Top Coolest Looking Characters Part 2: FMA

Okay, so I was going to put this out a long ass time ago, but I forgot and it got lost in my drafts. Now I found it. So, since there are so many characters from FMA that I think look awesome, here is a whole post devoted to them (Top 5…they are not in order, but I labeled which character I thought is the best:

Edward Elric

He's got a metal arm/leg.....awesome.

Metal arm/leg = sweet. I mean…..even “cosplayers” look good. Sweetness.

Izumi Curtis (Sensei)


Definitely one of the coolest female characters from FMA. I mean, the dreadlocks, or braids, or whatever are just awesome. And she has big boobs. However, one might look….err…..scary? in “cosplay”.



Like….I don’t have to explain this at all.

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye

I have used this picture before.

What, you didn’t think that I wouldn’t include Hawkeye after all of the things that I said about her, did you? Awesomeness. And yes, even a “cosplayer” can look good.

Okay, so those are all some pretty cool characters, but none of them beat my top character for looks. This character, sadly did not become very major, and also was killed off, which is probably the worst thing ever. Almost as bad as 9-11. All jokes in bad taste aside, here is the number one spot, and it isn’t “Ludacris”:

Number One: Martel

Martel via 2nd FMA series

Martel via the 1st FMA series.

Personally, I thought Martel looked better in the first FMA series, when her tattoo was an awesome purple. I mean, true, green makes more sense, seeing as she’s spliced with a snake, but I don’t give a shit about that, I just care about looks. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Awesome tattoo.
  • Sweet hair style (short hair with one long strand…can’t go wrong.)
  • Nice black wife beater thing, you know else wears a black halter top? Hawkeye.
  • Check out that knife.
  • Green fucking eyes.

Martel could’ve been the best character ever, but they killed her. Damn them.

Chibi Martel!

Martel will kick your ass.


Others that didn’t make the list (that I decided wanted to be top 5) and why:

  • Al: He would be in the top 10, but he missed the top 5.
  • Colonel Mustang: He’s boring except for the gloves.
  • Lieutenant Ross: I wish she was in the top 5….she’s probably number 6…just because of the short hair.
  • Winry: Nothing special about her.
  • Paninya: I don’t know how she didn’t make it, she has two legs of automail with like, guns in them, and she fits the black wife beater thing criteria. I guess I don’t like her hair.

What about Lust?


Fuck Lust.

Sadly for Lust, this is the only picture/screen shot where she actually looked cool. She’s pretty bland as a character. No color, no cool tats, not much going on besides those claws and her tits.

Some of the cosplayers displayed here (Ed and Hawkeye) were from this “site”.


Rie Kugimiya

Rie Kugimiya is probably one of my favorite voice actresses/actors. Besides the fact that she’s the only one whose name I actually know, for some reason, I always seem to like every anime that she’s in. I don’t really know why, because she pretty much plays the exact same person in every single one, and the plots are always similar (I should clarify that this only pertains to the romance area of plot. The genre of anime changes, as well as the…I guess theme).

Generally, she always plays a short girl who is a bitch who is self conscious about her small breast size. She then will typically fall in love with the male main character but finds it hard to express her feelings because she’s used to being such a bitch. This is of course known as tsundere.

Rie Kugimiya as Shana, the bitch from Shakugan no Shana.

Shana, the bitch from Shakugan no Shana. She's cool because she has a sword and can turn her hair red-orange when she's about to whoop some ass.

Rie Kugimiya as Loise, the bitch from Zero no Tsukaima. Here we see her dislike for large breasts, as she has none.

Loise, the bitch from Zero no Tsukaima. Here we see her dislike for large breasts, because she has none. Coincidently, every girl except her in this anime seems to have large breasts.

Rie Kugimiya as Taiga, from Toradora! Why bitch slap when you can bitch drop-kick?

Taiga, from Toradora! Why bitch slap when you can bitch drop-kick? This show kicks ass (get it? Just like the picture?).

In each of these anime, she voices the same person, but not really. JC Staff (producers of all these anime) simply changed the hair and names, and seem to be milking Kugimiya for all she’s got, which is fine with me. I think Shakugan no Shana is the best of the three, probably because it has more action and fighting then the others. People say the second season sucked, and it did for about 14 episodes. Every episode was the same: Shana and Yoshida just questioned everyone and everything about the meaning of love. It sucked the episodes had no relation to the actual plot. Then after that bullshit was over, the series was suddenly nasty to the point of shitting on everything. Like it was really good. They better make a third season. Zero no Tsukaima has kind of fallen off, but I still enjoy it. I’m finding Toradora! to be pretty good too, probably my favorite of the fall season. When I’m done I’m gonna start watching Hayate the Combat butler, where she plays pretty much the same type of character. Of course she does sometimes play chracters that aren’t tsundere, such as that ice girl in Rosario + Vampire whose name escapes me, and of course Ed from Full Metal Alchemist. ok cool. You may wonder why such a buff and mainly person such as myself would bother to waste time with anime so infatuated with romance and such. Well all I can say to answer that is…………well………actually I have absolutely no response to a question like that. I guess I’m a huge fuckin pussy.