, because most middle school children seem to think that the world revolves around them. They all think that they’re always right, and that they can get away with anything. Want some examples? I could give you millions, seeing as I work teen zone at the YMCA on Friday nights. Pretty much it’s a 3 hour event where a shit load of middle schooler come and act like assholes.

I don’t want a kid. Let me rephrase. I do, eventually want a kid. I would most likely spoil my kid, treat him or her like greatness, and transform into a huge pussy after having a kid. You should all pray I don’t have a kid anytime soon (doesn’t look likely anyway). But I think that during the times where this child of mine is in middle school, I’m going to DIE, or run away for a few years until my child has moved on to bigger and better things. I work as a supervisor to middle schoolers at a teen program once a week at my local YMCA, and even though I’m only there for 3 hours, it’s fucking hell. These dip-shit kids (all 200+ of them) act like they’re tough shit. And it doesn’t help that nowadays, we can’t even raise a voice at a child because we’ll get sued for “disrupting their psychological state of mind” or some over dramatic bullshit like that. Look, I fell down the stairs headfirst when I had only just learned to walk, But I got up like nothing even happened (I’ve got that on tape and it’s literally the funniest thing ever).

One time, a kid brought in a knife to this event. Another time, TWO kids brought in knives. There’s always a fight. Kid’s come in high and drunk. HIGH AND DRUNK. MIDDLE SCHOOL. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE KIDS DOING WITH THEY’RE LIVES!? I may be a crude jerk, but even so, these kids are the FUTURE. What does this mean for us? I wasn’t both high and drunk at the same time until I was in college, and trust me, it’s a bad combination for a 21 year old, much less a 13 or 14 year old. What’s the NEXT generation going to be like? It seems to me that with every new generation comes worse and and worse behavior at earlier and earlier ages. Not coincidentally, in my opinion, people are becoming more and more politically correct. Stripping teachers and parents even of the ability to govern their students. It’s now abuse to spank you’re children. Really? That’s bullshit. It’s not abuse to lightly spank you’re child when  he’s bad. It’s not like you’re taking a bat and pummeling them into the ground. Besides, it’s not like parents feel good about spanking their children either. America is becoming a pussy, and it’s effecting our youth. Anyway, middle schoolers (WOW I got off track…and kind of serious too).

Suggested: Click and enlarge in a new tab/window. It's better to see their bratty faces.

Demons, all of them. Filthy brats with no sense of discipline. All of these kids are growing up to be bratty, self satisfying pussies. Right now I’m talking about the contents of this shitty nation. Ie: the shit. Let’s get this shit started:

RED: Look at the kid’s face. Look at his camo shirt. Look at his skater shoes and long hair. This kid thinks he’s a real rebel. He thinks he owns the world, and that he’s better than everyone. He’s the type of kid who will talk to you like he’s better than you, because he’s a real bad ass. He’s not just on equal footing with you, an elder, he’s above you. What a joke. Cut your hair, you’re not Tim Lincecum, he’s actually skilled at something. You’re just a waste of life. I bet you sit around all day playing video games. Go have your mom buy you a new toy you cunty piece of shit.

YELLOW: Look at you miss know it all. You’re just like Camo-Boy, except female. You just know everything, huh? You love to just boss everyone around like it’s nobody’s business. And if someone doesn’t like what you say?  TALK TO THE HAND! Say that shit to me and I’ll smack the shit out of you*. Chances are there’s a LOT of it.

* = I’d probably honestly give her a high five first…I mean, if someone puts their hand up at eye level, you kind of have to do it.

LIGHT BLUE: What the FUCK is this kid doing? The “call me” signal? That’s pretty cool, BRO. And look at your face BRO. No smiles there. God knows that face muscles are only for talking shit. In your case probably on a phone, far away from physical backlash. What a pussy. You need to get your ass beat badly.

Don’t you talk shit on a computer? Far away from physical backlash?

……uhhhhhh………………we’re moving on to pink.

PINK: This girl isn’t smiling either. You know why? She’s a snobby, stuck up bitch. She expects life to be served to her on a silver platter of gold*. Good thing it hasn’t been yet, because judging by the roundness of her face, she’d probably eat it. Whore.

* = a silver platter of gold? That makes no sense, but for some reason was hilarious to me.

BLUE: Well look at this. Is this what I think it is? A middle school GANG!? Holy shit, I guess times are tough for these kids. I mean, they need to form gangs to survive in their suburban schools with their peers who are dressed in all sorts of designer clothes. I hope these guys have bulletproof Hollister tees on. I can already tell that the kid with the backpack on thinks he’s tough shit. He really needs to be kicked in the throat.

GREEN: This girl is your typical “never shuts the fuck up” girl. Give the yapping a rest you cunt! I bet you talk all day about how Stacy and Brad might be together but they really aren’t but maybe they have an interest in each other but if they don’t you think that Brad’s kind of cute and that maybe you could date Brad but maybe you don’t want to but may- SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! The teacher tells you to stop talking, and what do you do? First you agree to stop talking, and then you just keep talking!!! She sends you to the office and you’re all like, “I don’t care, I’m awesome and in middle school. Go ahead and do it!” Someone really needs to be punched in the mouth so that it has to be wired shut and that you can’t talk for weeks. Even you’re classmates are annoyed by you.

