If You Could Be One Anime Character, Who Would You Be?

After finishing Golden Boy and deciding that it was totally awesome (effective Nov. 17th or something), I realized that it would also be awesome to have Kintaro’s life. His lifestyle, his luck, and the interactions that he goes through in a short 6 episodes are all enviable to say the least.

Then the awesomeness of this show got me thinking, “Out of all of the characters that I’ve witnessed, a number well into the thousands, who would I like to be?”

Notice I say “be” and not “be like. “It’s a question asked so many times that I guess I thought I already answered it, but thinking back, I never really considered it. So after this, I had to think, and so, I thought.

I thought and I thought.

Afterwards, I came to the conclusion that I should think a little bit more, and so I did.

I thought a little bit more, and then, finally, I was good and ready to realize what character I wanted to be think even more. One can never do enough thinking, and I f-

Cut to the chase you moron. All you do is ramble. You still owe me a po-

Right. Now, before I tell you three people who still actually read this ISSS who that character is, let me let you know why. Most of the characters that I like the most have to qualify certain needs that I, as a sad boring human living in reality desire:

1. Powers

Some kind of power must be present in this character. That’s just how it is. My favorite characters usually have these types of things in place. InuYasha has all sorts of crazy powers from being a half demon with an awesome sword. Ed Elric can use alchemy. Even someone like Maki from Air Master has unrealistic levels of strength and agility, and an enormous vagina, which I can consider a power in itself. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a power based on the body. Something like an awesome weapon can be considered a power (such as a Gantz suit or weapon), and likewise, being great at strategic thinking (Lelouch, Light Yagami) can be a power, because fuck, I can’t really do that (I probably could). Either way, the idea is, if you decided that you want to be a character, then you take all of their abilities (even the bad ones), and since powers like these don’t exist in real life, it’s up to anime to quench the thirst to fly or beat the shit out of a 24 foot tall giant using long stretchy arms that, despite being made out of a soft substance, still somehow hurt really bad.

2. The World

The world in which a character lives in and how they fit into this world have a lot to do with how much I’d want to swap places with a given character. You don’t want to have awesome powers but then end up living in a world where you still pretty much suck compared to everyone else. Take Krillin (DBZ) for example. By our standards of reality, he would easily be the strongest person in the history of people on Earth. He can shoot energy blasts out of his hands for God’s sake and it’s not like you see our troops using distructo-disks in Iraq do you? However, compared to pretty much anyone else in DBZ, he’s kind of a chump. Sure, in the Garlic Junior Saga, he dressed like a pimp, but other than that, he’s a bitch.

So a character’s place in their world has something to do with who I’d choose, so pretty much that means I’d want to take the strongest, or main character of a given show, right? Not necessarily. The example I cited (Krillin) demonstrates a character’s situation where he pretty much sucks, but to no fault of his own. Krillin really can’t improve anymore than he already has. He can’t get much stronger. He’s still a human. Meanwhile, he is surrounded by all sorts of crazy super saiyans, who never lose their powers and are super strong and pretty much live forever. He has limits. They don’t. He’s stuck where he is. That being said, he still gets to put his dick in 18’s ass every night, so it’s not like it’s all bad, because he’s a foxy babe. Take One Piece for example. Luffy is clearly the strongest and has awesome powers, but I fucking love swords, so I’d rather be Zoro. Plus he’s either sleeping or drinking, and I love doing those things too (I did not pick him though).

You see, some characters, while not the strongest, can make themselves strong and persevere in spite of this fact. Take Inuyasha for example. He’s a half demon. He’s not the strongest person in the world, but he has powers, and, mainly because of his weapon, he can improve his powers throughout his life, and improve his standing. Not only that, but while he might not be the strongest, the people around him provide him with ways to beat enemies that are much stronger than anything he could beat alone. In other words, he might not be the strongest, but he can hold his own, no matter the opponent. If Krillin tries to face any crazy super saiyans, he’s gonna get the shit kicked out of him. It’s not good to be a character with no weaknesses, it’s just not as fun.

There’s many other things that go into a situation, such as what girls are doing around a character, and…..well…..yeah that’s pretty much the only other thing that concerns me.

Anyway, this posts is getting kind of long, so I’m going to cut to the chase. The characters who’s life I would most like to have is…..


