Manga Monday: I Might Need Help With An Addiction

I can’t remember the last time I watched anime. I’ve gotten behind on everything (including life in general), and I blame this all on manga. Shit, I even thought about skipping work to read manga (didn’t do it). Lately, I’ve been reading manga non-stop. And I’m not looking at overviews of shows, I’m literally just picking shows at random and reading them. Here’s what I’ve read this week:

Half and Half

I felt like experimenting with a one shot manga, and this is what I picked. Basically, two people (a guy and a girl) die right off the bat, but are given life again. There’s one catch: They can’t be far away from one another, and it lasts only 7 days, then someone dies. Needless to say they somehow fall in complete love after one God damn week, which is impossible unless you’re a complete loser who’s never had a meaningful relationship in your life (I can sometimes fall into this category). It was complete bullshit  and utterly retarded. I actually laughed when I finished reading it.

This was kind of dumb, but it was short, so it was fine. I felt it was too short to actually rate…I might give it a 2 or 3 maybe. It didn’t blow me away.

Confidential Confessions

I’m usually a guy who like completely retarded anime and manga. Usually, these manga have no relation to anything serious or realistic. However, that changed when I stumbled upon Confidential Confessions, which was probably the most hard hitting manga that I’ve read ever. Hard hitting meaning, “Holy Shit!”

So what the hell is so mind blowing about this? Well, I decidedly got drunk and then read it, and felt like it was a great manga (honestly, most of it kind of sucked) which seemed like a great idea at the time. I posted it up on twitter, and fangzhao took a shot at it. This is what he had to say:

“Jesus. I’m on the second chapter, and I feel like covering my wrists and neck. It’s really disturbing”

If you’re wondering why he felt like covering his wrists and neck, it’s probably because he didn’t want them to get cut, which, coupled with suicide, is pretty much the main theme of the first story.

That sounds quite depressing.

Oh it was for a time. But it ends on a lighter note (at least compared to the rest of it).

The rest of this manga was kind of dumb. There was a story about a boxer, a story about a high school prostitute, one about sexual harrasment….pretty much all serious issues. It wasn’t bad, but I’d probably give the whole thing a 3 as a whole, except the first story, which I really enjoyed for some reason, probably because I’ve always been kind of intrigued by death, mainly due to the mystery of it all, not because I’m some emo kid who’s weird…..I mean granted I’m kind of weird but I’d like to think in a good way…..most of the time in a good way…….like maybe half…..half the time good way…..anyway.

Baka and Boing

Replace the pictures of the girl with Red Sox posters and you'll have an idea of what my room used to look like.

So I was busy avoiding doing my work that’s due tomorrow by reading some Mahou Sensei Negima, when I decided to click on Baka and Boing, which seemed like it might be interesting. (my work includes coloring with crayons, writing an essay, and filling out a worksheet….[before you think my college courses are jokes, let me tell you that I’m going to have to do about 50 hours of out of class observational studies, and that’s just for 2 classes]) .

After 2 chapters 19 of the available 20+ chapters, my first impressions would be as follows:

It’s a lot like Half and Half, in that two people get get connected by a life force and have to live together, but are going to die in 6 months. Slightly different. In general, a lot better, and here’s why.

  • One, unlike Half and Half, where both people die, in this one, a kid named Taichi is a complete weirdo when it comes to his favorite idol, Kokoro (like his walls are covered with her pictures and he is obsessed….one of those weird ones….like an stalker almost, except he doesn’t stalk). Anyway, she falls off a building and lands on his head. She dies, he doesn’t. There souls get fused by a shinigami. Shit happens.

Honestly, it’s not really that good. I mean, I enjoyed it, but I can see myself getting bored of this real fast.

Akane-chan Overdrive

Again, more death. I think all of these manga have something to do with death (I love stuff where people die and then come back to life…kind like Yu Yu Hakusho). Anyway, this alternates between 2 stories, the first of which is about a dude named Amamiya who falls over and somehow half dies. Basically his soul somehow leaves him and gets pulled into the body of a hot girl in a coma. Misconceptions and more soul-switching ensues as he tries to get back to his original body. I found this one funny, although the ending (or complete lack there of) kind of made me grimace.

The second story includes a father who hypnotizes a kid to protect his daughter, but when he tries to touch her or get close to her, he experiences pain. I found this one moderately amusing as well, and it actually had an end kind of I think. I’d give the whole thing a 4.


This is the funniest manga ever. Too bad chapters come out at a pace slower than a constipated sloth.

Mahou Sensei Negima! & Ai Kora

I was on chapter……idk 60? Anyway, now I’m on 100. As for Ai Kora, I’m pretty much caught up.

A Cat is Fine Too

Curious of what the fuck people were talking about whenever they mention this, I read the manga, which is apparently hentai despite having no nudity or anything remotely ecchi besides the implied ending, which I found quite funny. I’d say it’s more strictly comedy (unless I read the wrong one or something). As I literally just stated, I found it funny, albeit slightly confusing (I feel like there might be a prequel or background story, but I don’t care enough to find out.

Mysterious Girlfriend

I literally just picked this up now. I didn’t start reading it. I chose it by complete random, read the summary, and decided I will probably like it.

I thought I read one or two more titles, but they were probably short ones and I forgot to write them down/forgot them completely, so whatever. If you’ve read these tell me what you think. If you haven’t write a completely random comment that has to do with boobs. Or don’t I don’t care.

An a side note, I have finally actually started Aria. The first episode was boring as fuck, but then I found the second episode to be much more enjoyable. My guess is that once more characters are introduced, this will become better and better.