WHITE: These dudes are fuckin gay. Actually, I don’t have any problem with them being gay, but THIS IS A SCHOOL!!! NONE OF THIS SHIT!!! YOU’RE UNDERAGE!!! WHAT’S GOING ON IN THESE SCHOOLS TODAY!? The girl in the tye-dye is gay with the girl behind her (look at the other girl, she’s all up in Tye’Dye’s shit!), but they aren’t having a cuddle session in the middle of a class-picture. You guys will never live this down. Everyone knows not to come out of the closet until high school.

You can also spot, right between yellow and red, some Group-Girls. Aka, girls who go to the bathroom together, in order to put on makeup together and shit together. They also dance at dances together, go to the mall together (like yeahs!) eat together and they’ll grow up to be nothing more than 4 single friends who don’t get any action, and all live together with cats. Good luck with that.

God I hate middle schoolers. It’s sad that we were all like this one day. In fact, there’s only one genuinely awesome kid in this whole picture. Can you find him?

Continuation of the Japanese Racist Story

So my friends small child brother comes up to me and my adult friend Dean, while we are working on a manly landscaping project, and pretty much rips on Japanese people as hard as he can, calling them “cheaters for making a cheat device for GameBoy DS.” Obviously this boy is a child and doesn’t fully understand marketing strategies and what sells. First a little background on this child, who, for legality purposes, I will simply call “Thomas”. And Dean is being called “Dean” for the same reasons I guess. Not their really names probably.

Anyway, here’s a profile of Thomas that I made. Eye’s blocked for legality reasons. I forgot to block them.

Eye Sedso does not condone underage drinking or smoking, because Eye Sedso's author is a hypocrite.

“Thomas” is a child who is, for lack of a better word, OBSESSED WITH POKEMON. He doesn’t like anime, but we all know that being obsessed with Pokemon could lead down that path. Anyway, it baffles me how a kid so obsessed with something as Japanese as Pokemon could hate Japan and Japanese people? Personally, I love Japan and Japanese people, which isn’t really hard to see considering my loving personality and kind nature.

So me and Dean are mulching, digging, hauling, etc (well, Dean is just watering plants, he’s paying me to do this, so he’s not doing any real work). Thomas comes up to us and just starts ranting on Japan. He has his GameBoy DS in hand (I think it’s actually melded itself to his body at this point), with the latest Pokemon game loaded up. I this conversation started when I told him about the black and white versions which I knew were newest, I think from reading it on CSW a while back. He got all excited and started talking about Pokemon, got into Japan and how they cheat.

Me and Dean decided to have some fun with him. For these conversations, which probably won’t be funny to any of you, Anything Thomas says will be in Red and anything that either Dean or I say will be normal type. Dean started off:

“Digimon is way better than Pokemon.”

Thomas flared up: “NO! Pokemon are way better. Digimon are in computers (I have no idea what he’s talking about, I’ve never seen Digimon, nor will I ever)”

We made fun of him, and then the convo got serious when we asked,

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I have 3.” (kid’s a pimp somehow)

“What if there was a really hot Japanese girl in your class, and she really wanted to go out with you, and she would do anything for you, would you go out with her?”

“Yeah, to punch her in the face!”

Then we got to the economy.

“Do you like Pokemon?”

“Yeah, it’s the best.”

“But you hate the Japanese.”


“You realize that Japan made Pokemon?”

“Yeah, but they also made a cheat game for it, they’re cheaters.”

“But they made the idea of Pokemon.”

“So, I could make it.”

This went back and forth. Later, he came up with:

” I hate Japanese people.”

Yeah, but without the Japanese, you wouldn’t have any video games. There would be no Game Boy and no Nintendo.”

“I want to move to Japan.”

(“Wow, he changed his mind just like that?” I thought)”I thought you hated Japan?”

“I want to move there and then at night I can go around and kill people.”

(wtf!!!)”They all know karate though.”

“So? I can beat them all up.”

What the fuckkkkkkkkkk!??? I laughed my ass off. This kid is so small, and he was shitting on Japanese people, the Japanese economy, the Japanese industry, pretty much everything except Pokemon was shit on. I mean, the kid’s in 5th grade, so it’s not like he’s completely oblivious to everything. He knows what he’s saying. He obviously won’t actually do any of it (he said legally), and he honestly probably doesn’t mean any of it, but it was hilarious for me and Dean to go back and forth, making fun of Pokemon to get him mad, and giving him different scenerios about Japan to see his reactions. If you read this last section, you probably wasted your time, because it’s one of those, “You had to be there and actually know the kid” kind of things. Sorry for wasting your time. Actually I’m not. Goodbye.

