It’s a MYSTERY To Me! (Thoughts on Manga and Anime Adaptations)

What manga do you want to see adapted most, regardless of how popular or publicized they are?

The mystery I’m referring to is the fact that Mysterious Girlfriend X (among other names), the highly touted and incredibly awesome manga by Ueshiba Riichi, still hasn’t been adapted into an anime.

And some of you may be saying, “Haven’t you said this before?” Well the answer is a clear and well defined “Yes,” but I don’t feel like looking for that post where I actually said things about Mysterious Girlfriend X. I’m pretty sure I only said “This manga is awesome!” like 50 times anyway ( it is very, very awesome).

Look at some of the shit that’s been adapted from manga. We’ve got shows like Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which is a good manga if you ask me, and is well deserving of an adaptation, but there’s only a little more than a dozen chapters out (as I write this). Comparatively, Mysterious Girlfriend X has over 60 chapters released, and far exceeds Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai in terms of….well…..everything?

Then we have all of that fanservice shit that comes out every season, and then the cutesey anime that comes out……you know, all of the generic, cliche anime.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is anything but cliche. It’s easily (to me) the most intriguing manga that I’ve read in recent memory (granted, I’ve stopped watching Gantz, Claymore, and Berserk because I want to wait until they’ve had a significant amount of chapters released). I mean, look at the main female character, who ranks number one on my top ten female manga character list. She could carry (oh wow I just farted smells TERRIBLE) any anime on her back, but in MGX, she doesn’t even need to, because the plot, while simple for the most part, is intriguing as a plot can be. And with a girl like this:

If I had no restrictions on how many awesome scenes from the manga that I was going to use on this post, I would end up putting every single page from the manga up.

I guess I’m just bitter. Truth is, there’s a lot of great manga out there that I would love to see become anime:

  • Inu Neko Jump
  • Ai Kora
  • Girlfriends
  • Onani Master Kurosawa
  • Franken  Fran
  • Gantz (again)
  • Claymore (again)
  • Iris Zero
  • The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
  • Psyren
  • Otoyomegatari
  • Sankarea *Just found out that it got green lit for an anime adaptation!!! Can’t wait!!!
  • X-Blade
The list get’s pretty extensive, but even so, these could all make AWESOME shows that MAKE BANK$$$. And if it’s about money, why not? I mean, something like Claymore would be a GOLD MINE. Sometimes I just don’t understand people who decide what manga should be adapted. Like, who the hell would adapt Lotte’s Toy? What a piece of shit that was. They could have easily adapted something like Inu Neko Jump and made it fucking awesome. After all, the manga has been completed, you wouldn’t need any shitty filler episodes…..just makes no sense to me. If you ask me, it’s a mystery why, in a time where the anime industry could use a little originality, they continue making the same shit. Blah.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part VII: “G”

Okay then….here are the “G”s.

Gantz – Kei Kurono

Kei rules.

Compared to the manga, that anime for Gantz sucked balls. But by itself, it was pretty good if not for the shitty gay ending that sucked and was shitty. And Kei kicked some grade A ass in both the manga and the anime. Let’s see, by the time the anime ended, Kei had pretty much taken charge on every mission, and killed all of the aliens by himself. Yup, he’s the man. (The manga is 50000000000000000000 times better though…I’m not even supposed to be talking about manga in these posts, that’s how good it is).

Ghost in the Shell – Major Mokoto Kusanagi

She's a slut.

Oh yea, I used a topless shot of the Major to add a little promiscuity to this post.

Everyone has seen Ghost in the Shell. At least the movie (which was obviously good). Now, like Melissa Mao from FMP, she sports this gay haircut that actually is cool. It works for Melissa Mao. For the Major? Well, personally, I think her hair is too bushy, but honestly, it’s become the look she’s become famous for. Now comes to the actual substance of this character review:

The major does not actually have a body. Yup, that’s not her body. at the end of the first film, she was in a little girl’s body, which just goes to show…..uh……she……she’s cool?

Okay look, she’s sick at fighting has a great English voice actress, and she’s generally awesome. Trying to write why is as confusing to me as watching this show subbed is.

