Best Character of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part III: “C”

By now, you know the deal.

Candy Boy – Kanade Sakurai

Kanade is the one on the left, with the darker hair. The other one is her sister, whom she is dating (incest and yuri....yup, I watched it, and it wasn't bad)

Kanade is the one on the left, with the darker hair. The other one is her sister, whom she is dating (incest and yuri....yup, I watched it, and it wasn't bad)

Candy Boy. No boys involved (I think someone made that joke on some blog before). Anyway, there are really only 4 characters here, and as far as I’m concerned they’re all lesbians. Three of them are sisters, by the way. Why did I choose Kanade as the best characters? Well, she’s more mature than her sister/girlfriend, Yukino. Also, I like her character design more, and she’s sick at art, which is always awesome. She wears the pants in the relationship, but also has a soft side, and I think that her character as a whole has more depth than the others.

CANAAN – Taxi Cab Driver

WTF? A Taxi Driver?

WTF? A Taxi Driver?

Am I serious right now? A Taxi Driver? he was in like, 3 episodes. He had like, 6 lines in the entire show! Well, you know what? When you have an ISSS, you can chose whoever you want as your favorite character. And despite the fact that Canaan has a fucking cool character design, and sick ass powers, along with parkour moves that resemble Faith from Mirror’s Edge, the Taxi Driver has what Canaan does not…..a TAXI.

  • Despite being a normal taxi driver from Shanghai, he has no problems with driving his taxi off of a bridge and onto a building. He also doesn’t get fired for doing something like that, because he’s the fucking man.
  • Basically, this Taxi Driver is what Bill the Ass-Kicker would be like if he drove a Taxi: Fucking Awesome.

Cardcaptor Sakura – Tomoyo Daidouji

Lesbian film.....holy shit I suddenly want a huge fucking steak....oh! What luck, what joy! I happen to have a huge fuckin steak in the fridge! BANGOUT!

*This show was dropped at 9

Should I even include this? There’s really not any good characters, and I realized after I started watching that this show was dumb, and definitely not good. I’ll be honest, I hate all of the characters in this show, hence I dropped after only 9. I guess I’ll go with Tomoyo, for the sole reason that she’ll grow up to be a respectful lesbian.

Chaos;HEAD – Ayase Kishimoto

Awesome in lots of ways.

Chaos;HEAD was an awesome anime, and I liked it a lot. Now, my art teacher for screen-printing tells me that you can’t just say you “like something,” you have to explain why. And I will, with bullets….actually, I’ll use numbers.

  1. Murder
  2. Supernatural Powers
  3. Dynamic Lead Character
  4. Many BAM Moments
  5. A pacing that is fast, but not too fast (except the last episode, I felt it should have been two episodes, and explained better)

That being said, Ayase is my favorite, because to me, she seems to be a more unique character than the others. Err, well, actually all of the characters are pretty unique, I actually had a touch time deciding to put Ayase up here, or instead vouch for Kozue, who speaks telepathically. In the end, I decided that Ayase was:

  • In a rock band
  • Has the best character design (I guess this is important to me)
  • Has a different way of thinking (6 Dark Knights as opposed to Gigilomaniacs)

Clannad/Clannad ~After Story~ – Kyou Fujibayashi

I wish Kyou fought Nagisa for the rights to Tomoya.

See my review of Clannad ~ After Story ~: Kyou Chapter.

Claymore: Teresa of the Faint Smile

of the Faint Smile.....forget about it.

I was going to choose Deneve, but she really doesn’t get awesome until later in the manga, so I’m going with Teresa, who is probably still more awesome than Deneve, except for the fact that she dies, which sucks. If you’ve seen her fight, than you know that she’s unbeatable, except that she stupidly shows mercy and pity for Priscilla, which ultimately got her beheaded. I for one don’t believe in mercy (especially in sports). Claymore is one of the best anime ever. Manga is too. I just had to say that.

Chibi Vampire Karin (Karin) – Anju Maaka


She doesn’t talk. I should say, she has one of those personalities. Yea, I can’t really remember much about the actual characters in this show. I guess it wasn’t that great. Also, the anime is actually just called Karin, but for some reason I have the manga name listed, and I’m too lazy move it down. So yea.

Chobits – Chi

I guess Chi wins.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this anime (does that make me a fucking homo? Don’t care.), but as far as characters go, there really wasn’t much to choose from. Chi isn’t really that great of a character, I mean, she’s not even a living thing. but she’s better than the moron who fell in love with her (how do you fall in love with a robot? How much of a loser are you dude?). First of all, robots can’t love or feel emotion at all. Whatever, I’m not going to get into it. And I know that Chi is technically a persecon or whatever, but it’s really the same thing. In the end, I chose Chi because you have to touch her vagina (or the place where a real girl would have a vagina) to turn her on. That’s right, I just dropped a FACTUAL PUN on you.

Code-E -Keisuke Ebihara

Keisuke Ebihara

Here’s how bad this show was. Keisuke wins because he is wearing a cool Hawaiian shirt…and it’s not even that cool. God this show was bad.

Code Geass – Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero

Hewwwwww Yeeeaaahhh

Do I really have to explain? Ahhhh fuck. Lelouch is fucking awesome. I’m just going to list in bullets:

  • Nasty at Chess.
  • Nasty at formulating plots, as well as creating strategies.
  • Looks fucking awesome.
  • Is an anti-hero, which I love.
  • Provided me with many BAM moments.
  • And so on and so forth.

Code Geass rocked hard.