I Guess I Should Add A Reaction to Janette’s Comments:

You said that my job is to “act like a jerk, to be blunt, crude, swear a lot, and make it funny.” Honestly. Yes, it kind of is my job, except I’m not getting paid, so it’s not a job. Wtf is up with that? Should I ask for some money or something? I’m pretty poor, and could always use an extra dollar.

The only thing I disagree with is being “blunt”. I still don’t see what’s wrong with being blunt just calling things as I see them? You were being blunt when you said that my job was yadda yadda yadda. Crude? I don’t know about crude. I feel like that would insinuate that I have no intellect, which I have plenty of. I could easily write a post that compares and contrasts two things, brings up new ideas, etc. In fact, usually I do, but I just don’t find that as fun as writing whatever I want to write. When I feel like writing an intelligent post, I’ll let you know. And even when I’m being abrasive, I feel like I still bring up decent points. Also, I’m only a jerk when I need to be, which is a lot. You would have to admit that I’m being quite cordial (at least I think I am) right now.
As for episodic blogs. Yeah, I don’t like them. Well, not totally true. I like some of them. TJ has kind of an episodic thing going on, and I like his blog a lot. Klux, one of my top five favorite blogs in the world, written by my wife who I’ve never really met or married IRL, but who is still my wife, is a bit episodic, but she writes in an awesome style (a bit like mine).

I guess in the end, it’s all up to the person and their general interests. Yi (or someone…I thought it was Yi, I can’t find the quote now though) said it best:

“It’s amazing to see that we all have our own cliques, even in the blogosphere”

As for the smack talk, it’s all in good fun. I might tell someone he’s a little pansy and his blog is such a huge piece of shit that it’s tearing a hole in the ozone layer. I might poke fun at my opponent and call him a Nazi. I might even accuse him of touching babies. But when it’s all said in done, we’re all in this together, moving forward for a better future. Think of the children! Peace on Earth!

rose_darkangel Can Suck It

Hello there everyone. Having a nice day are we? Good, good. So then, let’s get down to brass tax. This is a follow up on a comment that someone wrote here a few days ago.

There’s a reason why I put your name in the title, rose_darkangel, it’s because I want to you see this. I want everyone to see this. You suck. I assume from your words (which I will get to shortly), that you are a girl, because only a girl would have a girly name like “rose_darkangel”, and only a girl would bitch about something as stupid as K-On. I bet you’re the type of feminist whore who thinks she owns the whole God damn planet. It’s just your world, and we’re all just living in it, right? I’ll get into more detail in a bit, but first, a bit of background.

Honestly, rose_darkangel, you're going to sit there and tell me that watching this shit for 13 episodes amuses you? That's like a baby being amused by jangling car keys.

I almost never get mad or upset over any type of comment. Ever. Even lately when Neige aka Iron Lung aka Crystal Method aka Midgets Into Crunk aka AilesGrises was trolling around. I don’t mind a troll, because everyone knows that all it takes to beat a troll is a well-placed Wingardium Levioso to knock it on it’s ass (feel free to make fun of this shitty joke, I won’t care, in fact, you’ll just be agreeing with me that it is indeed, shitty [IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY FUNNY!]). Anyway, if a person leaves a rude or negative comment, I may respond with something that may have made it seem as though I was mad, but I don’t think I’ve ever been remotely close to peeved over a comment that someone leaves on my site ever. When I respond, I’ll almost always throw in a joke or sarcasm that most people won’t get, but I will, and I’ll know that I wasn’t serious, even if that person doesn’t..err…know…………..tl;dr:

Comment X: That whole post SUCKED COCK. You are a PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!

For a comment like this, I might leave a reply like this:


Now, my reply might be yelling in all caps, and the person might think that he successfully got to me, but in actuality, I was just having a grand old time referencing a very funny video, which Refuse to Come Wack recently put up on one of his glorious posts, which brought fame and fortune to the small town of Southington Maki’s Vagina.

If I were actually ever mad at a comment, I would be doing this shit, aka writing a post about it. By the way, rose_darkangel can SUCK my FUCKING DICK (if she’s of age and hot, which she probably is neither……in fact, I’m probably writing a post making fun of a 12 year old immigrant from China. Don’t I feel strong and big and cool?). If rose_darkangel is indeed not of age then she can choose option B of falling (or jumping, either one works) off of a cliff.

Okay, enough beating around the bush, here is the comment that this self-satisfying Hitler Nazi posted on my beautiful post, which bashed K-On gracefully and majestically:

rose_darkangel’s silly little remark

Just in case you’re too lazy to click something with your mouse, here is what she said (this completely defeats the purpose of a link, but whatever).

“rose_darkangel” your name sucks. rose_darkangel. Yeeaaaa. Yea you’re a pretty girl with a bit of a dark side huh? You’re a dark angel. Ooooo. So  mysterious and DARK. But we still know you’re pretty, because you have the word rose in front of this. You’re like a deceptive, dark, seductress. You’re hot and dark. But you know what they say in the famous rap, Dirty Mouf:

“Pretty pretty princess nope, you’re a bitch, if’ you’re hot and you think you’re a queen, nah you’re a bitch”

Look I even have the video:

Yea, that’s me on the second verse, and even though this was recorded like….6 years ago, I’m pretty sure I was talking about you. Who knows though. Maybe I shouldn’t write stupid ass raps in my spare time. If only I could have you to tell me what to do 24/7, then I’d know what I’m allowed to do…

You know, I might punch you if I see you (emotionally).