Yeah right. What a dumb pokemon, it’s just a normal fucking bird. If someone tried to fight me with a pidgey I could probably just throw a rock and kill it. It’s just a bird. Who in their right mind would want to be a Pidgey (I have a pidgey in my latest pokemon exploit, so I’m kind of a hypocrite here). No, no, no. My choice is a character whom I had always wanted to be. But first, I’m going to explain a bit [more].

The Top Tier

Before I get to my top three shows from which I’d want to be a character in, here are some other shows that I considered for my character swap:

One Piece

First of all, pirates are awesome. If you disagree, then burn in hell. Second of all, One Piece contains a rich plethora of powers to choose from. You can do anything from turning into a moose to using fire at will to being unable to tell anything but corny jokes (that’s a real power too, I looked it up, and I mention it in a post that is yet to be released). Yes ladies and gentlemen, One Piece has it all.


I just love everything about this anime. Yoko is an awesome character and would make a great partner (for fighting), but mainly Keita (I actually remember their names!!!) is the one that intrigues me the most. His use of frog bombs truthfully isn’t anything special, but he’s pretty much allowed to run around naked. Worse case scenario, he ends up in jail only to be taken out later. No fine, no serious punishment. Now that’s a nice freedom to have, and should be considered a fantastic power.


Ability to see particles? Awesome. Think of the financial gain that can be brought with seeing these tiny little guys….on second thought, this would probably make me never want to eat food again….forget this one, I don’t want this life.


Watanuki is a bitch. He should go after Zashiki but he’s too stupid to realize how awesome she is.

Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi is a bitch. He should go after Ryoko but he’s too stupid to realize how awesome she is.

In the end, I narrowed my extensive amount of anime down to three shows. And here are my breakdowns of these top three anime:

Dragonball Z

Cosplay: It's not for everyone.

This has always been one of the shows that I would dream about. Like, you know how before you go to bed you create a story with an entire plot about yourself having some kind of power or something? And you know how you do this every night? Like, maybe you imagine yourself with abilities to fly and shoot distructo disks and stuff, and you imagine that you’re in a classroom, and suddenly crazy fighting ninjas come in and you fight them and beat them and win, and everyone is watching you thinking, “Woah! That kids all crazy and stuff! I’m so jealous of HIM!” You know how you usually do this? You don’t? Wtf is wrong with you, imagining shit all the time is awesome! Anyway, the awesome things you can do here are limitless. Shooting energy blasts, flying…CATCHING DRAGONBALLS!!! Dude even if you don’t have a power you want, you can wish for it to happen.


This was the show that took the place of the previously explained “pre-sleep-imaginations-dreams”. Instead of blasting someone with a Kamehameha, I was using claws to tear through them. So usually the bystanders in my dream were more afraid of me than in awe of me. Actually, they were both. It was much more fun, and there was more blood.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Cosplay: It is for other people.

There are so many things that you can do with alchemy, so many endless possibilities, that you can’t not consider this. You can do anything from controlling fire to moving the earth to fixing things to creating nuclear explosions (maybe. I’m not actually a nuclear physicist, so I’m not sure if nuclear explosions are really possible). So this is always a good choice. In the end, I wentwith the character that I thought I’d have the most fun with, basically, this is a character who’s build and world was tailor made to make me drool with envy.
















All of that for this!? We already know that you like InuYasha! This was a waste of everyone’s time!

BAH! Inuyasha is awesome for several reasons, which I’m just going to list because it’s late and I wanna finish this draft now.

  • Inuyasha has awesome powers. He can use his blood as a weapon, he can use his claws as a weapon (fun!), he can turn into a demon with crazy ass power and use that as a weapon, and he can even use his weapon as a weapon! And, what’s more, is his weapon has powers, and can get more! Pretty much a perfect power package there!
  • The world Inuyasha lives in is feudal Japan. I fucking LOVE feudal Japan. Think of this. There’s no cars or cities, so there’s virtually no pollution (in comparison to today). Breathe that fresh air baby! Not only that, but Kagome can bring all sorts of new technologies back to feudal Japan and we can become famous inventors on the side. Money money money! But hey, if I ever don’t like it, I can just come to the future through the well. I’ve got the best of both worlds baby!
  • The crew. The crew is great. I can beat up on Shippo (which would be often), we have a funny monk (Miroku), a hot demon slayer (Sango) and a hot 15 year old who definitely isn’t 15 (Kagome). Honestly, Kagome’s more developed than some 20 year olds. There’s a thousand other characters too. As Inuyasha, I might try and get with Kagura before she dies.
  • Kagome can cook…..she can cook very well at that….I could end this right here.
  • Killing demons all day sounds like a fun job.
  • Inuyasha’s cloak can prevent injury.
  • Inuyasha can run fast as fuck, and jump far as fuck. I’d LOVE to not have to drive anymore.
  • Stabbed in the throat? No big deal.
  • I’d finally be able to see what Inuyasha looks like with a shaved head. What do those ears look like? Are they like…attached to the top of his head? Do they go all the way down to where his human ears should be? Must look weird.
  • Inuyasha can smell blood. Like literally. The only drawback to his great sense of smell is if I was in a room with Robert, and he farted, I’d probably actually die.
  • I’ll live a very long time.
  • Laws? What are they? Wait, who cares either way? I’m ten times stronger than any human!

