Ode to My Mural

Klux said she wanted to see this shit, so here’s my officially finished mural for my Mural Painting class. I’m displaying it here on my ISSS, just because I have an ego that fills more space than Rosie O’Donnel in bathroom stall/closet/large ballroom/pretty much anywhere, she takes up a shitload of space. Anyway, the mural is going to look like random doodling, but there’s actually a theme to it and a few hidden things. Keep that in mind for the end.

If you’re wondering why I look like TOTAL SHIT, I’ll ask you how you would look after just finishing painting something for 12 hours. Also, I’m trying to grow out my hair. even though I look stupid with long hair (even though girls seem to like it?) I need to make a poll. I came back later and took real pictures for real, and here they are:

My parent decided that they wanted to come see my mural as well. I charged them 15 dollars to view it. They gladly paid.

Title: ?

Time spent on original sketch: 2 hours

Time spent drawing/gridding: approx 25 hours

Time spent painting: approx 28 hours

Total time: 55 hours

Location: 1st Floor Men’s Bathroom Entrance in Copernicus Hall,Central Connecticut State University, New Britain CT, United States of America

In case you’re wondering, which I’m sure you are because you’re all FUCKING OBSESSED WITH MY DICK, here is the original sketch of what the mural was supposed to look like. The sketch itself is maybe 5 inches by15 inches (rough estimate, I never really measured). Basically, what I had to do was grid it up and then transpose it onto the walls of this little alcove.

So off of that sketch, I was able to get this:


Okay….I was going to put a video I took of my mural here, but the quality looks so shitty on youtube that I’m not even going to bother…it’s to bad too because I used this song as the background music….ahh fuck it, here the video sucks but if I’m putting the song up anyway…

I don’t know why it’s all choppy and shitty it works fine on my computer….oh well here’s some more pictures.

Well that’s about it. Now it’s time to play the game. How many things can you find hidden in this mural, and where are they? Here’s the list:


  • 5 words (What are they? Hint, they’re really big)
  • One reference to anime.
  • Two references to a band.

And lastly, what is the theme?

There’s a shitload of more shit hidden in there, but if I tell you any of it, it would give away the theme. Hopefully, someone dumb like Robert doesn’t come here and tell everyone, since he was there when I was painting it. He knows the theme though that’s it.

Random fact: I was going to paint “ANCE” on the end of the MECHANICAL ROOM sign, so that it read, MECHANICAL ROOMANCE. I thought that would be funny, but I didn’t do it. If you don’t get it, I’m not going to tell you.

Extra Shit

So despite the fact that I have a lot of post drafts written up and just waiting to be sent out, I think this might be one of my last posts till the New Year. Maybe one more year end wrap up where I can point out all the shitty shows that are coming up in Winter. They all suck. That being said, here’s an update on some anime shit:

Berserk – I’m coming very very close to finishing this series. I’ve been steamrolling it as much as time allows me to these past few days, and I should finish within the week. Fact is, Caska is fucking awesome. She’s going to be the character that leads to me making a list of all my favorite anime babes that make you think the wrong thing. Caska is my desktop wallpaper right now, replacing a stalker version of Mizore Shirayuki, and it doesn’t look like a change is coming anytime soon.

Fate/Zero – Anime forthcoming. ufotable (Kara no Kyoukai, Futakoi Alternative). This show already gets at least a 5 for a rating. My anticipation is VERY high for it’s premier.

Bleach (manga) – Is anyone else feeling pumped up about the direction of the story? Fuck I can’t wait.

Let’s Lagoon – Is ANYONE subbing this? Or is it REALLY just THAT slow to come out? It’s barely getting started, and it’s one of my favorite manga, but I haven’t seen a new chapter in MONTHS. FRUSTRATING!!!!

Chatmonchy is the best.

The Best Thing About Manga Scans

Reading manga is great, and if possible, I like to spring for the volumes sold in stores. Personally, I feel like holding the manga in your hand and having it there to read is just a lot better than clicking a mouse to view the next page. I mean, sure, manga as viewed online is usually much bigger, and easier to read the words (unless the quality really sucks), but manga in hand is worth 2 in the bush I always say.