If you read my reply, then you already know why I’m mad. This may be a good reason to be mad to you, maybe not. But allow me to farther embellish my reasons as to why this comment was filled with utter retardedness:

People can write a comment making fun of me or my posts. That’s fine. Most of the time, I deserve it. Other times, I make a post assuming that almost everyone is going to disagree with me (and nobody gets that I do this on purpose), but who the fuck do you think you are, where you can control what I want to say or do? Do I go to your house or place or work and tell you how to dress or do your job (coincidentally, rose_darkangel lives and works out of a brothel, so if I did want to do this, I would only have to go to one place). Let me do this in steps:

    1. You spelled “your” wrong. You meant to type, “you’re” as in “you are”. If you’re getting spelling fixes from me of all people, then you know you suck. Even if you fix the mistake, the sentence doesn’t make sense (it isn’t even a sentence really), but I think you mean to query; “If I hate K-On, why am I (glothelegend) wasting time talking about it?” I can only guess that I’m right, because I’m always right, even when I’m wrong. The answer to this question is of course, BECAUSE I WANT TO. Maybe I was in the mood to bash something. Maybe I was upset that a second season was made. Maybe I was confused as to why people actually like this show, which is comprised mainly of moe bullshit and a repetitive plot cycle of more moe bullshit like eating cake and dressing up in stupid costumes. Maybe I wanted to make people see the light, and notice that K-On was a piece of shit. There are many, many reasons, but I sadly forgot the specifics (probably a little bit of all of them). I hope that answers your question.
      1. You then tell me to STOP IT [the bashing of said show]. Good thing you wrote it in ALL CAPS, or I probably wouldn’t have even seen the word. First of all, I actually did stop. I didn’t plan on ever writing anything about K-On ever again. I wasn’t even ever going to bring it up again, and in fact, I haven’t. If you could read dates, you might notice that this post was written quite a while ago. Then again, reading dates might be a bit above your education level.
      2. “…nobody forced me to watch…” Actually, I forced myself to watch. I went into the show excited. I thought it looked like a pretty good show to tell you the truth. I liked the premise, and thought it had a lot of potential. I even wrote good things about one episode, and brought to light my belief that the show would make a turn around and be awesome like I thought it would and could be! I watched the series, and I didn’t like it. In fact, it’s my least favorite anime ever. That’s just what happened. Don’t blame me for disliking shitty anime.
      3. “….and nobody is forcing you to watch season 2…” I know. That’s why I’m not. I’m pretty sure I insinuated that I would not be watching the second season, if I didn’t directly state that I wouldn’t be watching it. Are you an idiot?
      4. “….stop doing your own plotting in someone else[‘s] work…” This is acceptable. This is your opinion of the post, so I have no problem with this at all. Maybe I should stop doing this. Maybe instead, I’ll watch the first episode of K-On S2 and re-write it out of spite, just to annoy you. It remains to be seen.
      5. “….if you want an anime of your own then damn do it…” At this point I’m pretty much convinced you’re only about 12 or so, but yea, I really should have my own anime, but Danny Choo is getting his own anime, and I really don’t want to be like him (I don’t have anything against him really, it’s not his fault that people suck his dick whenever he puts up a picture of a fucking bowl of ramen on his blog). I’m to busy with other stuff to actually create my own anime. Plus I don’t have time or money to fly to learn Japanese, fly to Japan, and contact SHAFT or J.C. Staff about a great idea for a new anime. Thanks for the advice though, I’m glad you can see that I have skills.
      6. “….you don’t need to fix things on someone else[‘s] story….” Umm…have you SEEN K-On? There’s a whooooollleee lot that needs to be fixed in that piece of shit. (Again, I fixed your spelling. I’ve been thinking, and maybe it’s not fair to make fun of your spelling. It’s possible that you are of a different language speaking decent, and perhaps English is your second language. If this is the case, disregard me pointing out and correcting your spelling mistakes….or better yet, thank me for teaching you how to spell correctly. (I’m such a helpful guy)).
      7. “…are you an Idiot?” “Idiot” isn’t a proper noun, and to my knowledge, isn’t a person’s name (certainly not mine). At times I can be an idiot, but don’t worry, I’m still not close to taking the title from you.

        That is my analysis of said comment. Summary:

        rose_darkangel said it wasn’t right for me to bash K-On, and bashed me. She bashed me for essentially re-writing someone else’s work, and displaying how I would have done the series, if I had been in charge of writing it. In a nutshell, she tried to control what I put into my posts here at Eye Sedso.