Great Teacher Onizuka – Urumi Kanzaki

I don't know what to write here. No one probably reads these titles anyway.

WHHHAAATTTTT!? You chose her over ONIZUKA!? DAMN RIGHT I DID! Onizuka was the fucking man, but God damn it, Kanzaki was the fucking woman.

Firstly, she’s a heterochromian. If I ever meet an actual female heterochromian (who is a noticeable heterochromian, not like, one eye is brown and the other is hazel…those are like the same color in terms of eyes) who is of age, then I will date her, even if she’s fat and ugly. The relationship might only last an hour or so, but I will be dating her non the less.

Secondly, she’s a fucking genius. So smart, in fact, that the school pretty much lets her do whatever she wants. Oh, you don’t have to come to class, don’t worry about it.

Thirdly, building on the fact that she’s a genius (literally), she is also not someone you ever want to cross or fuck with, based on her cold personality. SHE’S SO FUCKING AWESOMRGONOSEFSIN!!!

Gunslinger Girl – Triela

Hittin marks like a marksman markin his name

It’s been a while since I watched any Gunslinger Girl action. The anime is good, but I still only saw the first 5 episodes of Il Teatrino (the second season). I gotta hit that other shit up you know (you won’t really get that link unless you’re Robert, or skip in to like, 5 minutes). But yea, Triela takes that cake with some ease for this one. She’s a little bit more mature than the other girls, and she’s also a little more fucking awesome than the other girls. She’s got that sarcastic awesomeness with the badassery dressery (she dresses fucking awesomely). Just look at her. She’s got the tie the vest the shoes and the rest…..even she doesn’t have a hint of a breast…………ICE. (garantee I lost almost everyone there). Triela isn’t just awesome, she’s the fuckin shitttttttt.

Gantz Manga > Gantz Anime

Let me just say. If you thought the anime of Gantz was good, or if you thought it was good, but had  shitty ending, or fuck, even if you thought that the idea behind Gantz was almost cool a little bit, then read the fuckin manga.

Exhibit A: Kei is the fucking man.

Exhibit B: Even though the anime was EXACTLY like the manga UP TO A POINT (as in frame for frame), they stopped it RIGHT WHEN IT GOT AWESOME. Pretty much, after the Buddha fight in the anime, the manga gets awesome. Why? Why do this? (You could easily make a filler arc where they have to fight some random aliens. They could have easily made it a continuous anime. If they did, it would be looking at my top ten right now easily…..probably).

Exhibit C: I want one of those suits (one that works and is real). Although I don’t really need one, because I’m freaking built son (lies….all lies).

If the anime of Gantz was every bad-ass in the world, then the manga would take several hits from the anime, say, “Now it’s my turn!”, punch it once in the throat, and kill it. Then i would sneer, and wipe some blood/sweat away from his mouth with the side of a clenched fist, while giving a chuckle.. That’s how insanely awesome the manga is. Oh, I forgot, although the anime wasn’t really BAMmy, the manga is fucking BAM-tastic. This might be is the best manga ever.


This is the cast as of now. Everyone else is pretty much dead. Which is good, because they were annoying, and these guys rule. This grop is so diverse and grand, lets explain:

(from left to right, clockwise….I can’t remember all there names, and I don’t feel like looking them up)

Cherry – Wanted to kill himself because of bullies. Instead, that sensei dude with the glasses taught him how to CONTROL SHIT WITH HIS MIND.

Izumi – Most popular kid in school. He’s huge, nasty at sports, looks good, I guess everyone loves him. But he hates normal life, and just wants to return to Gantz (he already got 100 points and bounced). He then kills a mass amount of people for Gantz, and gets sent back there.

Some Fighter Guy – I can’t remember his name. But if I were to compare him to someone, it might be apples, because he’s jacked.

Sensei Dude with Glasses – He taught Cherry his powers, thus, he also has powers.

Kei – The man. He doesn’t even need a suit to fight against FUCKING DINOSAURS.

And holy shit….vampires now??? Fucking awesome!