Basquash! Should Get More Love

HINT: No Spoilers!

Well, I started Basquash way back when the first episode came out, and was following it week to week. I was enjoying it, the animation and even the story/characters were pretty intriguing, but somewhere along the line, I fell far behind, and I have only just caught up and finished it. It’s only Sunday, and I’ve already finished item one of my Spring Break criteria.


Well, when I first heard of this show, I determined that it looked God damn retarded. I don’t want to watch an anime about sports (granted, I watched Touch, and that was pretty damn good)! But then I saw a screenshot and thought I’d give it a try, I mean, it had stellar animation at the least. That’s what got me started watching this show, but the characters, plot, etc is why I stuck with it. Of, I only stuck with it for 13 episodes, then I stopped until about 2 days ago. However, even with that long break in between the times I watched this show, I never lost the plot-line, and never thought a single episode was bad. On the contrary, this show was excellent (except the very end, which was a retarded bit of product placement).

The Characters

Throughout this show, I kept getting confused when people referred to this character as "he" or "him". I was convinced that this was a girl. It all gets explained though later.

The characters were quite the characters. I mean, we have Dan, the main character who is kind of dumb, and just does whatever he wants, which is play basketball. We have the big boobed lady who loves feet. We have the mechanics. The princess. The dude who looks like a girl and has a WAY more complicated situation then any of us would think he has. There is no shortage of awesome characters, who each have their own backgrounds, agendas, and stories. There’s a lot more depth in these characters than in even some of the more serious of shows. I’ll just use my favorite character as an example (and honestly, I don’t even know if she’s my favorite character anymore):

Sela D. Miranda

Sela first appears in a challenge to Dan, somewhere in the early episodes. She promptly shows herself to be a masochist, as whenever someone hits her or something, she pretty much cums all over (emotionally). However, she changes indefinitely as the show becomes a bit more serious, and strays away from the fanservicey stuff. We learn of her background, where she was apparently abandoned, along with her mother, by her father, who was in charge of their town (or something…he was a rich dude anyway). Her mother than died, and she hated her father. The plot of Basqash goes back and visits her story at points throughout, as it does with other characters, like Iceman Hottie, who, as I think of it, is now my favorite character.

Iceman Hottie

How the hell could a dude who delivers a beat down with a basketball to people’s faces NOT be my favorite character? Iceman is awesome. I’m not going to say much about his INSANE past, because that might ruin the semi-BAMs, but his signature move is to chuck a ball as fast as he can at shit, and yell DESTROY as he does it (and then the ball pretty much destroys whatever it hits). He rules.

The indecision by myself to determine which character is the best shows you just how awesome the lineup is. Not only that, but all of the characters seem to have a pre-existing relationship in some way. Name any character, and I guarantee you can connect him or her to another character from before the show started. I’m moving on.

The Plot

SHIT. This was GREAT. You really can’t appreciate the plot until you finish the show and look back on the entire series. How did they fit so much development, so many changes, so much progress, and so many Nike advertisements into 26 episodes without making the series seem to fast, choppy, or awkward?

We start the series thinking, “Okay, here’s a show about people playing basketball in huge mechas.” But DAMN, does it manage to flip that shit around on us. I can’t pick out a specific time when any change in the plot happened, it kind of just slowly progressed into something bigger and bigger, and then in the end everything was kind of brought together for a slightly cliche but highly enjoyable ending. I’m not going to spoil anything but this show contains everything from basketball to talking rocks to ancient legends. It was done really really well.

Another thing I thought was good was how they ended the episodes. Each episode was almost like a small, 20 minute movie, and likewise the endings were done with a music buildup, content buildup, and a bunch of other shit that got you really prepared to watch the next episode, but they also allowed you to be able to stop if you wanted to. I don’t know how to explain it. What an episode and you’ll see.

The Animation

I guess shoes really do make a difference...

Really? Fucking fantastic. I wonder how much money Nike gave the show? Probably a shitload, considering that their logo is everywhere, they’re name get’s dropped a few times, and they’re shoes actually play a part in the plot (ugh). The whole involvement and product placements was bittersweet. I thought it gave the shows some realism, connectivity to real life, etc. But sometimes, it was just stupid, like in the episode that the above screenshot was taken from. I actually paused the video, threw up my hands, and proclaimed under my breath, “Wow……really?”

But still, I didn’t really mind any of the product placement. I’m guessing that Nike was a big reason why the animation was so phenomenal, so I’ll give them credit for that. Seriously, this might be the best animation I’ve ever seen in a series and even in some movies.

As I wrote this review, my grade for this show kept rising. The more I think about it, the better Basquash seems to me. I can’t give it a 5^^, because I just don’t think it deserves it, and while I completely just sucked it’s dick, I think the best grade for Basquash would be a


Why a 5 and not a 5*? I don’t know. I might even change it later.

After watching this, Bill had nothing to say other than..."BASQUASH!"

After watching this, Bill had nothing to say other than, "BASQUASH!!!"


Quick Post of Things I’ve Noticed

This post is going to be very quick (after writing this post, I’ve realize that it will actually be a decent sized post). Here are some things that I just feel like I have to say before I leave for a great weekend in NYC:

On Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

What's with the putting down of loinclothes? That's my fucking Halloween costume you're making fun of, bitch!

What's with the putting down of loincloths? That's my fucking Halloween costume you're making fun of, bitch!

Have you noticed that I’ve stopped doing episode reviews? That’s because I fell behind on the series. However, I just got myself caught up, and all I have to say is, HOLY CHRIST, THIS SHOW IS A BANGOUT!