        You know who else tried to control what people said? Hitler! And I’ll be damned to have a racist, nazi piece of shit like you writing totalitarian garbage on MY site. If you have a website or blog or ISSS (trust me, you don’t have an ISSS. You’re not awesome enough), then feel free to spout all sorts of bullshit about how K-On is the best anime ever and how Jews are the ruination of the world. Blur likes K-On, and even let me know in the post, but he wasn’t a dick about it. He didn’t tell me to stop writing posts about K-On. That’s because, even though he likes K-On, which is a poor, poor anime, he’s still fucking cool.

        Basically, don’t tell me what to do. You suck. I hope you get hit by a car…..or anything. I hope you get hit.

        From Hot Springs to Festivals to Really? Again?

        As you know, I recently finished Saki, and although I really enjoyed it, the last two episodes were brutally stupid. Why? Because they involved two episode plots that I have really begun to loathe.

        First of all, I would like to point out that oballer helped out with this post, which was originally just going to be a rant on hot springs. He pushed my mind and I decided to enlarge the original content to include not only hot springs, but also pools and festivals (both school and summer). You can see the conversation at the bottom of the page. You can probably tell who is who, as oballer’s AIM name is vastly similar to his blog name. I kind of want to write a post about blogger names/identities now…..nah fuck that (probably).

        Hot Springs

        If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (that’s going to be a recurring phrase in this post by the way). Hot Springs episodes……what more can be said about them….fuck I’m tired I’ll finish this tomorrow….

        After a nice night of sleep (or two), I am ready to continue writing this. Hot Springs episodes. They’re all the same. Girls go in the hot springs, guys try and spy on them. The guys get nosebleeds. They maybe play ping pong. There’s no real plot or point of these episodes, but still we see them in almost every anime that has anything to do with school or school aged characters.

        So what’s so great about them? Nothing.

        But what about the fanservice? Surly that’s appealing?

        If you’re watching an episode just to see a naked anime girls, why don’t you just watch some hentai? Whatever you choose would probably have a better plot then a hot springs episode.

        The Summer Festival

        SEE!? There's the Kimono, there's the FISH, and that dude in back must be surprised at the fireworks.

        It seems to me that the most usual case for a filler episode is the summer festival. Whenever writers need to fill space in the middle of a series, they’ll just throw a festival in there somewhere. Judging by anime, Japan is filled with festivals all over the God damn place. Maybe it’s part of Japanese law that every town/city/community has to have a festival. These festivals just seem to pop out of no where.

        Anime Character A: “Oh hey! I forgot, there’s a festival! Let’s go!”

        Anime Character B: “What-WHAAATTT!???”

        Anime Character A: (smiles) “Tee-hee!”

        That’s kind of how it goes. By the way, Anime Character A was a girl and Anime Character B was a guy in the above conversation. Anime Character C wasn’t involved. But usually what happens is that they all go to the festival and do the same shit over and over:

        • They wear Kimonos, which look nice and comfortable but probably aren’t that comfortable (at least for girls).
        • Try and catch fish, which the man can always do correctly.
        • Get cotton candy, which happens to be one of the greatest things ever.
        • Play those other games (like shooting the whatever or knocking the cups down with the ball).
        • Watch the fireworks and exclaim “Sugoi!” (amazing) while they’re eyes are all shiney and gay.

        There’s never anything new (mainly because….well what else is there to do at a festival?). I mean, some shows have awesome festivals, where people die (Higurashi). These are fine. I think that FMP had a cool festival too (giant robot fight), but other than that, it’s just a filler that the writer doesn’t have to write. Literally ONE summer festival was written, and it’s just recycled over and over. Watch the endless eight…it’s full of shit, even if it didn’t repeat. They have the summer festival, and they also have my next topic:

        The Pool Episode

        The Boob post was a one time thing. I'm not giving you perverts any more blatant fanservice....at least not good blatant fanservice.

        If you just thought of the pool episode from Seinfeld, then congrats, you’re almost as fuckin’ rad as I am (that’s right ass-hole….I said fuckin’ rad). I am fuckin’ rad. Holy shit I just realized how awesome that phrase is. New facebook name I think….oh wait, I quit facebook because it’s stupid.

        Anyway, the pool episode is filled with only two things

        1. Extremely blatant fanservice.
        2. Nosebleeds at girls in bathing suits. When someone nosebleeds at a girl in a swimsuit, well you know they’re a virgin.

        Pool episodes suck, because I’m not a fan of blatant fanservice unless it’s a parody of itself. Eiken was a parody of itself, which I thought was funny. It’s true that the short OVA sucked overall and I almost punched a hole in my face because the boobs were stupid big and IT FUCKING SUCKED.

        Another bad thing about the pool episode is that it’s usually preceded by the “I need a new bathing suit” episode, where the girls go out and try on skimpy bathing suits. I usually skip through these.

        School Festivals

        These should be different, but in the end, every class does either a maid cafe or a haunted house. There are SOOOOO MANY CHOICES of things that a class can do for a school festival, but the class always either chooses a maid cafe or a haunted house. At least Mahou Sensei Negima (manga) had a cool School Festival (even though the class did a haunted house), because it had a whole shitload of awesome shit, including an awesome fighting tournament. I’m done with this God damn shit.

