Angel Beats: Series Review

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Time to crack back the knuckles and do my first actual series review that I’ve actually done in an actual good long while. I’ve finished a bunch of series over the said long while, but I’ve not felt the need to talk about them unless they were good enough to talk about. And even those that were good enough to talk about, like Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann, I didn’t talk about anyway because I was simply too busy not giving a shit to review them with words. I put my review deep into a twat instead. However, I am re-creating Eye Sedso, and, as klux told me to do, “fucking the twat.” (only time I’ve heard a girl actually tell me to fuck the twat). Angel Beats, as fate may have it, has just ended after I’ve decided on an Eye Sedso renaissance, and is indeed, also good enough to review. I’m gonna kick it old school with this review. There will obviously be spoilers.

Angel Beats!

Premise: Everyone is apparently dead, and has thusly been sent to this world. Not happy with the way they died, they are determined to fight God so that they don’t disappear from their current world. There is fighting and all sorts of shit, but then all sorts of other shit collide with the first shit and create a Perfect Shit Storm (in a good way). Basically, the initial plot (dead people trying to fight against God) takes many turns and twists and changes over and over (very smoothly I might add), so I’m not going to try and explain. Let’s do pros and cons! Bullets!


  • The humor was always well spread out, well done, and added right at the right times of the show. It never over-saturated the content or masked anything else that was going on in the show, nor was it added too sparsely. This was a show that always had a laugh, right down to Kanade’s school song in the final episode. I will add that all of the humor was funny, and I don’t think that they failed at any time in this aspect.
  • The drama too, was pretty well done. I mean, at times it might have had some overdramaticness, and maybe some of the characters’ pasts might be a bit unbelievably, but I can usually accept anything, so I had no problem with it. I mean, I never got choked up at any time (nor did I feel any resemblance of sadness, like I did with Clannad, admittedly), but everything was pretty good.
  • The animation? Stellar.
  • The characters? Awesome. Iwasawa was my favorite, but by the end of the show, I had changed chose the obvious choice for best character.
  • Did I mention? Awesome OP????


  • Iwasawa FUCKING DIED RIGHT AWAY. I would have liked it if the series was a bit longer, so that the characters could be explained and developed a bit farther. I mean, You would see characters for a few episodes, but you never really got to know any of them, except maybe Kanade or Otonashi. I would’ve liked it if the characters had more depth to them, but that’s hard for a 13 episode series. The lack of character depth is gonna hurt this anime.
  • Not enough blood. I like blood. Not enough. Although that doesn’t always make a show better….look at Tokko, that has lots of blood, but it’s a piece of shit. If I ever finish it, I’ll write a review bashing it into the ground. God Tokko sucks…..this whole con was pretty much just to bash on Tokko. What shitty animation. I’ve never seen such-

Uhhh…hello? Is this a review on Angel Beat’s or fucking shitty Tokko, which, by the way, is so shitty, that I would rather die than watch that piece of shit. As a manga, it might not be bad, but the animat-

Chill out bro I got it. Next con:

  • The story, while awesome, was still lacking something. I think this could be the depth of characters, but I feel like it was just a tad cheap. Something was missing. It was like ordering the best pizza ever, but when you got it, you saw that a piece of missing. The pizza was still really fucking good, but you really end up missing that piece, and then, because of the missing piece, you are unable to feed your whole family and they starve to death out in the cold. The bears come and ravish themselves with the carcass of your dead fam-

Just move on to something else.

Otonashi Gets The Shaft

Remember the last episode, when Otonashi is repeatadly telling Kanade that he loves her in a loving way lovingly? He’s pretty much crying to her, telling her that he loves her. But does she ever once tell him that she loves him too?

Nope! She never even mentions the word “love” ! BAM! Sorry Otonashi, you’re never gonna get any from Kanade. The only response Otonashi got from his confessions was a simple “thanks.” At one point, she even said, “Thanks for loving me.” But she never once said that she loved him. Too bad, now Otonashi is left with nothing but a dramatic camera pan toward the sky.

The camera pan moves up, as it does in all scenes like this.