That actually makes no sense at all.

Nope. Anyway, there’s one thing that fan scanlations have that official releases don’t, and personally, I love it. I’m talking of course about the one page at the end of a chapter that has fake subs. For example:

I found this funny, because I'm half emo, and think that Batman is pretty cool.

Now, we all view Ulquiorrra as a character as emo as they come. He never smiles, never shows emotion, and has facepaint that resembles tears or something. That’s pretty fucking emo. So this is funny for that reason. Kind of. Honestly, I don’t know why I found this funny. It wasn’t that funny. Bad example. Let me now show you my funniest “Scan-Fan Page” from Bleach:

WAAAHAHAHA! I’m still grabbing my sides they hurt so good! Not really, but still, this is hilarious. If you know One Piece, than you know that Brook is the greatest character in the entire show, on the count that all he does is make stupid, yet incredibly awesome puns. I love puns. All awesome people love puns. It’s a fact of life. I love this shit. I also love things that degrade women:

You tell that ho! Get back in the kitchen and make some chicken noodle soup (with a soda on the side)!

I was going to say something about the picture, but instead I’ll tell you a story that will make you either laugh, or consider me for 1st place in “World’s Biggest Asshole.” I’d be fine with either to be honest.

One time, me and my roommate might or might not have been doing some fun activities which might or might not have been considered “illegal” in front of our dorm that might or might not have rhymed with tarijuana, and across the street, we saw a guy get pulled over. Instead of being bitches and running inside. We stood there and heckled the cop, who was a woman. We told her to do things like “Get back in the kitchen” and it was pretty funny. Anyone reading this probably thinks that I’m the biggest asshole on the planet, but realize that I was really high. I actually went back into my dorm and just laughed for about 2 hours. It was a great time. Of course, weed has since lost it’s luster and I find no need to touch the stuff again.  The comments of course, were all in jest, and it was probably good that nothing happened, because smoking weed in front of a cop in Willimantic (where cops are assholes and will arrest people just for standing there on some bogus charge that was complete bullshit) and heckling a cop while using prejudice comments is probably one of the dumbest ideas one could have. Anyway, I don’t really find degrading women to be good, and I love women because they’re awesome. In fact, if I ever get married, my wife ain’t cooking. Mainly because I like to cook, and let’s face it, I’m a man, I’m probably better at it than she is. I should probably just not talk.

Anyway, The “Scan-Fan Pages” are fucking awesome and they rule.

Extra Shit

First of all, I’ve been watching jack shit for anime lately. I did recently force myself to watch some HOTD, and completed 3 episodes. They were good. I like them. At night, the cat can disguise itself as a puddle.

Anyway, I’ve been on a manga SPREE. I’ve been clicking random manga and just reading. In fact, currently, I have about 40 manga that I’m “reading”.

EDIT: After counting, it’s actually 53. Although, to be fair, “currently reading” only means that I have read at least one chapter, and have either caught up, or not looked at it since. So in reality, I’m probably close to about 28, which is still a lot.

ANOTHER EDIT: After reading a comment, I forced myself to read Koharu no Hibi (or what’s out there so far), and it’s not only hilarious, but I couldn’t control my Kool Aid smile when I saw this at the end of the first chapter:

For my take on the manga, see my response to said comment.

One Picture and a Three Updates

That’s all that’s in this post, one picture……okay so there’s actually two, but one’s just for reference so fuck off. Now lately I’ve been steamrolling Bleach, and I’m finally almost caught up to the episode of the anime that I left off on (which is not by any means the most recent, I’m ages behind in that show) whole manga. What did I find? An awesome picture:

Why did I like this picture so much that I made a whole fucking post about it? Well that’s because it reminds me, although most likely entirely by coincidence, of this:

Best band in the history of the world? Yes. Or Chatmonchy. One or the other. It’s a toss up really. But anyway, here’s the rest of what I wanted to say.