Pretty much, he covers every aspect of a life that I’d want. The character of Inuyasha has a good world, a good standing in said world. Female prospects of good quality, fun and danger to be had at every corner, no laws, and a passage back to the current time if I ever want a vacation. I can still watch anime even! BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Extra Shit

Well, I took about a week off, mainly because I’ve been hardcore balling out. I had two open bars on consecutive nights at event where I danced my ASS OFF, grinded with a MILF, and had a furocious good time, I got drunk some more, I had UN party (only people in my neighborhood) where I threw on a Kilt an argued over the importance of haggis, my birthday, Thanksgiving (on the same day! I’m 23 years old, and still ignoring reality!), and the week is still young. Tomorrow I’m going to get bombed and on Saturday I’m off to see the first inaugural game of the CT Whale, which is the closest thing I’m going to get to seeing my beloved Whalers reign on the ice again, although, I have heard from the former Hartford Whaler’s Dentist, that there is a 100% chance that the Whalers will return. Not only that, but the current owner of the CT Whale (AHL) is currently on pretty good terms with the NHL commissioner. They’ve gotten pretty friendly which is always a good thing. If the Whalers ever returned I’d go insane. Like, take the Red Sox winning the 04 World Series and ALCS combined, multiply it by….oh say……over 9000, and then you’ll get close to how ballistic I would go. Chances are, you wouldn’t be able to control me for weeks, and I wouldn’t get any sleep. I imagined the moment happening and I almost lost it. If the NHL starts losing revenue somehow then I think they might think about expanding, and a new stadium could be built (if the economy ever gets better which will be at least 5 years in my opinion). All I’m saying is it’s not impossible. Wow, I did not expect to write this much about the Whalers. Fuck. Here’s me in a kilt:


Vampire Money. It’s an awesome song. Listen to it.

This post had a word count close to 2375.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part IV: “D”

D.Gray Man – Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is AWESOME

*This show was dropped at 41

So D.Gray Man was dropped because it was all pretty much bullshit. All fillers apparently. Too bad too, because it had such promise to be a great show. I hear that the manga is really good, and I don’t doubt that, but I’m far to lazy to actually read it. However, the anime did have some sick characters, the best of them belongnig to the Noah clan. And the best of these being, of course, Road (Rhode?). She’s awesome, and here’s why:

  • Her skin color is actually gray….I wonder if she can still get a cab?
  • HORIZONTAL STRIPED SOCKS (or whatever those are)! YES!
  • Purple hair! Helloooo, she’s gotta be in my top coolest looking characters list!

But enough about looks, she’ s awesome because she’s got that something about her, sort of an arrogance. Arrogance is awesome, especially when your dressed in high, horizantal striped socks and have purple hair and gray skin. She almost reminds me of Franken Fran with those marks on her forehead, which just adds to how cool she looks. Oh, and she likes candy. Oh, and despite her looks, she’s actually one of the oldest clan members. If you read this wikipedia page about her, you can see even more reasons why she’s one of the coolest characters ever. Sadism? Fucking awesome. Too bad Wikipedia is always sometimes wrong.

Deathnote – Light Yagami

Not afraid to kill.....everyone.

Okay, so the way that he kills people isn’t really “bad ass.” I might even say that it probably doesn’t even feel like you’re really killing someone when all you do is write down their name and picture their face. But, God damn it, Light has got to be the best tactician in anime. Lelouch couldn’t even put up with the likes of Light. I mean, Light planned….well, I don’t want to say exactly. But the longer that the show carried on without a BAM moment, the bigger the BAM moment was when it came. And it was mainly all Light (L was cool too, in fact it took me a while to decided between Light and L..but Light got the better of L in the end, soo).

