Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part V: “E”

Only three today….do you feel ripped off? Too bad, it’s my bloody site (no, I’m not English, but sometimes I do use the accent just because).

Elfen Lied – Lucy

I don’t know if this is a screen shot or if someone made it, but it’s the only decent picture of child Lucy I could find on Google. Actually, I found this on It has awesome wallpapers of pretty much any character, but it also has a lot of porn apparently. I picked Child-Lucy because let’s face it. A psychotic child that kills people around her violently with invisible arms? That’s just awesome. And if you want to look in depth, then I guess you could look at how deep of a character Lucy is.

  • She developed ill feelings toward humans after all of the trama that seemed to befall her in her life.
  • This then developed into a split personality disorder when she was shot in the head (helmet).
  • Even after this, her “evil” side develops from an evil person to a good person, leaving Nyu (her good side) behind.

That’s a very very basic view of her depth, but I’m trying to make these reviews quick, because who the fuck likes reading? The manga is better if you want depth. The end of the manga (SPOILER) is probably the only logical solution (albeit a bit messy), but is also kind of sad.

Ergo Proxy – Re-L Mayer

One of the best femal characters I've seen....yea....that's right.

Ergo Proxy was one of the best shows that I’ve seen. I felt like the whole atmosphere of the show made me feel like I was going through the same things that the characters were. Also, it reminded me strongly of The Matrix, one of my top ten favorite movies. Re-l is awesome because, well, first, her name is cool (both looking and sounding), and second (and more importantly), she is a girl who is dark, cold, but also just a normal girl, who gets scared at monsters that break into her house (literally, break) after a shower. I mean, just a normal girl. She’s got the swagger, she’s got the appearance (literally one of the coolest character designs I’ve seen, even though it’s pretty simple), and she’s got feelings. She matches the show perfectly. Of course, there’s more to Re-l than meets the eye, and I’m not going to go into details…..ERGO PROXY IS AWESOME. I WISH THEY MADE MORE SEASONS!

There is some bullshit Greek mythology, but I just ignore that.

Excel Saga – Nabeshin (aka Shinichi Watanabe)

Oh. My. Gyad.......WUSSUP!

This one should have been a no brainer for people. I mean, Nabeshin is easily the best part of this show (a show that I enjoyed because of it’s random/retarded humor and long sentences that were spoken very quickly by characters such as Excel and that never really had any point but were spoken in that way nontheless that kind of reminded me of Ace Ventura when he takes a deep breath to explain something very long and then eventually runs out of breath right when he’s done talking.).

Nabeshin is just a fucking awesome character. The picture (which I found on Google) does a good job at explaining a bit of my reasoning. He might be one of the top ten best characters ever (or maybe not, but he kicks ass).

Nabeshin, The man, the myth, the legend

I was watching a certain episode of a certain anime, like literally a minute ago (it’s paused now), and a certain character made a cameo appearance…..well…I should say that a whole episode is being done about him… it seems so far. Anyway, this reminded me that this character is awesome, as well as the show he originally came from. Who is this person?


Nabeshin (excerpt taken exceptionally from Excel Saga)

Nabeshin (excerpt taken exceptionally from Excel Saga)

Yes Nabeshin. Originally, he made his debut in Excel Saga, an anime filled with complete randomness and parodies. However, after I looked into it, it seems that he’s made cameos or appearances in six shows (not counting Excel Saga or Puni Puni Poemy, the OVA spin off). He was created by director Shinchi Watanabe, seen somewhere else on this page. In truth, Nabeshin is Watanabe in anime form. In other words, Watanabe put himself in the anime.

-Jeff, what does Shinchi Watanabe look like?

-I’m glad you asked Mr. Personwhoisntrealandamyormaynotbeavoiceinmyhead. Here you go:

Err…let’s try a different one:

Pretty much, Watanabe is a skitso, and confuses himself in real life, and himself in anime. That makes it better though! Nabeshin = Awesome character. If I saw more of him, he might have made my list, but I didn’t, so I didn’t. Let’s continue this post after a


Part II: Excel Saga Review:

Excel, Hyatt.

From left to right: Excel, Hyatt.

Excel Saga…how should I put it….Here’s the official description:

Excel, an eccentric girl, begins work for Lord Illpalazzo, who wants to take over the world one sity at a time, starting with F. City. However, the city Dept. of Security stands in the way, and tries to stop them. Eventually, Excel is joined by Hyatt, who always dies and throws up blood. However, if she dies, she will revive as if dying were simply the common cold. It makes fun of and parodies Japanese culture, anime, and media.

Here’s my description (in picture form):

It contains all of these things.

Let’s do some of the norm:


  • Although I didn’t get some of the humor, I got most of it, and this show was pretty funny/entertaining.
  • Nabeshin!
  • All of the characters had some kind of subplot, from Excel, to the dog, the the guy that dies in one of the early episodes.
  • One of the character’s names is literally, “The Man”. Like, he introduces himself as such.
  • Randomness, it’s not bad by any means.
  • The plot actually does turn kind of serious at the end, and it rounds off nicely.


  • I didn’t get some jokes, this is not a big deal though.
  • Animation could have been better, again, not that big of a deal.
  • Sometimes, Excel would talk so fast, and this made reading subs difficult, I got used to it though. (if she talked slower the anime would have been bad though, so she kind of had to talk fast).

Excel Saga? Let’s see….what did I give it? 4??? No way! It DEFINITELY deserves a