Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part X: “K”

Err-hem……okay so yea here’s K. Some characters chosen still kind of suck, but I had no choice. As usual, spelling doesn’t count.

Kamisama Kazoku – Tenko Kamiyama

Tenko was cool, right?

What can I say? I’m a rooter. Poor, Tenko went through so many emotions. What can you expect though? She may be an angel, but she’s still a young girl in an anime, which means she has no idea what the hell is going on in regards to love or anything. Honestly, she was the whole backbone behind this series. Samatarou was pretty much just another guy, nothing special. I mean, sure, he was the son of God, but that’s neither here nor there. This anime was really about Tenko’s feelings, discovering those feelings, and expressing them, and all of that bullshit, and Tenko fit the bill to the dime. I really liked this anime, and Tenko was awesome.

Kanokon – Nozomu Ezomori

Kicks ass.

One thing about the “quiet, business” type character, is that they’re all the same, to a degree. They all look similar to Yuki Nagato. Nozomu is no anomaly to this typecast. like Yuki, and many others, she has:

  • The blank star
  • The semi short hair
  • The small/nonexistent breasts
  • The quietness, aka, she speaks only when absolutely necessary

Unlike Yuki and many others, she is horny for the male lead, and she can turn into some kind of wolf spirit. What also sets her apart from the other Yuki clones (most of which will be my favorite character in every show that they’re in), is that she loves to make jokes, in her emotionless way of talking, about Chizuru, her rival for Kouta (Kouta, by the way, is one of my least favorite characters ever). She makes fun of her huge tits and her horniness, all in her monotone way of speaking. I love it. The show itself? It was okay.

Karas – Yousuke Otoha

Karas = Kick Arse

Ummm, excuse me, Karas was the fucking shit? Yes or yes? Yes. Karas kicked ass. One of the main reasons why, was the sick nasty fighting done by this bad ass main character, Yousuke. Not just because he can fight nastily, but because his armor can change into pretty much whatever the fuck he wants. Okay, okay, sick ass fighting and nasty graphics don’t really make a character, so how about this?

Apparently, Yousuke’s mom fucked her own brother (what is WITH Japan and incest?), and silly old bad ass Yousuke was the child of this conjoining of blood related uglies being bumped. Now, as you know, one of the main reasons why people stopped doing the two person tango with their own relatives is due to the problems which usually showed up in the off spring (hillbillies still haven’t grasped this basic principle). In Yousuke’s case, he was born with a problem. HE CAN’T FEEL PAIN. HOLY SPANKY DOODLE DANDY. B-A = BAD-ASS.

Kaze no Sigma – Kazuma Yagami

Now those are some Gyad Dayum Blue Eyes Shiyetttt.

So what’s the deal with this fucker? Why do his eyes look like they’re buggin? Well, this mutha fucka was banished from his family, because he was a weak bastard, and lost to a girl. Feeling like a piece of shit he has returned year later with some nasty fucking fighting skills, and he’s pissed. Eventually he doesn’t end up looking for revenge, which is too bad, but the fact that he came back with some serious skills to flaunt, thus surprising everyone in his old family, was awesome.

I don’t think I’ve ever stated this, but I love to see other people regret. Hmm, let me re-iterate, because I don’t want to seem like a completely heartless bastard. I love when someone counts someone else out, but then the latter comes back stronger, and the former regrets that they ever counted the latter out. For me, that’s a BAM moment.

Kemeko Deluxe! – Misaki Hayakawa

This was the only semi decent picture of her on Google? Really?

Wait, is this the first Rie Kugimiya voiced character on the list? I can’t believe it took so long, and I also never expected to put this character as my favorite character for this specific show. Basically, I didn’t expect Misaki to be on this list (although I never ruled it out).