Light can almost never be outsmarted (until the inevitable end….and a kid beat him? Really? That kid was like….13 years old.)

Denpa Teki na Kanojo – Ochibana

Awesome character

Here’s a character who could be one of my favorites, if she wasn’t just in one OVA episode (two more are slated to come out, however). Personally, I love the hair, I love the weirdness, and if you’re ever getting beat to death by a delusional girl with a bat, she’ll somehow come get you and rescue you. She’s almost the perfect female character.

Detroit Metal City – Soichi Negishi/Johannes Krauser II


Is there anything better than an alter ego/skitso/etc? Nope. Not much. I almost thought about picking the President, because whenever she talks it’s just fucking hilarious. But come on…really?

Negishi is a pussy. Krauser kicks ass. Put them both together and you’ve got a character that sometimes loses his mind, and calls the girl he likes a pig whore, and that he’s going to rape her. Then he makes up some excuse, and she believes him. Negishi kind of sucks, but without him, Krauser would only be a little bit kick-ass awesome. I don’t know if you noticed, but Krauser raped a tower.

D.N. Angel – Emiko Niwa

Oh son, don't forget to steal that thing tonight!

I’m going to summerize this choice with one sentence:

She encourages her son to steal.

What more can you ask for?

Dragonball – Goku

Kaaaaaaaa Meeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I mean, come on, Goku wins in this series hands down. You can’t really go wrong with a kid who’s pretty much oblivious to everything around him, including how unnatural his own strength is, and kicks ass all over the place. He’s just fucking awesome. And he’s got a tail. You know, I used to want a tail at one point in my life, just to see what it feels like.

Dragonball Z – Vegeta

This picture pretty much explains it all.

See that picture? I shouldn’t have to explain why Vegeta is the best character in DBZ. He’s fucking awesome. He’s a bad ass Sayain with a sick ass voice (dubbed version). He’s also evil (until they make a mistake and make him a good guy). He kicks ass and is the shit. Easily my favorite character in DBZ, and one of my favorite characters ever.

Dragonball GT – Goku/Vegeta Fusion

Yea. I’ll let that video be the explanation. Also, on farther inspection, I need to rewatch this show because I really can only remember bits and pieces.

Remembering Toonami

Ahhhhh. Remember the good old days? When you would get home from school, and then around 3 o’clock, Toonami would start up? I remember Tom (voice by Steven Blum, the dude who did Spike from Cowboy Bebop) and that awesome cool spaceship. But more than that, I remember the great shows, and the fact that Toonami was the origin of my like for anime. Let’s look back on a little history, which I pretty much copied off of sites like wikipedia and shit:

  • It first aired on March 17, 1997, and was originally hosted by Moltar (I never knew that)
  • In 1999, Tom made his first appearance.

You know what? Wikipedia is wrong, because I specifically remember that Reboot was on  right before DBZ, but it says that this is not true? I don’t know, wikipedia is dumb, I’m just going to go off my own knowledge, and what I think I remember.

Dragonball Z


Dragonball Z. This show is the one thing that got me into anime. If Dragonball Z  had never been invented, I would most likely be a star on the Boston Red Sox, or at the very least, normal. But you know what? This show kicks so much ass that I think I’m going to die from it. I remember having to tape it (with those old VHS tapes) at 5:30, because my fucking parents made me do my homework right after dinner, which was at 5, and so I never was able to watch it.

“It’s just 30 minutes, I’ll do my homework right after.”

Nope. That logic wasn’t good enough for my Nazi parents, who were strict with things that never mattered. You think I did my homework after dinner anyway? You must be kidding. I went up to my room for an hour and played Game Boy. Take that parents!



Alright, so this is one of the coolest shows ever. Basically, in case you’re stupid and don’t know already, Reboot is about what goes on inside your computer (obviously fictional). It’s awesome, not only because it’s cool 3-D, but because it’s awesome. Basically, when a game comes, these dudes have to play the user, and if they lose then they turn into nulls (like slugs) therefore, they obviously have to beat them. Later on it gets deeper and the moves away from this plat scheme. The bad guys? Megabyte and Hexadecimal, two viruses. I would buy this show if I could find it. That’s how awesome it is.