Update One!

I’m getting sick and tired or reading my posts and seeing how shitty they are, so I think I’m going to start proof reading them.  Not for any of you. I could care less about what you think about my posts, but for me. Chances are, they’ll still contain a shitload of spelling and grammatical errors, but whatever.

Update Two!!

I started Apocalypse Zero, and immediately wish I didn’t. I didn’t expect it to be this bad, but yea, I’ll throw up (in more ways than one) a post tomorrow describing the horror that is the first episode. It will not be safe for work, or anything else.

Update Three!!!

Now that I am caught up to the Bleach manga, I’m going to streamroll the anime, because I’m so far behind. Expect very little in the form of posts, because I will be occupying my time with Bleach, so that means no time to ISSS (excluding the post about my favorite characters from Bleach that I have yet to post/finish writing).

Let’s Use That

Do you have any idea what I”m talking about when I say, “that”? Of course you don’t, and it pisses me off in anime, when the characters say something like,

With “that”? Oh yeah, that. I’m sure everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say “that“, don’t they?

I can’t believe they know what the fuck each of them is talking about! I mean, okay, obviously the studios/writers use the word that because they want to make something a surprise, but why do they always have to say, that? Why can’t they say something that sounds more realistic, like, “Let’s use out secret weapon?” If I were one of these girls in the picture (or any person in one of a thousand scenarios) and one of my allies said, “Let’s use that.” I would turn to them and ask them what the fuck they were talking about. Yet, in anime, it’s used a lot, and not just in Bleach.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a year, and this scenario in Bleach just served as a spark that reminded me of that my desire to write said post. There are several reasons why using “that” is stupid:

  • It’s annoying to hear a character use that in the ways I am referring. And not annoying as in “Oh why do they have to leave me in suspense!?” I mean it’s annoying in, “Why don’t they just say what it is they’re going to do?”
  • It’s lazy. Using the word that just means the the writers were too lazy to find a synonym that could replace that, but would still create a sense of mystery surrounding that.
  • It’s a cheap way to try and add suspense to something.
  • 60% of the time, it doesn’t work, every time. This is the most ineffective literary device ever used. Whenever I see it, I just want to gouge my eyes out, but then I realize that I already gouged them out while watching K-On, Kanamemo, and Chu-Bra. That’s right, I have had three eyes. I’m getting new one’s on Thursday……anyway, it’s also ineffective because usually, I’m not even surprised when the characters finally reveal what that is actually referring to.

I wrote more of this, but then my GOD DAMN COMPUTER CRASHED (blue screen), and I can’t remember my many other valid points, which I assure you, could have won me a Noble Prize of Literature. Instead, I’ll leave you with a thought and a picture:


Using the word that to replace something else in a story is BULLSHIT.


The above is from Mysterious Girlfriend X, a fantastic manga.

More Bullshhh That I Did This Week


In a year.

Oh…. Well okay then.

Here’s what happened lately:

I have been obsessed with this OP:

The song is Shojo S and the group is Sandal. It is an awesome song. I love this song. I want the song. I will thusly get the song. 0:35 seconds when the beat drops it’s awesome. The background music is done well. Look at the fucking actual video for the actual song:

I love the video. It’s great. Moving on.

Anyway, what else happened….Oh, I watched episode 3 of

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 3

Here is my episode review:

Anybody notice the fountain in this scene? I pointed it out in the above screen shot in case you didn’t. Youve seen, I’m sure, statues where a boy is “pissing” water (aka the water is coming out of his dickhole) well this statue is shitting water, and that’s ten times better than pissing it. And throughout this scene, the amount of water it shits out constantly changes. I thought this was very funny.

Why, because you love shit?

No, because I love when there’s a scene with both a fecal…I mean focal point, (which in this case would be the conversation and the people involved) and something else retarded happening in the background. In this scene, most people will be looking at the characters, not at the shitting fountain. I myself didn’t notice the shitting fountain until the end of the scene (I obviously replayed the scene to see the shitting fountain). But Baka to Test does a lot of this. They have very small details that are funny if you pay attention enough to notice them. Like in one scene, part of Yoshii’s head falls off (like a broken piece of ceramic). Now, I’m not going to die laughing my ass off at this, but it’s pretty cool and I like that short of random ass shit. That’s it. That’s my review of the whole episode.