Best Character – Kanade Tachibana

Not only is Kanade awesome because she satisfies me with her emotionless veil, but she also provides plenty of humor from her extremely literal ways of thinking. Kanade Tachibana is my favorite character from Angel Beats, but another Tachibana is a favorite character elsewhere….coincidence?

My other favorite Tachibana:

That settles it. I’m going to buy one of those new xboxes and get this fucking game. It looks awesome as FUCK:

If you look at the Shu story, you can effectively find pretty much all of my favorite characters ever from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Liu Bei? Zhao Yun? Musashi Miyamoto? Ginchiyo? That’s my dream team right there! Fuck I need to get this. I’ll get it for PS2 it’ll be cheaper. I can’t continue with this review after discovering this game. Here’s the Final Grade and Bill:


Bill has finally disappeared.................he'll be back for the next review though.

If the manga is ongoing or different I may check it out.

I was gonna proof read this, but then I didn’t.


Spring First Impressions

Today I decided to watch a bunch of anime from the new Spring Season. Now, I usually wait until a series is done or close to done before I start it, but instead I will be dumb and do it this way, which usually causes me to burnout really quickly:

Arakawa Under the Bridge

I have given my thoughts on this elsewhere, but I really feel the need to embellish just a little bit more.

This show is so good that I don’t even have any type of analogy to put in this sentence in order to describe to you  how good it is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show that I can or can’t see. It has an awesome OP, and awesome ED, some of the most awesome characters (kappa guy? Nino? Recruit? Star Head guy? Guy who only walks on white lines? The sister who is actually a dude with a gun dressed up as a sister? THERE’S NO END TO THE AWESOMENESS HERE PEOPLE!). How highly do I think about this show? Well, I’m going to go ahead and say that, for me, this show rivals Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which, until now (maybe), was what I considered Akiyuki Shinbo’s best work. Then again, SZS is still probably better…..maybe……I’ve never really had anything to compare it too until now. Nothing really rivaled it’s originality and awesome humor. Man this is weird.

Anyway, this is the best show of the season as of now, and as of later (when the season is over). If you haven’t started watching it, drop everything you’re doing (like you’re wife [ba-dump-kissshhhh]) and watch it (seriously, drop her).

B Gata H Kei

I’m reviewing the episodes as they come out. Pay attention for once. A while back I would have said that this was the best show of the season. The I saw the AUtB. Afterwards, I declared B Gata H Kei the second best show of the season. I now consider it the third best show of the season, out of what I’ve seen, due to another show, which I will get to in a bit.

BgHk still seems to have everything I want to see. A slut, humor based on sexual situations, the same slut again, the same slut again, and sluttery are all things that I look for in an anime (sometimes not really though). The OP sucks though (not that it matters really).

Now, we call Yamada a slut and a whore, because she is one, but really, this anime is pretty much just reversing the roles. Instead of a guy trying to fuck 100 girls (which would be badass and awesome), we have a girl trying to fuck 100 guys (which makes her a slutty whore). This anime is filled with great humor, decently average animation, and fine characters. The only way this could really be any better would be if instead of trying to fuck 100 guys, she was trying to fuck 100 girls, hardcore yuri style. Wait…did I just create a spinoff?


Remember when I said that B Gata K Kei was now the third best show due to another show? Well surprise surprise, this is NOT it.

I promised myself, DON’T WATCH ANY SHITTY SHOWS THAT RESEMBLE K-ON! Well, fuck me, after reading some reviews that talked about awesome characters (I can’t remember which ones so I’m not going to link), I decided that I’d give it a shot. I mean, there’s no way it would be as bad as K-On, nothing is that shitty. Well guess what?

It’s not really that bad….yet. It has to potential to go either way, but based on the fact that the main male lead loves things that are cute and small, and is a huge pedophile, I’m guessing that I’m going to end up dropping this by episode 4. Hopefully I’m wrong and it gets good (the lastest character could make it awesome, and I do want to see what the deal is with the girl weilding a Katana for no reason).

At least the Boss, who is an anti-pedophile, manages to bring some ass-kicking to this show, and keep it good. She literally kicked customers out of the restaurant (literally) and then had her friends mug them and bring her the money. That’s bad ass.

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Remember when I said that B Gata K Kei was now the third best show due to another show? Well surprise surprise, this IS it.