        So what am I trying to say here? Well, I’m just stating the obvious, these episodes generally suck. Here’s the conversation, which is actually probably more exciting than this God awful post (why do I bash my site so much? You know what, don’t answer):

        is away
        12:37 am
        2d and 3h ago Comment
        OB30ball 12:37 am
        OB30ball (12:37:14 AM):

        so hows 8 hours of anime going?
        Soccersox87 1:31 am
        Soccersox87 (1:31:08 AM):

        i’ve watched 2 episodes and I’m about to go to bed.
        Soccersox87 (1:31:25 AM):

        Sadly the episodes were crappy and killed all ambition to watch anime
        OB30ball 1:31 am
        OB30ball (1:31:38 AM):

        what show?
        Soccersox87 1:31 am
        Soccersox87 (1:31:40 AM):

        im just going to finish up this series
        Soccersox87 (1:31:41 AM):

        Soccersox87 (1:31:44 AM):

        great show
        Soccersox87 (1:31:47 AM):

        its like an action show
        OB30ball 1:31 am
        OB30ball (1:31:50 AM):

        oh i dropped it
        Soccersox87 1:31 am
        Soccersox87 (1:31:52 AM):

        but for mahjond
        Soccersox87 (1:32:01 AM):

        the last two episodes though
        Soccersox87 (1:32:06 AM):

        are fucking retarded
        Soccersox87 (1:32:20 AM):

        i got elbowed in the ear today
        Soccersox87 (1:32:26 AM):

        my neck hurts
        Soccersox87 (1:32:27 AM):

        OB30ball 1:32 am
        OB30ball (1:32:35 AM):

        yea it seemed like a shittier version of Hikaru no go
        OB30ball (1:32:39 AM):

        with is way better
        OB30ball (1:32:47 AM):

        and is an action show but with Go
        Soccersox87 1:32 am
        Soccersox87 (1:32:51 AM):

        i wrote a hige post
        Soccersox87 (1:32:54 AM):

        on saki
        OB30ball 1:33 am
        OB30ball (1:33:03 AM):

        i didnt know shit about Go and watched it and i thought it was one of the best
        Soccersox87 1:33 am
        Soccersox87 (1:33:10 AM):

        Soccersox87 (1:33:17 AM):

        thats how i feel about mahjong
        Soccersox87 (1:33:19 AM):

        sort of
        OB30ball 1:33 am
        OB30ball (1:33:30 AM):

        no i mean i thought the show was one of the best
        Soccersox87 1:33 am
        Soccersox87 (1:33:37 AM):

        its all explained in the post that i’ll post when i finish it
        Soccersox87 (1:33:44 AM):

        saki is good
        OB30ball 1:33 am
        OB30ball (1:33:45 AM):

        like you dont realloy have to know about go to think the show is NASTY
        Soccersox87 1:33 am
        Soccersox87 (1:33:48 AM):

        not super awesome
        Soccersox87 (1:33:50 AM):

        but good
        Soccersox87 (1:33:57 AM):

        ill watch that show eventually
        OB30ball 1:34 am
        OB30ball (1:34:00 AM):

        is you like Saki you should Def watch hikaru
        OB30ball (1:34:05 AM):

        Soccersox87 1:34 am
        Soccersox87 (1:34:06 AM):

        i want to watch air master
        OB30ball 1:34 am
        OB30ball (1:34:21 AM):

        i also want to watch that
        OB30ball (1:34:27 AM):

        it looks good
        Soccersox87 1:35 am
        Soccersox87 (1:35:28 AM):

        thats it
        Soccersox87 (1:35:41 AM):

        im making a post ranting on hot springs episodes
        Soccersox87 (1:35:46 AM):

        this is retarded
        OB30ball 1:35 am
        OB30ball (1:35:47 AM):

        OB30ball (1:35:55 AM):

        FUCK hot springs episodes
        OB30ball (1:35:58 AM):

        they annoy me all the time
        OB30ball (1:36:55 AM):

        they are the equivilent of the mandatory “pool episode”
        Soccersox87 1:37 am
        Soccersox87 (1:37:09 AM):

        those suck too
        Soccersox87 (1:37:27 AM):

        the last two episodes of Saki were the typical festival and hot springs episodes
        OB30ball 1:37 am
        OB30ball (1:37:37 AM):

        oooh the festivals
        OB30ball (1:37:39 AM):

        Soccersox87 1:37 am
        Soccersox87 (1:37:39 AM):

        the festivals dont even look fun
        OB30ball 1:37 am
        OB30ball (1:37:43 AM):

        thats brutal
        Soccersox87 1:37 am
        Soccersox87 (1:37:45 AM):

        catching a fish?
        Soccersox87 (1:37:50 AM):

        seeing fireworks?
        Soccersox87 (1:37:59 AM):