Back to


So I’ve watched abot 50 episodes in the past 2 days (literally, I’ll be caught up probably by Tuesday…..in fact, I’ve been watching so much anime lately it’s almost ridiculous. I think I’ve been averaging about 15 shows per day for the past 5 days). So I have a new favorite character. It’s a girl (strangly, most of my favorites are girls). My past favorite character was probably Kenpachi, who is bad ass and awesome. He might actually still be my favorite, who knows, but I just watched episode 223, and it just amplified the awesomeness of a character whom I already thought was one of the best. I am talking of course, about Soifon (Soi Fon?), the captain of division 2.

Awesome silhouette picture, isn’t it? Soifon is a cocky bitch, but not the kind of cocky that is out there. Instead, she just has a cockyness that is almost……..covert? (get it because her division is the covert…..never mind). It’s almost a hidden cockyness, but she deserves to be cocky, because she knows what’s going on. Her entire fight with that guy (I don’t know who he was), she literally just observing him to get ready for an Espada, and then she’s like “Okay, so now I’m going to kill you, and you won’t even be able to tell.” And then she did it. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. She BAMs. Here’s another cool picture:

Wow, she’s like the James Cameron of “to be continued” screens (she has the top two, and James Cameron has the top two grossing movies worldwide of all time).

Let’s move on to


Per Baka-Raptor’s request, I started watching Berserk. Now I’ve only seen one episode, as it’s very hard to watch multiple episodes in a row.

So I sat down and got to watching the first episode, which featured guy’s getting shot in the head with arrows, sliced in half……the usual (although less blood than I thought there’d be, which is where the manga comes into play after). Now, I like watching shows where people get sliced in half and shot in the head with an arrow or two. In fact, I’d say that Berserk has a lot of things in it that I like to see in an anime:

  • Huge bad-ass dude slicing people/demons in half with a giant sword, but not in a fake Bleach sort of way, but instead in a realistic kind of way (I’m not hating on Bleach, I love that show when it isn’t fillers). In other words, when you see someone like Ichigo slice a hollow in half, it’s not surprising, nor does it seem like a great feat. But when Guts from Berserk does it, it’s just bad ass and a show of toughness.
  • Huge bad ass dude.
  • Hints at a pretty good plot. Ex: the mark on Berserk’s neck. Questions have already been raised this early in the show. I like where this is going.

So why did I only watch one episode? Well, after watching an episode, I felt like I really, really had to hit the gym hard. I mean, watching Guts kill guys and shit makes me want to just bulk up. I realize I might sound like a huge fag, or a “bro” (they’re synonyms), but it’s kind of cold to go out in the woods and throw boulders like I usually do to work out (I don’t really do that at all), so I went to the gym, and hit it hard. By the end of this series, I might be able to lift a building (this is actually true). My triceps are sore just from typing this, I love it.

So what does this do to me? Well, this changes everything. I might have to revoke some laws that I made, because if anime can make me huge, then I would surly pull down [more] pussy. Holy shit, Berserk is so bad ass that it goes against anime.

One more thing.

Pani Poni Dash

See? I gave artist info.

I was watching this for some reason, and have decided that the character who I assumed was my favorite (Himeko) is actually not, and that Ichijou is actually my favorite. There’s really no contest here, and I don’t know what I was thinking with Himeko. I mean, Ichijou is so odd that it’s awesome, not to mention her eyes are always as depicted. If I ever met a girl with eyes like that, I would date her (yea right). I now must update the character page. By the way, it’s nearly impossible to find this anime subbed anywhere. I can find random parts on youtube (the parts not taken down) but not full subbed episodes. I can find the dubbed, and they aren’t really that bad, but the subbed are better. Pani Poni Dash is still awesome.

