High School Of The Dead: One of the Most Bad-Ass Things I’ve Ever Watched

All I can say is, Holy Shit. I’m glad I waited and marathoned this. There was not one minute that wasn’t adrenaline rushed,  not one episode that less than awesome, and not one character who was not bad-ass. Well, okay, there were a few non-bad-ass characters. They all died.

You know, I never used to like zombie movies, zombie shows, or anything zombie related in particular. Zombies to me were just kind of…bleh. Every movie about zombies was and pretty much still is the same. People turn into zombies. Other people try not to get eaten….big deal. Each one has the same plot right? Well, I’m officially jumping on the zombie bandwagon and riding it until I’m out of ammo and my blade is dull from slicing off the heads of the undead. How awesome was this anime? I just finished it, and instead of writing my lab report due tomorrow today that pretty much decides my whole grade for a class, I’m writing this post. Edit: My lab report SUCKED, and I could care less.

Coming into HOTD (which is an awesome acronym), I was expecting a decent show about zombies, only because I heard that the manga kicked ass. This was a mute point however. Mainly, I was just happy to have a show with a shit ton of blood. I feel like anime is lacking in the blood department. There are almost no shows that choose to have bloody massacres anymore and that makes me sad. Needless to say, High School of the Dead made me happy.

So I watched it. I watched two episodes, and I thought, “Hey, this is a pretty good show.” Then I stopped watching….well….pretty much every new show I had started. This happens to me every season. I start about 12 shows, watch 2 episodes, and quit. Same thing here. Until a couple days ago, when I forced myself to start watching HOTD again. Since than, I’ve been in shear bloody ecstasy. As I watched, I began to realize that this show had what I now like to refer to as:

The Triple Entente

Of a Bad-Ass Show

1. All Characters Are Bad-Ass

This show certainly fits the bill. Every character (who remains alive throughout) is bad-ass as FUCK. Even the little girl who they find is bad ass! I mean, she not only hits a zombie with a tire (which is the most she could do really), but she also pees on people without any regard! I mean, the only slightly non-bad-ass character was Saya, but that’s only because she only shot a few zombies at close range without hesitation, as opposed to say, Saeko, who slaughters zombies mercifully and fucking gets wet from it.

Here, at least according to subbers, she is killing everyone, and proclaims to be wet. This is great, and made me wet too (because I spilled my water on myself when I jumped in the air [it’s a side-effect of seeing awesomeness]). In case you’re wondering, yes, Saeko is my favorite character, and yes, it’s mainly because she’s a girl who has a sword and enjoys killing.

On second thought, I just remembered that the school nurse, who is a whore, was completely non-bad-ass. In fact, she sucked. At least she was never afraid of anything (mainly because she had no clue what was going on most of the time).

2. Blood

There was not only blood, but there was also, blood, blood, and more blood.

3. Tits and Ass

BOOBS and ASS. The best inventions since the vagina was created by Thomas Edison in 1324 BCE, and the perfect combo when talking about pretty much any situation. I mean, we even get to see some Zombie ass! (which is kinda weird to be honest, but awesome nonetheless). In fact, and correct me if I’m wrong, but every single female shown in this anime has gigantic tits (little girl aside). Even if you’re put off by everything else in this show, you can still come to glare at some nice round cans (meaning boobs or ass).

Actually, there was some vagina here too, which adds to the awesomeness. I should rename this TAV.


The other thing that made this great was the animation. Some shows are donuts. They start and finish with great animation, but everything in between sucks. Other shows are Tokko, where the animation sucks all the way through. Some shows are Air Master, where only specific scenes have awesome animation, but the rest of the show has shitty crap. This show was none of the above. It was fully 100% beautiful animation. Which meant fluid fight scenes. What are fluid fight scenes? They’re bad-ass catchers. When you have fluid fight scenes, you can capture all of the bad-assness in a show.


We’re talking high flying kicks, unrealistic dodges, gunshots to the head from several angles, bullets weaving in between breasts and under vaginas…..everything that can be considered awesome. Slow motion, fast motion changing views…..it’s honestly a marvel. I loved it. I’m intensely glad I didn’t read the manga, because it wouldn’t have been close in bad-assness, and the animation is why.

So, in the end, HOTD was an adrenaline rush of awesome excitement at every turn, and I can’t think of a single reason to give this show any grade lower than a 5^^, nor would I ever want to.


Oh No! Bill been bitten by a lazily photoshoped body! (although I used paint, not photoshop....If I said a lazily "Painted" body than no one would have known what I was talking about).


Summer 2010 First Impressions

I managed to find enough time to watch a shitload of anime today, and so I decided to take a look at all of the shows this summer that I want to watch. I’ll give you actual impressions too. Basically, I’m grading out of three, with my grades ranging from poop to BAM.