Dear God, things are smashing me in the face left and right. I’m finally into new material, so everything seems a lot better, because I’m not comparing the pacing or anything to the manga. Here are some notable things that I noticed:

  • Ling is now Greed. I bet Ran Fan will bring him back to his senses at the end.
  • Scar is the fucking man (we already knew this).
  • Father actually isn’t Hoenheim (I wonder if I spelled that right? Oh wait, I don’t care). This leads me to believe that Hoenheim is actually a good guy, and I wonder how he is related to Father? Don’t tell me or I’ll kill you.
  • Al’s body lost a LOTTTTT of weight, and the end to episode 26 was fucking awesome. Probably the best ending to an episode yet.
  • This show looks like it’s going to be in my top ten almost definitely. Probably top five (unless it completely collapses)
  • Episode 28 was the dumbest shit ever, and it was confusing me so I skipped it. I hate recap episodes. If there was anything important in it, leave me a comment with details (unless their spoilers, in which case I’ll kill you).

On Nyan Koi!

This show was everything I expected it to be.

Coming into the Fall season, Nyan Koi was one of the few shows that I was actually looking forward to. I expected specific things and a certain type of anime from Nyan Koi, and it hasn’t dissapointed. I admit, that it is completely awesome, and everything I expected it to be:

  • A show containing cool cat characters.
  • A show with enjoyable comedy (you won’t laugh hysterically or anything, but it does it’s job to be enjoyable).
  • A solid cast of characters, each with differences in their personalities.

Pretty much, Nyan Koi is like a breath of fresh air to me. It’s awesome. Go watch it. I’ve been looking forward to this show more than InuYasha (can you believe it? I can’t). While I’m on that subject…

On InuYasha: The Final Act

It’s still fucking awesome.

On Franken Fran

If someone picks this up and scantilates this, I’ll love you as much as I love Sumimasen Scans for picking up Katteni Kaizo, which is a lot. This manga is awesome beyond comprehension of a human mind (unless that mind was tampered with by Fran).

On Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze)

I couldn’t help myself any longer and watched the first episode. I made it halfway trough the episode (more on that in a bit) and have decided that this show contains the most unique and awesome artwork I’ve ever seen in a show of any kind.  Remember Yellow Submarine? That Beatles cartoon movie thingy? I never watched it because it looked gay, contained the Beatles (who really aren’t that bad but I hate them anyway) and had stupid looking art. What a joke. Anyone who enjoyed that movie is a fucking hippie, and should go live in the woods where you belong. I bet you thought I was going to compare that shitty hippie movie to Kuuchuu Buranko, didn’t you? Nope, I just wanted to tell you that Yellow Submarine is a piece of shit. As for Kuuchuu Buranko, it’s completely awesome, and watching it is almost like watching a SHAFT production on acid, which is nice.

How crazy is it? Real life actresses in anime! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?


This scene ruled, because she faded from a 2-D to a 3-D. This is crazy.

This scene ruled, because she faded from a 2-D to a 3-D. This is crazy.

She’s not the only one, the main character, Kohei, also is melded with real life.

As stated previous. I watched right up until Kohei woke up from his sleep (due to the shot). Then I felt the urge to sleep. God damn it this show is going to hypnotize me. I’m not watching it anymore untill it’s complete, then I will watch the whole thing and get my mind proberly fucked up.

On Kanamemo


I hate this green haired child moletar. Thusly, Kanamemo sucks.

I hate this green haired child moletar. Thusly, Kanamemo sucks.

Recently, I started Kanamemo (Rie Kugimiya is in it, so I feel obligated to watch). It started off okay, but quite quickly, it became a tremendous piece of shit.

Here’s what happened, episodes 1-3 weren’t really all that bad, but then I got to episode 4, and the roof came crashing down:

The Characters

Over the span of 4 episodes, the characters have gotten increasingly more annoying, and increasingly harder to put up with.

  • The one pedofile who gets drunk act has gotten old already. Actually, it got old around episode 2.
  • The lesbian duo…well I haven’t really gotten sick of that yet, they don’t do much to annoy you, they’re kind of just there. But I’ll admit, sometimes they piss me off with their bullshit.
  • The girl who likes money (green hair). I feel like she’s barely been in this show to be honest.
  • The loli 4th grade…boss? I’ve seen this whole thing before in Pani Poni Dash. However, I will say that the aspect of seeing other people work for a 4 year old, who is more mature than any of them, is great to watch. She might even be my favorite character.
  • Rie Kugimiya’s character, is good, because she’s been in only about half of the episodes, and it’s Rie Kugimiya’s character, so I’m bias, and she’s playing a typical Rie Kugimiya character….damn I really want some fried fish right now. That craving just hit me in the face…anyway.
  • Kana is a dumb main character and serves no real purpose in the show. She intorduced us to the cast by moving into this place in the first episode, and now I feel like she’s not a central character even.

I guess the only character that really really bothers me is the drunk child molester. She’s fucking annoying. Hey writers? Ever heard of oversaturation? Her liking women of illegal age was funny once or twice, but you’ve been pounding that into the groud. I can’t take it. I hope that Alexander Anderson makes a cameo and cuts her head off for being an un-holy drunk whore who likes 13 year olds. That, or she get’s arrested for groping a small child at a theme park, and no longer has a part in the show

Episode 4 in General

What the fuck was this? A fuckin musical? I hate musicals. The only musical I’ve like was The Nightmare Before Christmas. That was good. Tim Burton is the man. But this bullshit just pissed me off….they were singing about bathing suits and working and God knows what else. Fucking gay.
Bottomline: Kanamemo sucks. even though the OP isn’t that bad.

On Basquash!

I started watching it again and I’ve completed episode 13. It kicks so much ass that I feel like I’m going to shit my pants from excitment. Am I the only one who likes it? Hmm I’ll have to  see how this plays out.