I guess I’ll leave it at that. I really just wanted to talk about the OP. The rest is kind of just bullshit. With school starting, expect the same amount of posts from me, because I have no priorities.

Oh Cruel Irony!

Who the hell said that line (referring to the title)? Irony isn’t cruel, it’s awesome! Time to elaborate in this much belated post.

Irony. To sum it up, I’d say it’s like……hmm….it’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, it’s like meeting the [person] of your dreams, and then meeting [their] beautiful [significant other]. In case you need more explanation about what irony is, check this out:

So what’s so great about Irony? Well, basically it’s just amusing (to me at least) to watch something, and have a character or characters (or even myself) expect one thing, and then have the complete opposite happen instead. Let me see if I can find an example…OH! Great one. Okay, anybody else here like Jigoku Shoujo? That anime is filled with all sorts of sick nasty awesomeness, from revenge to loads of irony. There’s just so much to choose from! How about the second fucking episode ever?

Want to try dying this once?

I’m just going to copy this right from wikipedia:

Ryōko Takamura is being stalked, so she and her family seek the aid of investigator Kōichirō Kisaragi in tracking down and arresting the stalker, not knowing that he is the stalker. Ryōko then sends him to Hell.

How about the CEO of the computer company who couldn’t use computers?

HELL YES! (get it? HELL?) That is just awesome! There’s irony all over the place in Jigoku Shoujo! Personally, I liked the second season more, and I still haven’t watched the third season, because I like to space good anime out. God damn this show kicked ass. Long live Jigoku Shoujo! (that statement is sort of ironic, since that show is all about death!)

Okay, now I’m really getting into it, but I have to go to class. Here’s a few pictures of Irony that I found on Google:

mobile! (If you can guess which post/blog from which I ripped that sentence off from, you win. Hint: It’s my favorite post I’ve ever read ever)”]Ding Ding! Here comes the irony mobile! (If you can guess which post/blog I took this from, you win. Hint: It's my favorite post I've ever read ever)

This one's funny because it's really fake, in an ironic sort of way....holy shit.....DOUBLE IRONY!

Here would be an example of double, super irony:


Cause: Ku Klux Klan member get's injured from trying to burn a cross. LOL! Jokes on you fella!

Double yay!

Needless to say, the burnt fella will need medical help, so how ironic would it be that a bunch of black people are the ones that save his life? LOL! THAT'S DOUBLE IRONY!

Okay, I’m back from class, which I skipped to play basketball at the gym. It was much more fun than class. Back to irony, and how much it rules.

So if you didn’t know before, you know now that Jigoku Shoujo rocks because of its themes of irony and revenge (not even mentioning all of the other awesome aspects), but what other anime shows have irony? The answer? Every show has irony to some level. If you name a show that I’ve seen, I bet you I could find irony. To try and prove this to myself, I’m going to randomly select a show from my List, and see if I can describe its irony:

Great….I landed on fucking Honey and Clover…..well, I’m not going to do that one because I don’t feel like getting shit on for my opinions (even though I really don’t mind it…..not literally getting shit on, I would mind that)….For the record, I realized I had forgotten D.Gray Man, and that subsequently replaced Honey and Clover on my least favorite anime list, Honey and Clover was boring, but not top 5 badness, K-On also moved higher up (switched with Fruits Basket….there’s no way Fruits Basket was worse than K-On…was I high when I wrote that? No, because I stopped smoking weed forever.)

Well I just got way off topic. Let’s try this again…..Oh, I landed on Bleach.


This picture makes the anime look like the awesomest thing ever. However, in reality, it's just regular awesome, because the awesomest thing ever is Gantz (manga). Hold on, why is Samurai Champloo not in my top ten? I need to change that.