I watched one episode. Then I watched to episodes. Then I tried to watch three, even though the third episode was obviously not out. I like pretty much everything about this show (even though I don’t really like maids much. Everyone’s so infatuated with them? Their clothes looks stupid. I hate maids.) Anyway, even though the generic plot is kind of…… well…… generic, I find myself really liking the characters (especially the 2 main ones, which are really the only ones). Why do I like them? Well let’s delve:

Misaki Ayuzawa

She’s the female lead. A girl who has become the president in a school that only recently changed to a co-ed school from an all-boys school. Needless to say, she hates boys, whose ratio to girls in this school is something like 1000000 to 1. (The school is 80% male I think). So all of the boys no her to be a really scary person, who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of, because she’ll kill you and suck our bone marrow. However, she works in a maid cafe as a job (in another town so no one sees her), because  she is very poor and needs money, and this job pays dough out the a$$. One day, the male protagonist sees her.

Takumi Usui

The male lead. He doesn’t care about anything. He always seems bored and dull looking. Girls want to fuck him, guys think he’s the man. But he doesn’t really care about any of them. His incredibly great show of apathy is inspiring to me, who is apathetic toward pretty much anything. Hooray apathy. Anyway, he sees Misaki working as a maid. She goes freezes, and thinks her life is over if the school figures out she’s a maid. He just says something like: Oh. And leaves. So far the characters don’t seem like anything special, right?

I’d say it’s the expressions that the characters make that makes me like them more. The classic “bored” expression. The classic “I’m-showing-up-at-your-maid-job-and-pretending-that-its-by-accident-and-in-fact-I’m-not-really-even-here-so-go-about-your-business….don’t-even-worry-about-it” look. They’re all here, and they’re all awesome. The manga had the art style that I hate, so I’m glad J.C. Staff (who I like) made the animation more catoony. I like that shit.

Overall this anime is very enjoyable.

Angel Beats

I had been waiting for this, and after only a few minutes, I could tell that I would like this show a lot:

In case you don’t understand, here’s a song that was made just for me:

I guarantee (that’s the first time I spelled guarantee correctly) that I’m the only one who likes that song, even though I’m sure it’s kind of a joke song. Anyway, on to what makes Angel Beats good (because there’s really not THAT much blood in it… not enough anyway).

The Characters

The characters are wide and many. There is a girl who stays in the shadows. A dude who speaks mainly English (in a pretty good accent mind you). There’s an  idiot who looks and acts smart. There’s a girl named Angel who is the apparent enemy. She rarely speaks, and is a lot like Yuki from Haruhi. In fact, a lot about this show reminded me of Haruhi, but I’ll get into that later. Overall, I like the characters so far. They’re not mind-blowingly awesome, but they’re solid.

The Animation


It reminds me of Haruhi how?

I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the fact that the main character, in the way she leads, reminds me a lot of Haruhi and the way she leads/acts. She’s obviously not as eccentric, but she still has the one thing about her. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re all in a group, and they try and accomplish goals such as stealing food tickets. Maybe it’s because of the character, Angel, who reminds me highly of Yuki from Haruhi. Maybe it’s because there was a random ass concert that reminded me heavily of the one in Haruhi.The animation as well reminds me a lot of Haruhi, for literally no reason at all. Regardless, I guess what I’m trying to say is, this show reminds me of The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

EDIT: After reading scamp’s post, apparently a lot of people feel the same.

DOUBLE EDIT: Best OP of the season so far:

Kiss x Sis

After one minute of hoping it wouldn’t suck as much as the OVA did (which I also watched about 1 minute of)….


The manga is actually kind of funny (although I think I laugh at it, rather than with it, which is still fine as long as I’m laughing). I don’t know what the heck they were trying to do with the animated version. Does anyone actually think that Kiss x Sis is good? Ughh. There’s a 1 if I ever saw one (which I still haven’t, although I’m still going through the Shit List….I’m currently watching Canvas 2. Bet you thought I had forgot about that, just like I forgot about my Most Cool Looking Characters in Anime list? I haven’t finished that either).

Anyway, this concludes all of the shows that I’m watching. Time for bed (At 12 oclock….wow).