Having this show right before DBZ was like when Manny and Ortiz hit back to back. Oh, and this show has lots of parodies in it too, which is awesome. I can’t remember the end, which sucks….I think it got canceled before and end was given. To better illustrate the plot, here it the first part of the first episode:

Gundam Wing

GUNDAM WINGThis is a series I definitely have to go back and re-watch. After about 15 episodes, I missed one, and never really picked it up again, as I became totally lost after the missed episode. I know that it centered around Hero, the main character, and he was a depressed fuck. I also remember that I used to watch this show with my friend, Matt, and we thought it was awesome. Matt doesn’t like anime really. He thinks this site is gay, because it’s mainly anime related. But yea, this was a sick-ass show.

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

The REAL Adventures.....everything else was a LIE.

Alright, so the original Johnny Quest? Personally, I’m not a fan. But this show? Awesome. I mean, the opening itself was great. I remember that me and my sister, and we would pretend that the opening was one of those rides where you sit in the chair and it seems like you’re on a roller coaster, even when you’re actually in a chair. Needless to say I was a little kid.

This show was great because it mixed computer graphic characters with actual cartoon, and that was new at this point in time (another reason why Reboot was so cool to me). Another show that I miss.

Sailor Moon

Wait....Sailor Moon?

Hold your horses. I only watched this show because it was on before a show that I liked (either Gundam Wing or DBZ or Reboot…..I wanna say Reboot), and my sister always would watch it. I didn’t actually like it. I’m serious. I don’t remember the song or anything like that:

Okay I remember that OP and all of the words, but that doesn’t mean I liked the show. I certainly don’t like the transformation jingle, nor do I remember it:

Okay, I remember that too, and have, on occasion hummed it to myself…in fact, I guarantee these two songs get stuck in my head for the next week. Anyway, I watched this with my sister, and my friend Matt. Both of us insisted that we only watched it because the girls were hot, but I thought was an okay show. The only dumb this is…who do these girls think they’re fooling with their costumes? I mean everybody could tel– Oh wait a second, apparently, in anime, you only have to change the color of your clothes and what you’re wearing in your hair to completely disguise yourself.

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin is cool.

I watched this show for a while, and thought it was the shit, but eventually I stopped watching it for one reason or the other, and didn’t watch it again until I actually got into anime. I watched it subbed after that, because I couldn’t take Kenshin’s voice in English. I mean, I can’t really take it in Japanese either, but it’s more tolerable. This was probably one of the first series that I watched subbed.

What I remember from this show is Kenshin being awesome, and me wanting a reverse blade that I could use. He was sick. I never watched the OVAs, and  heard that they were sick-nasty (not as sick nasty as Hellsing Ultimate though). I should check those out someday.

That’s about it really. Toonami kicked ass. Of course, one show that I did NOT like was The Big O. It just looked really stupid. I never actually saw an episode or gave it a chance, but sometimes I’d rather just judge a book by it’s cover. Come to think of it, I never really liked Thundercats either, but it was still fun to say:

God I miss Toonami. The old Toonami. The one with anime. How should I end this post? There’s only one way:

Top Ten Anime Characters

Well, I love Top Ten lists, I mean, doesn’t everyone? As of now I have a lot of them made, and will slowly put more and more up. This one is the Top Ten Anime Characters, as you could tell from the title. If you can’t tell from the title, then you still have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about. Anyway, enough with the pointless chit-chat, on to the characters!

10. Vash the Stampede

Vash is the man. He’s nasty at shooting, he’s lucky, he’s not afraid to get shot. Also, he looks like the man, and as Oballer just pointed out, “he’s mad smart and killed legato bluesummers (a well known bad ass mofo)” You know, I had never watched Trigun. Then I did. Then I realized that he was the man and the show was awesome. It was debated for a while to see who gets the 10 spot, but Vash deserved it because he always fights for what’s right……God damn that sounds gay as fuckin hell. Scratch that. He’s ten because he’s nasty at fighting and always wins. And when you learn more about him as the series plays on, you’ll see other reasons why he’s sick (I don’t want to spoil it).

9. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach (durr). He’s the man….sort of. Why is he so cool (or nifty, if you prefer)? Well doing pros and cons on every single character is dumb, so I’ll briefly explain. At first he’s just your average, everyday kid. He goes to school, has friends, lives at home, and sees ghosts, nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out he’s got mad power, becomes a Shinigami, and rapes young women…well everything but the last part is true. For the record, rape is not cool. He’s almost a bad ass, but he fights to protect things and is heroic, which is cool and all (and is the only reason a good guy fights in any anime (aside from one or two people up higher on the list), but a bad ass doesn’t give a shit, he just kicks ass. So Ichigo, for now you get 9.