Bleach is not only a good show (that I haven’t watched in like a while) but coincidentally, I was just updating on klux’s wall that I still haven’t seen the fucking movie. I want to see that shit, but it’s a fucking movie. I don’t have time for a whole fucking movie ever. That’s gay. Anyway, (nothing wrong with a homo or two unless you can hear them have sex) Bleach happens to be filled to the brim with irony. Example:

Ichigo and the Shinigami all try and kill hollows, correct? But later on, it turns out that Ichigo gets a lot of power from his hollow (or something). There’s some irony. Ironically, the same type of thing that the Shinigami’s consider to be evil and bad can make them stronger (vizards). That’s kind of weak though, and not a good type of irony. Jigoku Shoujo is unmatched in irony, as far as I’m concerned.  Oh shit, I have to go to my volleyball game. We’re going to lose anyway, because half are team is female and as you know, females suck at all sports. There’s even a girl who plays actual volleyball on our team, and she blows cock, (just in skill….she’s actually a real life lesbian (not hot I think…I can’t remember, I was drunk last game….wow I’m a piece of shit))……will be back in time, here’s some more pics in the mean time.

Okay I’m back. And we fucking won nastily. I had two serves where I smacked the ball as hard as I can and aced them both. My third one smacked the back of the wall (I wish). Good fun time. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yea, fucking Irony. Let’s take some literature. One story in particular, taken right out of my Lit class. The story is of course, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. I linked to it, and it’s short, and it contains awesome irony in stupid nasty ways, so go read it now. I’m going to explain it and it might seem dumb if you don’t know the story, or maybe it won’t, only you, the reader, knows for sure….well, technically, no one will know for sure, because this is an opinion. However, I can prove opinions wrong (Refuse to Come Wack), so….

Anyway, The Story of an Hour is about a women who is married. This woman has some heart trouble, so when her friends get news that her husband has died, they let her off as easy as possible. She sobs and goes to her room to be alone. (this story is fucking awesome). Up there, she thinks. She realizes suddenly, that she is now free. Free to spend time by herself, where she is most comfortable. She is suddenly relieved and almost happy that her husband has died. She now has her whole life ahead of her to do as she pleases, with time to herself. It’s like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. It turns out, that her husband didn’t die, and in fact had just come home as this women is walking down the stairs. She sees her husband, whom she thought was dead, and then dies of heart failure.

This story has so much awesome foreshadowing, irony, and literary elements, that I could write a paper on how sick it is that would be about 10 times longer than the actual story, but I’m not going to, because this is supposed to be an anime blog (and other shit, obviously).

But this story captures irony perfectly, and I can’t think of a better way to end this post, so I’m done…..oh wait, here are a shitload of more Ironic pictures.


Oh, Cute Irony!

This is saying that black people enjoy the ganja. They do.

I just like this art

I LOVE this.

thats irony

Irony. It rules.

Anime Films vs Anime Series

A post inspired by the poll on Cello’s blog, which is awesome in case you’ve never been there. Basically, this poll made me think about what I like more, Anime Films, or Anime Series. Personally, I think that the answer is pretty clear, as anime movies tend to always be superior to anime series.

Anime Movies

When I was at a party in Brooklyn this past weekend, they were playing this movie on a projector. Not only was I very surprised to see anime at a party, but I also busted in my pants, and then ignored it, because hey, I was at a party, and there was a fucking live DJ, so you know I was grinding with Asians (one asian....once) We mainly just made up retarded dance moves that kick ass.

When I was at a party in Brooklyn this past weekend, they were playing this movie on a projector. Not only was I very surprised to see anime at a party, but I also busted in my pants, and then ignored it, because hey, I was at a party, and there was a fucking live DJ, so you know I was grinding with Asians (one asian....once) We mainly just made up retarded dance moves that kick ass.

Anime movies win here because rarely do I see an anime movie that disappoints me to the point where I don’t want to keep watching it. The worst movie that I ever saw was probably A Kite, well, statistically, that’s the worst, but I also look at all of the Naruto movies and One Piece movies for being pretty shitty. Still, those movies aren’t half as bad as many of the shows that I’ve seen. For a full list of my movies you can look at “The List” page up at the top.

