Denpa Teki na Kanojo OVA 2: More Awesome = Awesomer

The first OVA of Denpa Teki na Kanojo was freakin’ sick and awesome, and this time, it’s back for more of the same. New, awesomer characters, new awesome plot, and more awesome Ame Ochibana makes this OVA more awesome than the first awesome OVA, which was, yup, you guessed it, really good (I bet you thought I was going say say awesome? Well I am. It was awesome.)

That's right, Ochibana shows some serious emotion this time!

This time, we are focused around the school president, vice president, two new characters who are random, train molestation, pranks, dead people, and crazy psycho bitches. Basically, all things that rock. I’m not going to explain a whole summary of the episode, because there’s really no point (you’ve either seen it, or haven’t in which case a summary would be a spoiler, and you wouldn’t be able to read it anyway). That being said, this review will contain SPOILERS.

Bitch you got NAILED, but not in the way that you wanted to be.

Bitch you got NAILED, but not in the way tha you wanted to be.

So Ame’s sister tries to seduce Juuzawa. Unfortunately, Juu is not one to be tempted (he’s got Ochibana who is awesome anyway), and he decides that Hikaru just needs some coffee.

Oh, you hate men and broccoli? Aren't you a bad ass!

Here we have one of the new characters. Endou Madoka, who, along with Kirishima, create a duo that will literally kill you. Take for instance, this awesome scene, where the pair, along with Juuzawa and Ame, break into the house of that girl who accused Juuzawa of molesting her on the train:

First, they perform a B&E, then they assult people inside. No questions, no warning, just a kick to the face. (That's Kirishima in the back with the knife)

Kirishima was totally going to kill this guy. You could see it in her eyes. then when Madoka told her not to kill him, she was kind of taken aback. Definitely awesome characters.

Now I must talk about one of the best characters ever made in the history of characters being made, Ame Ochibana:

Does anything escape this girl? No. Nothing. She is a God or something…I mean, she knows when you are sleeping….she knows when you’re awake, she knows if you’ve been bad or good– Maybe she’s Santa!!!!


This scene especially was awesome, because we, as viewers, already knew that the mother was quite obviously decomposing in the other room, but none of the characters did, EXCEPT FOR OCHIBANA! BAM!

What awesome hair.

What awesome hair!

What awesome understanding!

Hello new computer background.

Her spider tingling...

Oh course, right when Juuzawa get hit by a FUCKING TRUCK, Ochibana immediately knows, because she and Juuzawa were linked from past lives (this pretty much has to be true, based on evidence like this). She rushes to him, and discoveres that he is okay, and in fact, _____, who pushed him in front of the truck in the first place, has been….well….


What a great story. Here’s one more picture of Ochibana….you know what, I’ll just put it at the top…This was awesome, I can’t wait for the next one.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part IV: “D”

D.Gray Man – Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is AWESOME

*This show was dropped at 41

So D.Gray Man was dropped because it was all pretty much bullshit. All fillers apparently. Too bad too, because it had such promise to be a great show. I hear that the manga is really good, and I don’t doubt that, but I’m far to lazy to actually read it. However, the anime did have some sick characters, the best of them belongnig to the Noah clan. And the best of these being, of course, Road (Rhode?). She’s awesome, and here’s why:

  • Her skin color is actually gray….I wonder if she can still get a cab?
  • HORIZONTAL STRIPED SOCKS (or whatever those are)! YES!
  • Purple hair! Helloooo, she’s gotta be in my top coolest looking characters list!

But enough about looks, she’ s awesome because she’s got that something about her, sort of an arrogance. Arrogance is awesome, especially when your dressed in high, horizantal striped socks and have purple hair and gray skin. She almost reminds me of Franken Fran with those marks on her forehead, which just adds to how cool she looks. Oh, and she likes candy. Oh, and despite her looks, she’s actually one of the oldest clan members. If you read this wikipedia page about her, you can see even more reasons why she’s one of the coolest characters ever. Sadism? Fucking awesome. Too bad Wikipedia is always sometimes wrong.

Deathnote – Light Yagami

Not afraid to kill.....everyone.

Okay, so the way that he kills people isn’t really “bad ass.” I might even say that it probably doesn’t even feel like you’re really killing someone when all you do is write down their name and picture their face. But, God damn it, Light has got to be the best tactician in anime. Lelouch couldn’t even put up with the likes of Light. I mean, Light planned….well, I don’t want to say exactly. But the longer that the show carried on without a BAM moment, the bigger the BAM moment was when it came. And it was mainly all Light (L was cool too, in fact it took me a while to decided between Light and L..but Light got the better of L in the end, soo).

Light can almost never be outsmarted (until the inevitable end….and a kid beat him? Really? That kid was like….13 years old.)

Denpa Teki na Kanojo – Ochibana

Awesome character

Here’s a character who could be one of my favorites, if she wasn’t just in one OVA episode (two more are slated to come out, however). Personally, I love the hair, I love the weirdness, and if you’re ever getting beat to death by a delusional girl with a bat, she’ll somehow come get you and rescue you. She’s almost the perfect female character.

Detroit Metal City – Soichi Negishi/Johannes Krauser II


Is there anything better than an alter ego/skitso/etc? Nope. Not much. I almost thought about picking the President, because whenever she talks it’s just fucking hilarious. But come on…really?

Negishi is a pussy. Krauser kicks ass. Put them both together and you’ve got a character that sometimes loses his mind, and calls the girl he likes a pig whore, and that he’s going to rape her. Then he makes up some excuse, and she believes him. Negishi kind of sucks, but without him, Krauser would only be a little bit kick-ass awesome. I don’t know if you noticed, but Krauser raped a tower.

D.N. Angel – Emiko Niwa

Oh son, don't forget to steal that thing tonight!

I’m going to summerize this choice with one sentence:

She encourages her son to steal.

What more can you ask for?

Dragonball – Goku

Kaaaaaaaa Meeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I mean, come on, Goku wins in this series hands down. You can’t really go wrong with a kid who’s pretty much oblivious to everything around him, including how unnatural his own strength is, and kicks ass all over the place. He’s just fucking awesome. And he’s got a tail. You know, I used to want a tail at one point in my life, just to see what it feels like.

Dragonball Z – Vegeta

This picture pretty much explains it all.

See that picture? I shouldn’t have to explain why Vegeta is the best character in DBZ. He’s fucking awesome. He’s a bad ass Sayain with a sick ass voice (dubbed version). He’s also evil (until they make a mistake and make him a good guy). He kicks ass and is the shit. Easily my favorite character in DBZ, and one of my favorite characters ever.

Dragonball GT – Goku/Vegeta Fusion

Yea. I’ll let that video be the explanation. Also, on farther inspection, I need to rewatch this show because I really can only remember bits and pieces.