        I should just make a superpost
        Soccersox87 (1:38:03 AM):

        there we go
        Soccersox87 (1:38:15 AM):

        a triumverant superpost
        OB30ball 1:38 am
        OB30ball (1:38:18 AM):

        any show that involves school has a mandatory festival
        OB30ball (1:38:24 AM):

        even badass shows like code geass
        OB30ball (1:38:42 AM):

        if theres a school, theres a festival
        OB30ball (1:38:45 AM):

        and its annoying
        OB30ball (1:39:05 AM):

        school days actually revolved around the festival
        OB30ball (1:39:11 AM):

        that was like the whole story haha
        Soccersox87 1:39 am
        Soccersox87 (1:39:42 AM):

        theres those and the summer festivals
        Soccersox87 (1:40:15 AM):

        and the school ones always have a haunted house or a maid cafe
        Soccersox87 (1:40:21 AM):

        make something different
        Soccersox87 (1:40:32 AM):

        like a human catapault
        Soccersox87 (1:40:37 AM):

        (jump motherfuckers)
        OB30ball 1:40 am
        OB30ball (1:40:58 AM):

        maid cafe and haunted house is mandatory
        OB30ball (1:41:31 AM):

        also a dance or something to that effect in which people are considered “official couples” because of
        Soccersox87 1:42 am
        Soccersox87 (1:42:03 AM):

        no thats usually a “legendary tree”
        Soccersox87 (1:42:16 AM):

        where if you kiss underneith, youll be with that person forever
        Soccersox87 (1:42:29 AM):

        i just sneezed and almost shit my pants
        OB30ball 1:42 am
        OB30ball (1:42:35 AM):

        OB30ball (1:42:58 AM):

        well yea there is also the love ritual or whatever i think is the point of that
        Soccersox87 1:43 am
        Soccersox87 (1:43:47 AM):

        God it’s so dumb….I only need to finish this one episode than I can finish this show
        OB30ball 1:43 am
        OB30ball (1:43:48 AM):

        shana def has a festival now that i remember
        Soccersox87 1:43 am
        Soccersox87 (1:43:54 AM):

        yea they did
        OB30ball 1:43 am
        OB30ball (1:43:54 AM):

        haha that blows
        Soccersox87 1:44 am
        Soccersox87 (1:44:09 AM):

        right when we said festival it was the first thing i thought of
        Soccersox87 (1:44:17 AM):

        and i plan on using it in my post
        OB30ball 1:44 am
        OB30ball (1:44:25 AM):

        there are so many of them
        OB30ball (1:44:29 AM):

        its so unoriginal
        OB30ball (1:44:48 AM):

        and the festivals usually take up about a half of a season
        OB30ball (1:44:52 AM):

        so they prepare for it
        Soccersox87 1:44 am
        Soccersox87 (1:44:58 AM):

        only the school ones
        OB30ball 1:45 am
        OB30ball (1:45:00 AM):

        then finally they have it 6 episodes later
        Soccersox87 1:45 am
        Soccersox87 (1:45:06 AM):

        summer festivals take one episode
        OB30ball 1:45 am
        OB30ball (1:45:13 AM):

        well yes that is true
        Soccersox87 1:45 am
        Soccersox87 (1:45:18 AM):

        there will always “”randomly” be a festival
        Soccersox87 (1:45:25 AM):

        just when they need a filller ep
        OB30ball 1:45 am
        OB30ball (1:45:30 AM):

        haha i know
        Soccersox87 1:45 am
        Soccersox87 (1:45:43 AM):

        “what can we do for this episode?”
        OB30ball 1:45 am
        OB30ball (1:45:50 AM):

        are you gonna put in the higurashi festivals?
        Soccersox87 1:45 am
        Soccersox87 (1:45:52 AM):

        “Idk, just throw a festival in there.”
        OB30ball 1:45 am
        OB30ball (1:45:57 AM):

        that was kind of the whole point of the show tho
        Soccersox87 1:46 am
        Soccersox87 (1:46:09 AM):

        well those actually had some semblance to the show
        OB30ball 1:46 am
        OB30ball (1:46:09 AM):

        haha festival or hot springs or pool
        Soccersox87 1:46 am
        Soccersox87 (1:46:18 AM):

        those are the three
        Soccersox87 (1:46:29 AM):

        this conversation may be recorded
        OB30ball 1:46 am
        OB30ball (1:46:34 AM):

        oh and you have to try to maximze fan service
        OB30ball (1:46:37 AM):

        thats fine with me
        Soccersox87 1:46 am
        Soccersox87 (1:46:43 AM):

        i probably wont use it though because it’s too long
        Soccersox87 (1:46:45 AM):

        Soccersox87 (1:46:52 AM):

        theres no way i can use it
        OB30ball 1:46 am
        OB30ball (1:46:54 AM):

        yea you can just take from it what you will
        Soccersox87 1:47 am
        Soccersox87 (1:47:01 AM):

        i need to shit
        OB30ball 1:47 am
        OB30ball (1:47:05 AM):

        take bits and pieces i dont mind
        OB30ball (1:47:10 AM):

        (the convo not the shit)

        :49 am
        Soccersox87 (1:49:18 AM):


        Let’s Use That

        Do you have any idea what I”m talking about when I say, “that”? Of course you don’t, and it pisses me off in anime, when the characters say something like,

        With “that”? Oh yeah, that. I’m sure everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say “that“, don’t they?