So, what makes anime movies so great? I’ll list and explain with bullets today:

  • Plot

For one thing, movies are able to incorporate an entire plot, beginning, middle, climax, and end, into a short, 1-2 hour time period, which usually yields better results for those who want to take in an entire story, but don’t want to spend a day or so doing it. This also rings true for anime movies that are based off of a series, as the movie usually contains the same characters, albeit a different and usually unrelated story line. In case you didn’t understand the point I was trying to say, here’s an example:

InuYasha is an awesome show, we all I know this. Likewise, InuYasha movies are awesome too, in accordance with Glo’s Law. They never have any real correlation to the plot in the manga/visual novel/video game/anime series/pachinko game/etc, but that’s what makes them great.

Doesn’t that make them like…..giant fillers?

No you giant fuck-head! A movie such as InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass is not just a long filler. It’s an entertaining side story with a cool plot, bad guys, etc. I mean, if you look at it that way, isn’t any non-main plot related episode or side-story just a filler? I mean, what’s the difference between some anime series related movies and regular anime series filler arcs (notice I said filler arcs. This will come into play again later in this post). Wow, I got way off track.

Basically: Anime Movies have great plots.

  • Animation

Name me an anime movie with horrible animation, and I’ll tell you that I probably haven’t seen it. The movie with the best animation that I’ve seen was probably definitely one of the films by the great Hayao Miyazaki. Although I don’t know which one. I liked Ponyo because it was all hand-drawn animation, although Spirited Away was simply amazing. You know, I bet Miyazaki ends up dying in 2012, because that’s when the Apocalypse is supposed to happen, and I can’t imagine any other reason for an Apocalypse. I still hold on to my belief that Miyazaki is immortal.

Anime Series

Welcome to the N.H.K.

This show was fucking awesome and probably won't ever come off of my top ten....unless it does.

Now, when I say that I think anime movies are better than series, I obviously don’t mean that anime series are by any means bad. I mean, right now, I can’t get enough anime. All I want to do lately is watch anime (or play soccer, which I CAN’T FUCKIN DO BECAUSE INTRAMURALS AT CCSU ARE RETARDED AND SHITTY!). But there are certainly differences between them, the major difference being:

  • Time

Obviously, an anime series is going to be longer, and take longer to watch, than pretty much any anime movie. I mean, sure some anime are short (FLCL), but for the most part, you’re going to find it more difficult watching an entire series in one sitting than a movie. Of course, one good aspect of this is:

  • Progression and Character Development

Usually, due to the amount of time we spend watching an anime series in comparison to a movie, we end up seeing more character depth and development in series (except K-ON, which is just stupid). A good example of this is a show which I just completed, Touch (I’ve been saying a lot about this show of late…I also just watched Daisuke shut down the Angels, and was comparing him to Tatsuya as he pitched). The character development in Touch was phenomenal, as it should be, seeing as it’s 101 episodes (and two movies I have yet to  see……5 if you want to get technical). The plot can also be more intricate, of course, with that being said, lengthy anime (even some non lengthly anime) can also have drawbacks, and I think you know what I’m  talking about here….

  • Fillers

I already talked about fillers. To me, a filler isn’t a couple episodes that have nothing to do with the main plot. To me, a filler is one or maybe two episodes that by themselves have nothing to do with the main plot….well….sort of. I’m more defining bad fillers, because there could be good fillers. I already talked about the Bleach Bount arc (which I didn’t even know was a filler until weeks after it ended….I don’t read the manga…in fact I’ve stopped watching the show). This is an entire arc, and entire arcs can be entertaining. A good example of a shitty filler (which is the usual type of filler) would be this shit. Or this shit. Or any of this shit. Get it? If there’s a whole arc, with a bad guy, premise, etc, then I don’t really tend to get annoyed, just don’t make a shitload of Naruto fillers that are all one episode and all similar in some way (I still watched them all, just like a champ).

Fucking End

So yea, This was a filler. Good filler or bad filler? All in all I just like the way that movies are put together. I’m sort of running out of good ones to watch, so if you see any that aren’t on my list, feel free to give me some good ones. This leaves me with a question:

What do you like more, movies or series?