Kemeko Deluxe was pretty good in my opinion. It was funny, I loved the OP, the characters were awesome (although I didn’t like Izumi, and her huge ass boobs) and the plot was pretty cool (I thought). But I’ve said before, I like characters that have a bit of an odd side, especially if these characters are female, and Misaki definitely is a bit weird….just look at the OP, around the 40 second mark. What the fuck was that about? She looked like she was about to get f-

Anyway, Misaki is only seen in her school swimsuit or her PE clothes for the most part, and that’s weird.Oh, and have I mentioned? Lesbianistic qualities (though maybe not full blown lesbian, yet). She often has…..provocative thoughts about Izumi, who she wants to she wants to play rock, paper, scissors with, but without the rock or the paper (get it?). Rie Kugimiya, we haven’t seen the last of you on this list, that you can be sure of.

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 – Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism

Hallelujah for Hallelujah........okay even I admit that was lame.

This picture was actually from Eye Sedso, that’s why it’s shitty quality. So why is Allelujah so great? Well, he’s got a split personality disorder, and that pretty much shoots any character right to the top of my list.

I’ve already shown that a character doesn’t have to be a main character to make this list (Taxi Driver in CANAAN?), and Allelujah never really got enough air time, I felt…..or I should say, Allelujah never got enough time to show off how awesom his split personality was. I mean, when Hallelujah took over, he became a killing machine. He became bad ass. He became….my favorite character from this show, which actually had a good amount of good characters, except for that princess….what a worthless piece of shit she was

I also found it funny how Allelujah’s GF had a split personality, but I guess they both came from that lab or whatever. Maybe that had something to do with it, or maybe birds of a feather flock tog-

Let’s do the next one, because it’s going to be interesting.

K-On – Sawako Yamanaka

Split Personality

Somebody made the picture, and it wasn’t me. I don’t know who made it, I found it on Google. Anyway, here’s another crappy show where almost every character was a piece of poop decorated with a shell of moe (but poop was inside).

I talked before about how split personalities were awesome (common knowledge really), well, here’s a case where it worked for a while, and then failed miserably afterward. We were really introduced to Sawako in episode 5 of this season (coincidentally, the only episode that was good). At first glance, it appeared as though she were some sweet teacher figure, but then, once she heard the guitar, she turned into a psychopath. It was awesome. “Finally,” I thought, “a character that makes K-On not as gay.” Well I was wrong, because that awesome split personality between crazy, rock obsessed Sawako and cute, fun-loving teacher Sawako became fused from the next episode on. Now, Sawako was a teacher who was obsessed, not with the awesomeness of rock and metal, but instead with dressing up the girls in costumes……every…..single……episode. This is the stupidest show ever. I should have made it number one on the shitty shows list.

Sawako wins simply because she single handily made an episode of K-On good, which is no easy feat. Ritsu was second. Mio and Yui can go die.

Kurokami – Steiner


For some reason, I feel like I’m one of the few people who actually thought Kurokami was fucking awesome. The fight scenes rocked, the story was okay, the animation was fair……okay I only watched this for the fighting, and when it comes to fighting, all foes need to do one thing, and that’s GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY, BECAUSE HERE COMES STEINER.

Just say the name….STEINER. That’s a powerful name, and unlike Kuro’s gay Exceed, which is just a normal punch (lame), STEINER (yea, I’m always going to capitalize his full name) has a sick ass exceed, and is ultimately more bad ass than anyone else. It’s called Stampede, where he splits into a bunch of clones and pretty much beats the shit out of anyone. He’s UN-FUCKING-BEATABLE……until he dies halfway through the anime, by making the ultimate sacrifice (that he really didn’t even half to make).

Kyou no Go no Ni – Ryota Sato


You know, I had almost forgotten what made Kyou no Go no Ni so good, then I remembered: the funny situations tha sometimes came up, and most of all, the AWESOME, SERIOUS EXPRESSIONS that the characters would suddenly have. It’s like one minute they’re little kids, and the next, high school battle warriors (or something that doesn’t sound as gay as “high school battle warriors”….God wtf was that?).

Ryota was I guess the person I’d consider the best, because he’s pretty much…….uhh…he’s sometimes lazy, and he likes to fuck around….in short, he’s an average boy at that age. Honestly, almost all of these characters are simlilar.