Cowboy Bebop – Spike Spiegel

Not really a choice.

Spike kicks ass. The end.

Okay I’ll put some work in. Why he kicks ass is really not a question that needs answering, but he kicks as firstly because he’s just so smooth. Take his fighting style for example. I forget specifically what episode it was (it was the one with the flower I think), but Spike actually shows the audience his technique, which is use the other person’s momentum against them. Needless to say (I really need to stop using that phrase), his style not only works, but makes him look really cool, smooth, and nonchalant when he fights.

Secondly, his general demeanor matches his fighting skill. He takes everything in stride, and doesn’t get flustered or agitated easily. He’s the man.


Chaos;Head Review

I must admit, I know how to pick em’. Chaos;Head was awesome. The good thing about short anime is that it doesn’t drag out, there are no fillers, and…..well….they’re short. And Chaos;Head did not disappoint.

Here are some Pros of this anime:

  • Dynamic Characters
  • A good share of “BAM” moments (for the record…a “BAM” moment is any twist, plot/character change, or moment that makes you pump your fist and go “Aww fuck yea!”. “BAM” moments are huge boosts in my ratings)
  • Good animation
  • No dull moments
  • A covering of many topics and/or events
  • Unique/cool fighting
  • Unique/cool abilities
  • An awesome plot that slowly builds up the fire to an ending

Here are some Cons:

  • I guess the ending could have been better, I’ll get to that shortly

Well there you have it. I don’t want to spoil anything or give anything away, but I’m going to anyway. If you don’t want anything spoiled, don’t read the stuff after the nice picture, and go watch the show. It’s only like, 12 episodes.


Easily the awesomest thing ever


Yea, so these are spoilers. I don’t know how to hide them, so if you don’t want the anime half ruined, don’t fuckin read this. The thing I really liked about this anime was how the main character, Takumi, developed from an anti-social pussy into a guy with balls who wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He got himself a sword and fought like a man. Of course, I wouldn’t go so far as to consider him a bad ass; and truth be told the ending “fight” was kind of a let down. It almost reminded me of the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion, in that it was a bunch of thoughts in his brain and pretty much bullshit, except Neon Genesis made it last for 24 minutes, and Takumi only had like 2 delusions before he came to his senses. More to come on Neon Genesis Evangelion. That show messed with me. Anyway, the final fight? Yea there was pretty much no actual fighting. I’d rather they just have Takumi come in and fuck the bad guy, Norose, but instead they played mind games. Another thing that bothered me was that it seemed like they tried to squeeze a bit too much info. into the last episode, and the explaination on deafeating Noah II was kind of weak. In my opinion they should have added another episode in to explain the rivers or whatever……of course, maybe I’m just an idiot that doesn’t pay attention.  Still, the end doesn’t take away from the fact that this anime kicked more ass than Bill the Ass kicker.

Fall Anime Report 08′

Well the title of this blo-er I mean ISSS, is GLOAnime, and seeing as I haven’t really talked about any anime lately, here’s something to put this site back to its main focus. The fall season is what, halfway through? Out of all the new shows, I’m watching 6 : Toradora!…Kemeko Deluxe!…Chaos; Head…Rosario + Vampire Capu… Clannad: After Story…To Aru Majutsu no Index. Here, now I will talk about each one briefly.


Well I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that this show is freakin awesome. It’s one of my favorites of the season if not my favorite. Basically, Ryuuji (blue hair) likes this girl who is friends with Taiga (short girl), and Taiga likes a boy who is friends with Ryuuji. So they try and help each other, and basically, it’s funny, its cool, and it has Rie Kugimya voicing Taiga, so it’s awesome.

So Far – A

Kemeko Deluxe!

I guess I have a thing for anime ending with an ‘!’, because this anime is easily funniest of the fall. It reminds me in a way of Beating Angel Dokuro-chan!..I wonder why? well let’s see: same production company, and oh look, Rie Kugimiya is in BOTH of them! I didn’t know that! (yes I did). It’s about this girl M.M., who lands (crashes) a ship into the main character’s (Sanpieta) room in a robotic suit called Kemeko (she can fit into it because it’s a cartoon it isn’t real). And she claims to be his bride. This creates hilarity and is generally awesome.

So Far – A


This show is sick. Basically it’s about this kid who stays at home (one of those big metal boxes that are always at ports) and plays video games while talking to Seira, an anime character who he imagines is his wife. He has delusions, and eventually meets girls that have swords and powers. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a lot more to it.

So Far – A

Rosario + Vampire Capu

Second season of Rosario + Vampire. The first I thought was a bit repetitive, and this season is so far definitely a step up in both humor and individual episode plot (no running plot yet).

So Far – B+

Clannad: After Story

This is a continuation of the first season, Clannad, it’s pretty much the same show, I mean, not much has changed. it has the same characters and such. truthfully, I haven’t really been keeping up with it.

So Far – C

To Aru Majutsu no Index

When you talk about a fast paced, well made anime, you’re talking about this one. After the first 6 episodes, they could have ended the series, and i would’ve been satisfied. Thankfully, they’re still going and it’s getting better. Basically the plot involves a nun (is nothing like a nun) named Index, who has memorized 103 thousand books of magic. Tomo is a psychic, a person with scientific powers. His ability is that his hand can nullify all other forms of psychic and magic powers. He find Index on his balcony one day, and the series continues from there. It’s very good, although I’m a week behind (I’m currently watching 15 different series, it’s tough to keep up).

So Far – A

The end, I gotta study, finals week sucks.