8. Light Yagami

Light Yagami. Also your everyday kid. Until he finds a Deathnote on the ground, a book where you write someones name in it, and they die. There’s more to it but I’m lazy so I don’t want to explain. I know I suck. Anyway, instead of sealing the book away so no one can use it for evil. He decides to use it for evil. Finally a show who’s main character is a serial killer. But don’t worry, he only kills bad guys. This show contains many intense BAM moments, and Light, a genius, is the cause of them. He is prolly the most BAMmiest character out there, next to L, also in the show, and Lelouch, from Code Geass. Deathnote is awesome, I mean, as long as you realize it’s not real life and go do something dumb to imitate the show…….wowwww.

7. Alucard

Alucard, from Hellsing, which I need to give a 5^^ since I rated it WAY too low, is nasty. He serves as Hellsing’s “trump card”. In other words, he’s fuckin nasty at fighting. Why is he so good? Well first of all, he looks sick, he’s a complete BAD ASS (he just wants to kill you…despite this, he’s loyal to Hellsing), he’s a vampire (vampires are cool), and no matter what happens, whether he’s killing, getting dismembered, standing, sleeping, etc…..he’s always got a nice, big, smile on his face. He’s fuckin awesome, so is Hellsing.

6. Spike Spiegel

Spike is the man. He’s always got that smirk on his face, and no matter what’s going on, whether it’s a shootout or a fight, he stays cool, calm, and collected, kicks some ass, and he’s on his way. He isn’t afraid of anything and is all around a nasty mutha fucka. Jeez this show was sick, it’s on like, all of my top tens…..oh wait….I haven’t put them all up yet. EDIT: I was going to put this as number ten in my top ten anime, then I decided not to.

5. Pikachu

Gotcha. Fake number 5, just to keep you on your toes.

5. Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi, from Lucky Star, aka, the worst best best worst anime ever, is awesome, so she’s number 5. Pretty much, this is me in terms of personality, except Konata takes it to a different, slightly higher, extreme. (I refuse to do cosplay). She likes anime/manga, video games (I don’t really play much anymore though….I did just buy an Xbox, but it broke, so I’m getting it exchanged (for free cuz I’m a well known person) and Mirror’s Edge is awesome), slacks amazingly well (an attribute to be proud of), and is apathetic, but full of energy. She rules.

I AM SO FUCKIN TIRED..oh well the show must go on…

4. Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenpachi is the man (I’ve said that pretty much about everyone), and is the second person used from Bleach in this countdown. He is the world’s BAD ASS. Like Alucard, he’s always smiling when he’s fighting. He loves to fight. Oh…you sliced his chest open? Just makes him happier. By the way, he’s such a BAD ASS that he wears an Eye Patch that seals away most of his energy, and bells on his hair to make fights more even, because if they’re too easy, it’s not enough fun. He’ll kill you, and enjoy doing it. Fuck. I don’t even need to say anymore.

3. Shana the Flame Haze

Shana is a bitch. An awesome, sicknasty bitch. Who loves melon bread. Shakugan no Shana is a fuckin great  show, and Shana is great because she looks cool, has a cool sword, her hair turns red when she’s gonna kick ass, and she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya. She’s a very dynamic character (she’s a tsundere), and is….you know what, watch the show, she’s awesome.

2. Vegeta

The original bad ass kinda. He looks sick. Will kill you without hesitation, COLLECTS DRAGONBALLS! (haha) and looks cool. Personally, I enjoy his evil, saiyan, demeanor. Also, I though his voice (English and Japanese) was sick. He was such a badass……I mean…..they kind of made him less evil as the series progressed, but he never lost that “Ireallywanttokillyounow” edge.

1. Inuyasha

That’s right fuckheads. It’s my number 1 show and my number 1 character. INUYASHA. Let’s look at the facts: He’s a half demon, has a huge  sword that progressively gets nastier, looks sick, and can turn into a demon where he becomes BAD ASS X2. He can also become human when there’s no moon, which gives him weakness….wait….he still kicks ass as a human, and will fight anyone. His regular demeanor is one of  “Hey you, you’re an asshole!”, and he’s easily the best character ever made. Finally, time for sleep.

EDIT: I was fuckin tired when I wrote this, there’s prolly somewhere around 500 mistakes, both grammatical, and other. I might fix them, I’ve heard that the pic of Vash doesn’t show up, but for me it does so I don’t know what to tell you…I tired deleting the pic and re-loading, I hope that helps everyone.