        I can’t believe they know what the fuck each of them is talking about! I mean, okay, obviously the studios/writers use the word that because they want to make something a surprise, but why do they always have to say, that? Why can’t they say something that sounds more realistic, like, “Let’s use out secret weapon?” If I were one of these girls in the picture (or any person in one of a thousand scenarios) and one of my allies said, “Let’s use that.” I would turn to them and ask them what the fuck they were talking about. Yet, in anime, it’s used a lot, and not just in Bleach.

        I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a year, and this scenario in Bleach just served as a spark that reminded me of that my desire to write said post. There are several reasons why using “that” is stupid:

        • It’s annoying to hear a character use that in the ways I am referring. And not annoying as in “Oh why do they have to leave me in suspense!?” I mean it’s annoying in, “Why don’t they just say what it is they’re going to do?”
        • It’s lazy. Using the word that just means the the writers were too lazy to find a synonym that could replace that, but would still create a sense of mystery surrounding that.
        • It’s a cheap way to try and add suspense to something.
        • 60% of the time, it doesn’t work, every time. This is the most ineffective literary device ever used. Whenever I see it, I just want to gouge my eyes out, but then I realize that I already gouged them out while watching K-On, Kanamemo, and Chu-Bra. That’s right, I have had three eyes. I’m getting new one’s on Thursday……anyway, it’s also ineffective because usually, I’m not even surprised when the characters finally reveal what that is actually referring to.

        I wrote more of this, but then my GOD DAMN COMPUTER CRASHED (blue screen), and I can’t remember my many other valid points, which I assure you, could have won me a Noble Prize of Literature. Instead, I’ll leave you with a thought and a picture:

        A THOUGHT:

        Using the word that to replace something else in a story is BULLSHIT.

        AND A PICTURE:

        The above is from Mysterious Girlfriend X, a fantastic manga.

        Nascar Can DIE

        Guess why I’m pissed off this time? If you guessed that it was because I have a really small penis, well then you’re wrong, because I have a great penis. No, no, no. The reason why I’m pissed off is because of this bullshit article I read on espn.com, which stated that espn will be carrying a lot more nascar races this year. OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK. STOP THE PRESSES, I AM ANGRY!

        Look at this piece of shit......HE'S A FUCKIGN PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

        Look at this piece of shit.......HE'S A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

        First of all, why do people like this joke of a sport? It’s got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. One time I tried watching it once, and after 5 minutes of the same bullshit, I ended up going outside and blowing up my car. Thanks a lot, nascar, because of you, I now have to take the bus to work. Do you know how shitty public transportation is? All sorts of shit can happen.

        What is the actual point of nascar, other than to waste thousands of gallons of gas per year, thus raising the price of gas for all of us? As stated before, the drivers don’t do anything but drive in a circle. I mean, there’s no real obstacles in front of them, other then other cars.Nascar would be better if they threw some obstacles in the courses, like small, bratty children. This would kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you would have nascar be slightly more interesting, and on the other hand, if your kids are ever misbehaving, you can threaten them by saying that you’re going to have them appear on nascar, or maybe actually do it. Trust me, they’ll never be bad again (or in some cases, alive). But honestly, it’s not the actual sport that I hate, it’s more of the fact that people like the sport, and more importantly the actual people who like the sport (that was kind of a confusing sentence).

        What do I think of when I hear the word, “nascar”……usually, I think of shitty, fucking, rednecks. Who doesn’t. I remeber reading a study that tallied up the average IQ of nascar fans, and that the result placed nascar fans far below the average IQ for the nation. What does that tell you? It tells me that we should start hunting redneck, and eventually kick them all out of the nation. Send them to China or Russia or some shitty country like that. Better yet, send them to Mexico. No one in Mexico has any clue what’s going on anyway.

        Rednecks have a way of turning where ever they live into a third world country. Have you seen some of the redneck areas? Here are some pictures (found via Goolge):

        To reiterate....ALABAMA SUCKS.

        If you want to know more, type in redneck in google, and have fun. Okay, I’m sort of getting off topic here. I was supposed to be talking about nascar, and somehow I started ripping on rednecks. I mean, I don’t really need to rip on them. Everyone knows that rednecks suck, except of course, rednecks, who for some reason think that they’re witty and smart simply because they are rednecks. God damn it I hate rednecks.

        Back to nascar. Well……what more can I say? It’s a stupid sport, and I don’t want it taking up air time on espn. I’d rather watch anything else…..even infomercials are more entertaining than nascar. Nascar sucks, and I hate it more than anything else in the world. Even more than hippies and hobos (who I don’t mind as much thanks to Tokyo Godfathers).

        What more can I say here? I hate nascar and I hate rednecks.