Nurarihyon no Mago

Well, at first I believed this was going to be  an awesome show about demons and half demons and all sorts of cool shit. The plot almost kind of reminded me of InuYasha. The animation reminded a bit of InuYasha. The fact that VIZ is involved reminded me of InuYasha. However, when I actually watched the first two shows, I was sadly disappointed to discover that this show was more similar to a demon infested version of Yu Gi Oh, a show that I will never watch, and is completely gay.

I know enough about Yu Gi Oh to know that the main character is a huge pussy who manages to transform on occasion into some sort of bad ass (except the show is about a card game, so how bad ass can he be?). This show is similar in that aspect, and to be honest, I’m really not that into it as of yet.

Impression: Poop

High School of the Dead

Holy shit. This show is awesome. I usually am not one for zombies, or zombie movies. They’re all the same, and imagining suddenly being forced to cave in the brains of family and friends doesn’t make me feel all that great. That being said, I love the manga Sankarea, I thought Zombieland was awesome. Shawn of the Dead kicked ass, and I’ve enjoyed every Resident Evil movie they’ve made. Maybe I just don’t know myself.

High School of the Dead is awesome for the following reasons, which should be obvious already:

  • Lots and lots and lots (etc.) of blood. Blood blood blood blood blood. I LOVE it.
  • The first episode kicked ass. All sorts of stuff happened as everything went to shit. As the main character, Takashi says:

“On the day everything came to an end, I killed my best friend, and held the girl I liked for the first time.” He also doesn’t mention that he killed said friend quite easily, and almost went out and tried to kill every zombie by hand. I expect him to bludgeon every zombie in Japan with a baseball bat by the end of the series. That would kick ass.

  • Blood and more blood and awesome animation…..like….SUPERB animation. With blood.
  • Klux likes it, and that’s to be expected, and therefore, the show must be good.
  • Awesome kendo girl who doesn’t care if you’re a zombie or still alive. She will end you:

Best show of summer so far with ease

Impression: BAM


See my official first impressions post here.


I finally forced myself to watch this show, which I fully expected to be a trash heap not worth my time nor energy. However, most people have been raving a bit about it, and have brought to my attention that Mitsudomoe has something that I always enjoy: nice, perverted humor.

Too bad all of it sucks. I think I chuckled once during the first episode briefly. The jokes aren’t that great. The only good character is the girl who always has porn. Honestly, this show better step it up, I’ll drop it in a second.

Also, I hope the teacher falls off a cliff, he’s an obvious pedophile.

Impression: Poop

Sengoku Basara 2

After playing Samurai Warriors all day, this show kicks ass again. Hideyoshi has made an appearance, but the only person I want to see is Ginchiyo Tachibana. Best person ever.

Impression: Average


You should be sorry...sorry for having such a fuckin gay haircut.

At the beginning of the first episode, I noticed several things that made me angry:

  • The Gothic stylings of Megumi.
  • Megumi.
  • Megumi.

However, overall, the initial episode was actually pretty good, and sets a stage for what, in my opinion, looks like one of the better shows of the year, filled with death, mystery, death, death, and death.

The animation looks pretty awesome too, I will admit.

Impression: BAM

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

This show is indeed awesome so far. Not only was the animation up to par, but the main character, Maya, is a bad ass waiting to happen. She kicks ass. IE: She’ a synonym for this show.

Subtlety is this shows strong suit (that’s kind of an oxymoron if you think of it). The humor is subtle, but perfectly synonymous with the rest of the show. It’s pretty interesting, and if I could describe it in one word, it would be smooth. It kind of reminds me of Eden of the East to be honest. Especially the end scene of the first episode, where Maya meets what I presume to be the male lead, fully clad in absolutely nothing, his”johnny” exposed to the world (or in this case, her face).

Impression: BAM


These are not all of the shows that I plan to watch. I still want to watch Strike Witches, but I’m going to wait for it to complete. I will also be watching Cat Shit One, which I have been waiting for for a while now, but that deserves a first impressions post by itself, because it has such a cool concept of cute things blowing each other up. There are also other obvious choices, like the Black Lagoon OVAs, but I will wait on those too (hopefully).

I was also going to watch Legend of the Legendary Heroes, but now I don’t really feel like it. Should I watch it? You tell me.

I will be continuing to try and watch shows like Aria the Animation (I just finished episode 6, and it still sucks). I will hopefully be able to finish Tokko, the shittiest anime ever, and a few other shows at that. I’m planning on starting Cromartie High School, Golden Boy (well, it’s only 6 episodes) and Tenjou Tenge.