Top Ten Video Games Edit

I have decided that Mirror’s Edge is my 2nd favorite video game ever made. I will never stop playing it (I beat it twice thus far……haha beat it) until the next one comes out. And the next one will be sick, don’t believe me? Beat the game and listen to the news-cast in the credits about 3 minutes in. Yea watched the credits, that’s how good it is, I don’t think I ever intentionally watched credits for any video game. Here’s a quick pic:

So why how did this move from my number 6 to number 2? If you know how much I love Goldeneye 007, then you know that I must seriously love this game. So why is this game fucking insane crazy nasty? There are many many many many many (+ many^2000) reasons. I’m going to say a few of them.

Why is this game kick ass-nasty?

  1. Well first of all, the soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard since Need for Speed Underground. Of course, the music is all original. (Minus “Still Alive” by Lisa Miskovsky). Technically, I may have pulled this out of my ass. Let me look it up. Yes the in game music was original, which is what I am mainly talking about. Usually now a days, most games have actual songs for in game play, which I think makes the game worse (Except fort NFSU, which was nasty). The same goes for movies, but I’m not fucking talking about movies am I? The in game soundtrack rules. It matches the game perfectly. At times it’s kind of low key, but it picks up when it needs too, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. The same goes for the theme song, Still Alive. Besides the fact that they made remixes by such people as Benny Bennassi (who I saw LIVE in NYC, best fucking night ever), and Paul van Dyk, the song is actually so nasty that I downloaded it and have had it on repeat ever since I’ve started writing this. It gives you a feeling of fighting back, which sounds so gay that I’m going to punch myself (I just did it cause I’m so crazy that I would sell you cars for NO MONEY DOWN) but that is exactly what the game is about. What the OST on youtube (or at the bottom of this page) and you’ll see what I mean….majestic. I think they should keep this song for the next 2 games that they have already said have already said that they will make. Soundtrack? 10/10.
  2. Secondly, the graphics. I usually don’t care about the graphics too much, as long as the game is good (Pong is a fucking kick ass-game, and it consists of 2 types of shapes – rectangles and a circle). However, the graphics in Mirror’s Edge are the best I have seen. They mainly use the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, along with white, which make everything seem so clean and fresh. If a city existed like the one that they created for this game, I would move there and live there, even as a bum. Look at the picture above. Those aren’t like in the game, but they’re damn close. The video below is in game play. It’s actually the first level. I know because I’ve already beat the game multiple times. Just watch the video. Also, the cut scenes have sick animation. It’s like a comic book. Graphics? 10/10…show me something I like more. You can’t.
  3. What about the characters? Pretty much, the main, core characters are Faith (seen above), Merc (gives her directions and helps her), and Faiths sister, Kate, who is framed for murdering  Pope, a candidate for Mayor. The basis of this game is to save Kate, and figure out why the city officials have suddenly become more forceful with runners (of which Faith is). The story is a good story with a lot of possibilities, and runners give this game a unique feel as well. Faith is awesome. She jumps off buildings, escapesa from cops, and kills swat guys no problem (actually sometimes it’s hard, but the second time I beat the game it was pretty easy…even on HARD  setting). The runners all have sick tattoos as well. They’re all like, cool looking. Character design really came up with something great here. Would’ve liked to see the other runners more involved though. But they’ll almost definitely play a bigger role in the next game, as will Kate, if you listen to the newscast in the credits. Characters? 9/10.
  4. Gameplay. The most important part. The gamplay in Mirror’s Edge is some of the most realistic gameplay I have ever played. I don’t know what else to say. I felt like I was jumping off buildings and shit. It was awesome. I went running afterwards. I climbed a cliff today (a small one but still). Yes this game made me want to climb a cliff, and I climbed a cliff in the woods in my backyard (not really my backyard but in close proximity to my house). It wasn’t a hill-cliff like I climbed this winter in 2 foot snow (which was awesome) but it was an actual shear cliff. When you fall off a building, you die, sometimes I cringe, depending on where your looking the death changes (if you look at the ground, that shit is freaky). The only thing is, you get shot, but 5 seconds later: “Oh I’m fine now.” Apparently Faith is really Jesus, so she can heal in 5 seconds. Of course, this game would not be as good if you couldn’t do that, so whatever. The only things that I would change is maybe make the game longer, I mean it was a good length the first time I played, but the second time? Too short. Also, as I’ve said, involve the other runners more. Gameplay? 10/10. I honestly don’t care about the length, this game was amazing.

FINAL SCORE is a 10/10 because this game fucking rules. I play it everday (but not today). As promised, here is the OST (I don’t know what OST stands for, but here it is…it’s 5 minutes long, so for something shorter, see the trailer at the very bottom).

Honestly, that’s all good and stuff, but the quality is 100000 times better if you watch it in HD here:

Trust me, watch the HD…’s all real game play too. Here is the shorter trailer:

MIrror’s Edge Rules…..THE END.